Laser nanoperforation

Laser-based beauty treatments have become part of ours.
a life. They are efficient, fast and convenient. Moreover, technology based on
the laser does not stand still, they are constantly being improved,
replenished with new innovative nuances.

Laser nanoperforation is a unique hardware technique.
rejuvenation of the skin, which today has no analogues. WITH
it can effectively eliminate the age defects of the skin. AT
The method is based on the principle of self-healing and reparation.


  • What is the essence of the method?
  • How to carry out the procedure?
  • Important notes
  • Advantages of the method
  • Indications for the procedure
  • Contraindications to the procedure

What is the essence of the method?

The essence of the method is to use a special device,
which directs the laser beam to the skin
action. The laser machine used divides the stream of light into
a large number of microscopic rays. Laser beams create on
nanotrack skin (microscopic holes), invisible
the human eye through which scattered beams of light penetrate
into the skin. These nanocracks are microscopic.
skin lesions.


After a certain time, the skin’s defense mechanisms mobilize,
healthy skin cells are activated and it starts to strengthen
restore. As a result, fibroblasts are activated,
synthesis of collagen and elastin is stimulated, water is restored
the balance of the skin improves its hydration due to enhanced production
hyaluronic acid. In addition, laser nanoperforation helps
to thin the upper stratum corneum and eliminate the horny, dead
cells of the epidermis, thus erasing all skin defects from
irregularities to wrinkles.

How to carry out the procedure?

This procedure is in demand among patients of aesthetic
clinics and among cosmetologists.

The procedure is carried out using a special nozzle, which
contributes to the fragmentation of the laser beam into microscopic light
options. Getting on the skin of microscopic light radiation,
provoke its traumatization, which leads to enhanced
restoration and renewal of the skin.

Stages of the procedure:

  1. The treatment begins with skin cleansing.
    special lotion.
  2. A special nozzle is attached to the laser apparatus, which
    splits the laser beam into many nano-rays.
  3. Direct skin treatment includes various
    plots. The laser exposure procedure takes no more than 20 minutes,
    during this time, the entire perimeter of the skin is processed.

After the procedure, the face becomes red, because
laser on the skin heats and expands the capillaries, but thanks to this
microblood circulation improves, which favorably affects
processes occurring in the skin.

The number of sessions determined by a physician beautician. It depends on the
skin conditions and problems to be solved. Average course
procedures consists of 1, 2 or 3 sessions.

Many patients confuse laser nanoperforation and laser
skin resurfacing In fact, these are two different methods that have
different goals. When laser skin resurfacing is performed, it is completely
the upper layer of the epidermis is removed and even part of the dermis is affected.
This method needs anesthesia, as deep ones are damaged.
layers of skin, resulting in severe swelling of the face.

Laser nanoperforation has a gentle effect on
skin and does not need anesthesia. During the procedure, there is only
slight tingling and redness of the face, which is already on
the next day. Both treatments rejuvenate the skin, but after laser
grinding result is noticeable the next day, and after the laser
nano-perforation in only a few days. Nanoperforation can
do at any time of the year (but still avoid direct exposure
ultraviolet), and laser polishing only during cold seasons, when
there is no active insolation.

Important notes

During the procedure, the patient usually does not feel
painful sensations, but the issue of anesthesia is
individual. Some patients do not feel any pain or
discomfort, others experience significant pain

Redness of the skin after a session of laser nanoperforation is
natural occurrence, so don’t worry about
intense redness of the skin. This process speaks of
beneficial changes in the skin since the expansion occurred
capillaries in conditions of laser exposure to the skin.

On the second day after the procedure, the reddened skin will begin
peel off, leading to a renewed epidermis. Injured
the skin surface needs to be treated for some
time with special products that soothe, moisturize and
restore the epidermis.

The first two weeks after the procedure should protect the skin from
negative exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Also not
it is recommended to use decorative for two weeks

Advantages of the method

A significant advantage of the method is the fact that
there is a 100% restoration and remodeling of the skin,
which are fully regenerated within two weeks. Other
An important advantage of laser nanopuncture is
simplicity of the method. To achieve a positive result
just one procedure, which lasts at least 20 minutes,
followed by a long-term and progressive effect.

This procedure can be performed from 25 years, but the optimum
The age for laser nanoperforation is 50-55 years. Do not recommend later
carry out the procedure, as the skin may form small
reticulum vessels, which in the future can not be restored.
Skin cells in later life are less and less prone to
self-healing. Thus, the following can be called
advantages of the method:

  • universality of the method, the procedure can be carried out for all
    skin types;
  • accessibility and ease of procedure, laser
    nano-perforation has a local effect that allows the patient
    in a few hours to return to a normal rhythm of life;
  • short rehabilitation period;
  • no skin infection;
  • after the procedure, aging processes are slowed down, which
    allows the skin to stay fresh and young for a long time;
  • painlessness and safety procedures;
  • the speed of the procedure;
  • lack of systematic procedures for updating
    one session is enough for skin;
  • compatibility with other cosmetic procedures;
  • maximum correction of skin defects without sensations
  • This method does not have any side effects on the skin.
    edema, microhematoma, and blistering;
  • use of this method as a means of preventing aging
    in young women.

Indications for the procedure

Laser nanoperforation is recommended in the following

  • skin pigmentation;
  • skin relief disorders;
  • skin irregularities;
  • mimic wrinkles;
  • the presence of scars of various etiologies;
  • gravitational ptosis;
  • pore extensions;
  • oily skin and active secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Contraindications to the procedure

Despite the gentle nature of this procedure, there are a number of
serious contraindications for its implementation. Nanoperforation with
using a laser is not carried out in the following conditions:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • autoimmune and oncological diseases:
  • chronic and acute diseases in the acute stage;
  • diseases of the circulatory and endocrine systems;
  • monthly cycle;
  • skin diseases on the treatment

You should be aware that laser nanoperforation of the skin is carried out in
any time of year, for any skin type, regardless of gender and
age of the patient. The only contraindications are
the above conditions and individual intolerance
laser effects on the skin.

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