Laser hair therapy

Laser hair treatment is gaining more and more popularity
not at all surprising, because this procedure has enough
effective effect on growth, structure and general condition of hair, and
most importantly, helps stop their loss.

How does the laser work?

The content of the article:

  • How does the laser work?
  • The history of low-intensity laser therapy
  • Types of lasers
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Procedure technique
  • Homemade laser treatments
  • Popular devices for hair laser therapy
  • Cost in salons and clinics
  • Reviews
  • Video: Laser in the treatment of hair loss
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The phenomenon of laser hair removal in the modern world is familiar,
probably everyone, this is a method of removing body hair
human when under the influence of laser beams hairline
slows its growth, and not desirable hair begins to fall.

But medicine does not stand still, scientists have found that laser
rays can not only inhibit hair growth, and vice versa
activate it. Laser therapy is new to
treatment of androgenic alopecia, helps restore thin and brittle
hair, as well as this method of treatment is able to suspend the process
appearance of gray hair.

The procedure has been tested by various medical institutes
the world, and patients who have experienced this method on themselves, noted
that the quality of their hair has improved markedly, they become silky,
shiny, hair became thicker, thicker and noticeably added to

The history of low-intensity laser therapy

The active use of laser treatment for patients began at
the middle of the sixtieth year of the twentieth century, almost immediately
after the invention of the laser itself. This method was able to take its
a well-deserved place in medicine, thanks to its high accuracy in
effects on the tissues of the human body. Initially
low-intensity laser began to be used to treat such
diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other
pathologies of bones and joints.

For the treatment of hair, this therapy has been used in Europe.
more than 30 years ago and with time, began to be applied around the world.
However, this method of treatment is considered unconventional and
is used optionally with respect to more traditional

Currently, low-intensity laser therapy is widely
applied in the Russian Federation. Its popularity is due to
body safety, painless, high
efficiency and effectiveness.

laser for hair

Types of lasers

Types of lasers used in medicine and

  1. Gas lasers: CO2 laser, Argon laser
    copper pairs, etc. Their peculiarity is that they emit light
    beam that is continuous.
  2. Solid State Lasers: Ruby, Nd: YAG
    (neodymium laser), Er: YAG (erbium laser), KTP (neodymium
    laser), alexandrite, etc. lasers work through pulses.
  3. Liquid lasers: work with
    dyes. Such lasers have a short pulse duration and
    sufficiently long intervals between the pulses themselves. One more
    an important characteristic of these devices is quite strong
  4. Diode lasers: such lasers emit waves
    different lengths, they are convenient to use in working with soft

Gas lasers for treatment
Gas lasers for treatment

Solid-state lasers for treatment
Solid state lasers for treatment

Liquid lasers for treatment
Liquid lasers for treatment

Diode lasers for treatment
Diode lasers for treatment


Indications for use of laser therapy:

  • Alopecia: diffuse, androgenetic,
    infectious, focal, mechanical, medical,
    postpartum, neurodermic, seborrheic.
  • Changes in hair structure: the appearance of gray
    hair breakage and dullness.
  • Diseases of the scalp: solar and
    herpetic dermatitis, folliculitis, psoriasis, oily and dry
    seborrhea, seborrheic eczema, sebaceous gland blockage, fungal
    lesion and infected wounds of the scalp.


It is not recommended to do laser hair therapy:

  • for oncological diseases (this
    The procedure can be especially dangerous during treatment.
    oncological diseases, especially during the course
  • with paralysis of the facial nerve;
  • in the presence of dermatitis (the procedure can
    aggravate and increase the inflammatory process);
  • if there are sunburns on the skin
  • during pregnancy;
  • children under the age of twelve;
  • with poor blood clotting;
  • in the presence of cardiovascular disease
  • with respiratory diseases;

In the absence of data contraindications, we can say that
The procedure is absolutely safe and painless.

Pros and cons of the procedure

The undoubted advantages of this procedure:

  • the procedure does not damage the tissues;
  • absolute safety – | therapy completely
    held under the supervision of medical specialists;
  • painless – no surgical
  • no side effects;
  • the result lasts a long time;
  • the procedure is not addictive;
  • stops inflammation of the skin;
  • improves immunity;
  • the skin of the head becomes more elastic;
  • contributes to a balanced work of sebaceous and sweat
  • normalizes the nutrition of tissues, resulting in accelerated growth
  • hair looks more healthy, healthy
  • hair structure improves, hair becomes thicker and not

The main disadvantage of laser therapy is its
cost, this procedure is not cheap, besides it requires repeated
sessions, however the result is undoubtedly worth it.

Procedure technique

treatment procedure

During therapy, the patient is under the device in
dome shape, inside which are lasers. Effective
treatment of the scalp and hair is provided by 110 low-intensity
lasers mounted on the inside of the device.

The therapy is comfortable and absolutely painless.
for 20-30 minutes, you can take a nap or look through
any magazine Pulsed light created by a laser is capable of
penetrate the scalp to a depth of 8 mm. Oxygenating the skin
and increasing the level of metabolism, laser energy heals
skin, and restores hair.

Increased blood circulation usually becomes
solving problems such as itching, dandruff, and also leads to normal
the sebaceous glands, and therefore help and prevent
the most negative consequence of these ailments is baldness. Thanks
the action of the laser, about 75% of the hair go into a stage of active

As a result, more than 50% of patients begin to grow noticeably.
hair, and 90% stop hair loss. Also, during
procedures, the quality of hair changes significantly, they become
thicker, cease to stratify, begin to shine. With regular
repeating the procedure, the result will not take long,
Patients say that the effect is already visible at 8-9 weeks of therapy.

The need for laser therapy is determined after
consultation with a doctor, you may be asked to take tests and
pass the initial examination.

Homemade laser treatments

home treatment

Professional clinics use large machines.
with high power and efficiency, but now on sale
can meet small laser devices for use
at home. The question arises, so why regularly
lay out a large amount in the clinic if you can do this
procedure at home? I want to immediately answer that not one of the small
appliances used in the home can not be compared with
full treatment in the clinic, and can only serve

At the moment, the choice of laser equipment for hair and skin
the head is big enough.

Popular devices for hair laser therapy

The most popular models on the market:

  • Power Grow Comb. Laser Comb, Laser
    infrared rays affect the skin through a mild vibration.
    It consists of 14 LEDs with different frequencies. Cost about
    850 p., Good, budget option for the prevention of skin diseases
    head and hair loss that afford almost
    to each.

Power Grow Comb

  • Laser Hair RG-LB01. This is a vibrating massager that
    designed to reduce hair loss and increase their
    thicknesses. This device is already of much better quality, however
    its value is appropriate. The minimum price of such a device
    starts from 15 thousand rubles.

Laser Hair RG-LB01

Results of laser therapy – photos before and after

Laser hair therapy is an effective procedure that
increases cell division of the scalp, improves blood circulation,
saturates the tissues with oxygen, improves the nutrition of the hair roots, thereby
improving the growth and overall condition of the hair.

The procedure leads to the following positive

  • reduces inflammation on the skin;
  • scalp becomes supple;
  • bounce back skin and sweat glands
  • hair growth accelerates;
  • the hair becomes thicker, making the hair look
  • a healthy shine appears;
  • hair loss stops;
  • hair slowly turns gray;

Laser Therapy for Hair

Laser therapy is one of the best procedures to date.
day, to stop the balding process and improve overall
condition, structure and appearance of hair. It is used
in almost all diseases of the scalp, the procedure is completely
safe, painless and good at the moment
alternative to surgical intervention.

Cost in salons and clinics

The cost of this procedure depends on the clinic,
equipment, as well as qualifications of specialists in
average, the price of one such procedure is from 1200 rubles, if you pass
2-3 procedures per week, the amount is not small, however
the result is definitely worth it.




I first had problems with baldness when I was 12 years old,
Then my mother began to treat me with folk remedies, and I must say,
This gave some result, but it was not long. Already through
the balding year appeared both in the parietal part of the head and in the ordinary
burdock oil no longer helped. It was decided immediately
seek help from a doctor. In the clinic, I went full
Examination, experts have found I have loose hair
follicles around balding areas and a whole bunch of extra
diseases such as chronic gastritis and others, which meant
that if you do nothing, you can lose the balance
hair. Doctors tied the state of my hair with psychological
exhaustion, at that time, I lived in constant stress.

To save my hair was decided by laser therapy. Nothing
there was nothing terrible in it, you are sitting under a big dome on you
directed laser pulsating at low frequencies. During the most
the procedure is necessary to relax as much as possible, at the same time
A psychologist worked for me, the procedure lasted no more than 20 minutes.
About a month later I started to grow thin hair in places
baldness, and after 3 weeks they began to noticeably thicken. But
then I again had a nervous breakdown and a new hearth arose
alopecia in the temporal part. My despair was not a chapel.
I had to increase the number of procedures, and this gave results.
I completely got rid of my problem after 10 months. Now
I pass only supporting procedures.

Vasilisa, a doctor:

The causes of hair loss can be many, ranging from nerve
exhaustion, breakdown, stress, hormonal disruptions and ending
various inflammatory processes. That is why it is important
remember that hair is a consequence of any more serious
problems, and it is necessary to eliminate the main focus of trouble.
Laser therapy will be most effective for problems.
blood circulation. After all, the laser nourishes the skin with oxygen, thereby
normalizing the blood circulation process. Just a good result can
to achieve if there is any kind of inflammation on the skin.



I was worried about the problem of balding, went to see a doctor, and
He recommended to try a laser comb. Compared with
salon procedures, its cost was very reasonable.
But, to my disappointment, there were no results, I wanted to
quit this useless idea, but the same doctor convinced me not
stop treatment. And not for nothing, a month later, the hair began to fall out
noticeably less, and after a couple of weeks, in places of baldness
new hairs have appeared, so the comb has justified itself and I can
say that the money was well spent.

Laser therapy is gaining in popularity since
is a simple and painless alternative to surgical
treatment and gives good results.

Video: Laser in the treatment of hair loss


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