Lemon facial masks: recipes and rules of use

Lemon facial mask can work wonders. AT
lemon juice contains a huge amount of beneficial vitamins and
trace elements that are able to give skin freshness and good
shade. With the help of lemon you can fight with freckles, pigment
spots, as well as age-related changes. Lemon juice is
a frequent component of ready-made cosmetics, which
we see on store shelves. However, during production
processing, he loses a large number of its useful properties.
Therefore, homemade cosmetics with the addition of lemon will
much more efficient.

Lemon is an excellent bactericidal agent, it will help to destroy
up to 12 different bacteria. Therefore, it is actively used for
manufacturing of products for the care of problem skin. Lemon juice
has the ability to relieve fatigue, swelling. If your face
acquired a dull shade, make a mask of lemon every other day. Already
in 2 weeks you will hit everyone with your freshness and radiant color
faces. After such a course, your skin looks like you are a month.
rested in a good resort.


Lemon – one of the leaders in the content of vitamin C in
every home. But, in addition, the lemon contains no less useful
organic acids and pectic substances. That is why not
left without attention and lemon beauticians.

Dull complexion often have smokers and people suffering
liver disease. For them, such masks will be especially


  • Useful Lemon Juice Ingredients
  • Basic rules for using masks from lemon
  • Lemon Mask Recipes

Useful Lemon Juice Ingredients

  1. Thanks to the fruit acids with which the lemon is saturated,
    deep pore cleansing of impurities occurs, dead ones are removed
  2. Pectic substances have anti-inflammatory and
    wound healing effect, thanks to which microcracks on the face
    tightened, relieved inflammation; acne and acne
    noticeably reduced.
  3. Thanks to carotene pigment spots disappear, and the face
    gets freshness.
  4. Volatile reduce tension and irritation tired
  5. Thanks to thiamine, small wounds heal quickly and
  6. Riboflavin supplies cells with oxygen and normalizes
  7. Ascorbic acid increases collagen production
    fibers, thereby increasing skin elasticity, preserves its
    youth. Vitamin C prevents the penetration of free
    radicals that have a very harmful effect on
  8. Flavonoids rejuvenate cells.
  9. Sesquiterpenes create strong natural defenses against negative
    external influences.
  10. With the help of hesperidin, the skin becomes soft and velvety on
  11. Eriocytrin has the ability to neutralize irritating
    fruit acid exposure, making lemon juice suitable
    for sensitive skin care.

Basic rules for using masks from lemon

Lemon masks should be used if you want:

face mask with lemon juice

  • eliminate the oily shine of the skin and reduce enlarged pores;
  • get rid of acne and blackheads;
  • give the skin the necessary nutrition, hydration and protection;
  • increase the tone of fading skin, remove puffiness;
  • get rid of age spots and freckles;
  • get rid of dead cells and eliminate contamination;
  • keep the face young

However, not everyone can use this wonderful tool.
A face mask with lemon is forbidden if there are open wounds,
large foci of inflammation, boils, tumors. If capillaries
very close to the skin, before using the mask is better
consult a beautician. Can not use
remedies with lemon juice with individual intolerance
citrus fruit

The mask of lemon can not be applied in the eyelids, it also needs
rinse very carefully: the product should not get into the eyes, so
as this may cause severe irritation. If it is still
happen, wash your eyes with plenty of running water.

Lemon mask should be used immediately after

Lemon Mask Recipes

Masks containing lemon juice are great for
skin disinfection, reducing pigmentation and oiliness

All components of the mask must be fresh. If after application
means you feel itchy or burning, immediately wash everything away with water and
make a compress from infusion of chamomile. If you do not know how your skin
can react to the prepared remedy from lemon, apply
a small amount of lemon juice on the wrist and after half an hour
wash it off If irritation and rash do not, you can safely use
this remedy.

Lemon Mask Recipes

  1. Face mask with honey and lemon for fading and dull skin:
    mix 1 tbsp. l honey, 1 tsp. olive oil, 1 yolk and 1 tbsp.
    l lemon juice, mix everything well. The resulting tool
    will be a little liquid. Apply it to face, neck and chest with
    soft brush (very convenient to do in the bathroom). After 5 min
    when the mask dries out a little, apply a second layer, soak even
    5 minutes and apply a third layer. After 5 minutes, rinse off the skin
    plenty of water to avoid stickiness, and wipe the skin
    tonic After this procedure, apply a nourishing cream.
    not necessary.
  2. Whitening mask with lemon juice: mix 1 tbsp. l
    lemon juice with 1 tbsp. l oatmeal and 1 tsp. cream and apply
    on the face. A whitening lemon mask lasts 10 minutes, and after
    washed with warm water. In addition, this tool helps
    whiten the skin, it helps fight acne.
  3. Purifying face mask with protein and lemon: 1 tbsp. l
    chopped lemon pulp mixed with one beaten chicken protein
    and apply to the cleansed face with a brush. If the skin is dry, you can
    add and yolk. The mask with egg and lemon lasts 10 minutes, and after
    washed with warm water.
  4. Whitening mask with lemon juice: mix 1 tbsp. l
    chopped parsley, 1 tbsp. l cottage cheese, 1 tbsp. l lemon
    juice and a few drops of olive oil. Apply evenly on
    skin of the face and body. The whitening mask lasts 10-15 minutes, and after
    washed off with water. It also helps get rid of acne and
    unhealthy complexion.

Having appreciated the wonderful effects of lemon masks, you
Surely remember these recipes and you will come back to them again and
again. Use lemon cosmetics and you always
You will look young and beautiful!

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