Laser biorevitalization

Modern cosmetology uses many
minimally invasive and non-invasive technologies for facial rejuvenation and
body shaping. One such innovative method is
laser biorevitalization. This method has a high
effectiveness in eliminating age-related skin problems and
contributes to its rejuvenation.


  • What is laser biorevitalization
  • Laser exposure in process
  • Recommendations for
  • Advantage of the procedure
  • Effects from the procedure
  • Contraindications to the procedure

What is laser biorevitalization

The word “biorevitalization” literally means “return to
life. “Over the years, involutionary
aging processes. Unfortunately, these processes extend to
skin It loses its turgor, sags, the amount of skin decreases
produced collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Biorevitalization of the face

Laser biorevitalization is the introduction of hyaluronic
acid into the skin using laser light.

The biorevitalization process helps to return the skin to the same
elasticity, resilience and color in a natural way. In what
is this method? The skin is affected in such a way that
cause activation of the cell’s own resources and their speedy
recovery. This role is performed by fibroblasts. Fibroblasts cells
connective tissue responsible for the production of collagen,
elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid that keeps the cell

In turn, collagen and elastin is a skin frame that allows
keep the skin in tone and make it elastic. Over the years, the number
fibroblasts markedly reduced. The remaining fibroblasts lose their
activity and produce the required substances in smaller quantities.
As a result, the skin ages: it becomes less elastic, less elastic and
wrinkles appear.

Laser biorevitalization promotes deep
penetration of hyaluronic acid into the skin.

For this procedure, a “cold” infrared laser with
low degree of intensity. It was first developed and applied.
in Germany.

Laser exposure in process

What happens in the process of laser biorevitalization? On
a small amount of skin is applied
hyaluronic acid and laser penetration
in skin tissue. Under the influence of laser typed composition
hyaluronic acid through open transport channels
evenly distributed between the skin layers. During the procedure
there is no heating of the skin, no flaking, and she is not afraid
ultra-violet rays.

For this reason, non-injection laser biorevitalization
can be held at any time of the year. You should know that for this
procedures use low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is not capable
pass through skin barriers and remains on the surface of the skin.
Natural hyaluronic acid is a polymer (a chain of
units) and has in its structure several thousand

But when used externally, long chains of links are not capable
penetrate the skin barrier. It is for this reason that resort to
injection and hardware methods of exposure. High molecular weight
hyaluronic acid in the cream moisturizes only the surface
skin without penetrating deep into.

The process of biorevitalization

The introduction of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis is enough
complicated procedure. It’s all about its molecular weight, which
is 5–20 million daltons. It is hundreds of times longer than the intervals.
between the cells in the epidermis.

After a certain chemical reaction, high molecular weight
hyaluronic acid becomes low molecular weight. Such a composition
acids from 5-10 units easily penetrate the skin, and under
laser exposure to short links are connected to the polymer chain and
help fibroblasts retain moisture in the cells. In this manner
A lifting effect is achieved. The skin becomes elastic and taut,
like at a young age.

In some cases, before the procedure it is recommended to hold
face peeling and make a hot compress for better penetration
drug into the skin. Laser-irradiated tissue quickly regenerates, and
biorevitalization procedure gives instant positive

Recommendations for

It is recommended to apply biorevitalization on parts of the body where
The following signs of aging are:

  • wrinkles
  • skin flabbiness
  • dry skin
  • the presence of scarring post-acne

The number of sessions biorevitalization determined by a cosmetologist.
It depends on the condition of the skin and the objectives pursued. For elimination
sagging skin and improving its turgor is recommended to spend 5-10
procedures, with an interval of 5-7 days. Result after one session
may persist from 6 weeks to 6 months. After the procedure
it is recommended to drink plenty of water and use

Advantage of the procedure

This method has an undeniable priority over other
ways of rejuvenation. It has three important points:

  • non-intrusive method. When laser biorevitalization is not
    disrupted skin structures, which minimizes rehabilitation
    period and the occurrence of complications.
  • chronic inflammations do not interfere with this
  • no allergic reactions

This rejuvenation process has some positive
effects on the skin in the form of skin healing with eczema and
atopic dermatitis. During the impact of the laser on the fabric
metabolic and trophic processes are activated, which improves
skin condition and prevents aging.

Effects from the procedure

The laser biorevitalization procedure provides persistent and effective
results. In addition, the result is noticeable immediately. Consider the pros
this method:

Result Before and After the Procedure

The result achieved by laser biorevitalization. Before and

  • wrinkles are smoothed
  • face lifting takes place
  • tapering pores
  • skin texture improves
  • skin turgor improves
  • there is a significant hydration of the skin
  • There has been a marked improvement in the treatment of eczema
  • there has been progress in the treatment of alopecia

After the procedure, the skin looks fresh, hydrated with a clear
relief. Small wrinkles are smoothed, complexion improves.
Skin saturation with hyaluronic acid stimulates the production
collagen and elastin.

Contraindications to the procedure

This method has the following contraindications:

  • individual intolerance to hyaluronic acid
  • pregnancy, lactation
  • oncological diseases prone to progress
  • chronic diseases on the face in the acute phase (herpes)

But in general, this method is completely safe and fits almost
all Careful selection should be made to avoid complications.
cosmetology clinic taking into account the recommendations and work experience.
Also pay attention to the experience and professionalism.
cosmetologist. Do not rush, but consider in detail
several sentences before declining the scales to someone else


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