Laundry soap against lice and nits – instructions for use at home

Anyone can become infected with pediculosis, and it is important to get rid of
from the parasites causing this disease as quickly as possible and
safer. There are many ways to treat pediculosis. Besides
drug, work well so-called home and folk
methods – in particular, the use of ordinary soap.
Laundry soap

What is pediculosis, symptoms

The content of the article:

  • What is pediculosis, symptoms
  • What are the treatments?
  • How to remove lice and nits soap?
  • The composition of soap and its effects on hair and scalp
  • How to prepare for the procedure
  • Instructions for use of laundry soap against lice and
  • How to increase the effectiveness of the procedure
  • Precautions and Contraindications
  • Can I use for children and pregnant
  • Cost of
  • Pros and cons of household soap in the fight against head lice
  • Similar means than can be replaced by economic
  • Other useful folk remedies that can be prepared in
    home conditions
  • Conclusion

Pediculosis, or lice – a parasitic skin disease
and hair on the head, which is caused by species-specific insects –
lice – and affects only the person. Lice is parasitic on
a man from time immemorial, so the arsenal of means against it

Symptoms of pediculosis are difficult not to notice:

  • severe itching on the skin where lice bite;
  • red papules or bluish small spots on the body;
  • small white eggs lice – nits on the hair;
  • the feeling of insects crawling on the skin.

severe itching on the skin

All this leads to irritability, insomnia,
nervousness, pustular skin diseases. Sometimes louse
may be a carrier of typhoid fever and fever.

Lice are of three types:

  • head;
  • pubic;
  • wardrobe


Outwardly, they differ insignificantly and not among themselves.
interbreed because they are divided into separate species approximately
170-180 thousand years ago. However, all are transmitted only
by contact from a sick person. Diagnose
infectious disease disease or dermatologist using Wood’s lamp
and to the naked eye. Nits look like dandruff, however
shake them off is not so easy, and when you press them with your fingernails
make a crash.

What are the treatments?

To get rid of lice and nits in two ways:

  1. mechanically – by combing insects and
    larvae with a very frequent ridge;
  2. chemical – using special
    shampoos, lotions or infusions of natural substances.

treatment methods

Important: disinfection of the apartment, things and furniture
It is produced only by chemical or thermal methods.

How to remove lice and nits soap?

This way of getting rid of bloodsucking insects for a long time
has established itself, and its effectiveness is proven. Him,
like any other, there are positives and limitations.
The great advantage of laundry soap against lice is its
the ability to dissolve mucus, through which louses are attached to
hair. It helps to quickly wash or comb them. laundry soap

The composition of soap and its effects on hair and scalp

Since the 90s of the twentieth century, laundry soap is available in three
varieties according to GOST:

  • 72% – the first category;
  • 69% – the second category;
  • 64% – the third grade.

The composition of soap differs only in the percentage
elements, primarily fatty acids.

Fatty acid

These elements are of vegetable and animal origin.
and affect the elasticity of hair and skin. With constant
application eliminates hair loss, cross section of the tips, make the skin
heads more elastic. When used for antiparasitic purposes
help to restore hair and scalp faster. Composed
household soap uses the following LCD:

  • palmitic – promotes renewal
    cells, activates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and
  • lauric – has antimicrobial
    action, reduces skin inflammation, promotes bonding
    stratified hair ends.


Kaolin or white porcelain clay is a must-have in
the composition of laundry soap. It softens the effects of alkalis on

Important: if kaolin is absent in the soap, then
You can not use it for washing hair.


The most important element that regulates the water balance in exchange
processes. It is necessary both to maintain the moisture of the hair, and for
vascular enlargement of the scalp. Prevents hair loss and their
fragility. Sodium

Animal fats

It is an integral component of any hair cleanser and
skin that nourishes them, fills with keratin and provides

Sometimes natural fats are replaced
synthetic, it only leads to a decrease
characteristic odor, but not to reduce product quality.


Fresh purified water – the basis of any washing
means. The process of cooking soap is impossible without H2O, since
All of the above substances are water soluble and in water
they are mixed, interacted and transformed into a homogeneous
mass of

How to prepare for the procedure

Before you start using laundry soap to
get rid of lice and nits, it is recommended to comb your hair well
very frequent comb. You can do this by dropping your head over the bath,
filled with hot water. So get rid of
more insects. hair

Instructions for use of laundry soap against lice and

The amount of soap and the frequency of the procedure depends on
thickness and length of hair, as well as the degree of infection with parasites.

You will need:

  • 1-2 bars of soap, better than 72%;
  • ordinary kitchen grater;
  • container with warm water;
  • Boric ointment 5% – 1 bubble.

laundry soap against lice and nits

The soap is rubbed on a grater, filled with warm water, mixed with
boric ointment, stirred to dissolve and applied to the hair throughout
length from root to tip. You can wash off in half an hour.

Help: to enhance the effect, you can wrap
hair plastic film.

Then the hair is well washed and treated.
balm conditioner. The procedure can be repeated after 1-2
of the day

How to increase the effectiveness of the procedure

Lice are deterred by sharp odors, so you can add to the mixture
all kinds of essential oils:

  • mint;
  • citrus;
  • geranium;
  • lavender;
  • juniper


After washing the hair with soap, rinse hair well
a solution of vinegar – 1 tsp to 1 liter of water.

Precautions and Contraindications

Before the procedure, you must check the degree
sensitivity to components: apply to elbow bend or
skin behind the ear is a small amount of soap. Cases
allergies to this product are extremely rare, but precaution is not
will hurt. contraindications

Main contraindication to use
laundry soap to wash your hair is intolerance to it

Can I use for children and pregnant

The components of household soap are considered hypoallergenic and
nontoxic, its use for children and pregnant women
contraindicated, with the exception of an allergic reaction. for children and pregnant

Cost of

The price of one piece of ordinary laundry soap is usually
varies from 10 to 20 rubles depending on the region and
store. Imported laundry soap with aromatic
supplements may cost more, but about its capabilities in
extermination of blood-sucking insects is not known.

Pros and cons of household soap in the fight against head lice

Like any other tool, the use of soap
against lice and nits has its positive and negative


  • helps to remove not only parasites, but also dandruff;
  • soothes itching, treats parasite bites;
  • shows antiseptic effect;
  • stops hair loss;
  • non toxic and safe for humans.

laundry soap against lice and nits


  • remove lice and nits from the first time will not work;
  • soap leaves on hair not very pleasant smell;
  • a shag after use may look untidy.

Similar means than can be replaced by economic

If you do not want laundry soap for a number of reasons,
then other types of soap against parasites can be an alternative.

Tar soap

This tool has proven itself in the fight against
parasites of the scalp and body. It destroys
lice, disinfects the scalp and helps heal wounds from
bites. However, it has little effect on nits, so it can
be used in combination therapy with other
drugs. The rather strong and pungent smell of this soap is also not
everyone to taste. Tar soap

Dustov soap

This soap contains a strong insecticide (DDT) and
really effective against parasites. It destroys not only
lice, but nits. However, its toxicity to humans may
exceed the possible benefits. Therefore, this soap is not recommended.
apply to children and pregnant women. Preference for Dust Soap
can only be given if other means are at hand
just not and getting to the medical center is problematic, but help
man needed immediately. Dustov soap

Other useful folk remedies that can be prepared in
home conditions

In addition to these types of soaps, traditional medicine knows many others.
ways to get lice and nits:

  • cemeric water;
  • tincture of wormwood;
  • oil wraps (olive is the best option) with infusions
    strongly smelling herbs;
  • decoction of oak bark externally;
  • cranberry juice;
  • parsley decoction;
  • tincture of cumin;
  • diluted 1: 5 table vinegar (carefully!)

folk remedies

Homemade Shampoo for Prevention

In the case when the listed funds are not suitable, you can
Prepare a mild parasite shampoo from the following

  • baby shampoo – 250 ml;
  • Castilian soap – 0.5 piece;
  • rosemary essential oil – 4 drops;
  • lavender essential oil – 4 drops.

shampoo at home

Mode of application:

  1. Soap grate in advance, mix with shampoo,
    add oil, mix well and leave to mix on
  2. Shake before use.
  3. Wash your hair as usual.
  4. Apply the prepared mixture, massage and leave on.
    half an hour on the hair.
  5. Then rinse and rinse.


Pediculosis – the disease is far from safe.
In addition to these infectious effects, it violates the aesthetics
body and creates problems for a person in society. But
excretion of parasites is usually not difficult. Using
laundry soap against lice and nits with persistent use
brings the disposal of insects.

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