Lamination of hair with gelatin – hair to a hair …

lamination hair gelatinModern technology has reached
of such magnitude that today you can laminate anything
starting from the floor in the room, ending with any document on paper
the carrier. And what, for example, about hair? They can also
to laminate? It turns out you can. And the majority of modern
high-tech developments have nothing to do with it. But without
natural components nowhere. In this case, I mean
hair lamination with gelatin.

What is gelatin?

In essence, gelatin is a collagen protein produced from
connective tissue of animals. That is, natural gelatin is
no chemistry and solid benefits. The main benefits of gelatin
lies in its ability to splice bone tissue as well
significantly strengthen the nails and hair.

But how to laminate hair with gelatin?

Lamination hair gelatin

In order to perform this procedure, you do not need to go to
beauty salon and pay an incredible amount for the procedure. Completely
It is possible to gel the hair with gelatin at home.
conditions. For this you need to prepare a special mass and apply
her hair

Recipe mask for lamination hair

The recipe for lamination hair gelatin is quite simple.


dry gelatin – 1 tablespoon;

conditioner for the appropriate hair type.

It is necessary to pour gelatin 3 tablespoons of water and give
swell for an hour. After that, the swollen gelatin needs
add hair conditioner and bring the mixture to the consistency
thick sour cream. Next, the mixture must be heated to
water bath until absolute dissolution of gelatin and cool to
education jelly mass.

Before directly applying the resulting mass to the hair
the head should be thoroughly rinsed with shampoo and conditioner to
not only wash away the “traces” of hair contact with the environment,
but also degrease them. After that, you need to gently wipe the head
towel, getting rid of excess moisture. However, do not dry
hair dryer When applying the gelatin mask they must be
a little wet. Hair dryer, we need a little later.

The resulting jelly mass must be applied to the hair. With
This is better so that it does not fall directly on the scalp,
as this may cause an uncomfortable feeling
tightness of skin and itching. After applying the gelatin mask on the hair
the head should be wrapped first with plastic and a towel on top.
Now we need a hair dryer. Through the towel with a hair dryer
you need to warm your head for about 15 minutes. After warming up
wait another half an hour. Now you can “turn” the head and
rinse gelatin extremely warm (not hot and not cold!)
water Homemade lamination hair gelatin over. Left
dry your hair and it’s best to do it naturally without
use hair dryer. This procedure is especially useful and necessary for
thin and brittle hair or for hair damaged by frequent

Lamination of hair with gelatin at home is good and attractive,
that it is a cheap and effective way to repair damaged
hair, give them a natural shine and strength. And the effect
so strong that it can not be distinguished from the effect of the salon
hair lamination using special tools based on
achievements of our and foreign chemical industry. But for
lasting results to carry out the procedure of hair lamination
gelatin should be at least once a week. Without
individual intolerance to gelatin, which is extremely rare,
You can make a similar mask more often: 3 times a week.

Operating principle

Gelatin when applied to hair covers them with special
protective film. Hence the concept of “lamination hair gelatin.”
The substance as it laminates every hair and protects hair from
negative influence of the external environment, and also allows scales,
covering the hair body, remain in good condition, i.e.
fit tightly to each other. Also gelatin retains structure
hair damage. Thus the mask protects the hair.

Moreover, gelatin not only protects the hair, but also nourishes
their. Indeed, the composition of natural gelatin includes vitamin PP and
trace elements: calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and others.

Gelatin helps the body to remove radionuclides and heavy salts
metals that accumulate more in the hair. therefore
Lamination of hair using natural gelatin also cleans
organism from slag and radioactive particles, which in one way or another
degrees are present in the modern environment.

By the way, using a gelatin mask, hair can not only
strengthen and protect, but also give a certain hair style.
No, this, of course, does not mean that the mask should be used as a varnish.
and do not wash off hair. Of course, you need to wash off the mask. Just particles
gelatin in any case remain on the hair, which makes it a little heavier
hair. From this they become more obedient. It helps
put them in a hairstyle, using the least amount of effort.

Lamination hair gelatin: reviews

It should be noted that reviews of hair lamination gelatin
mostly positive with rare exceptions. It’s connected with
the fact that gelatin has virtually no contraindications. An exception
makes the intake of gelatin inside people with cardiovascular
diseases and prone to oxaluric diathesis. Also in group
The risk of negative consequences includes people with individual
intolerance to gelatin.

By the way, gelatinous masks are useful not only for hair.
There are similar face masks, hands and feet, and of course
nails. Use them in combination with gelatin hair mask
will allow to fully nourish the skin of exposed parts of the body,
most affected by hair
cover, and, therefore, look everywhere and always amazing!

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