Lengthen legs and not become disabled

The problem of height and length of the legs today is of concern not only to men:
women today want to be no lower than 170 – 175 cm (and no wider
“90x60x90”). They are ready to sacrifice health and even life for the sake of
missing or, conversely, the extra few centimeters. Meanwhile
most recently on channel National Geographic showed the fourth
the second season of the documentary series “Interdictions (taboo)”
“Make me more beautiful” about the horrors of plastic and orthopedic
operations. Many shots shocking: it is shown in detail, for example, how
an operation on lengthening the legs, and what happens after it.

leg lengthening surgery

The operation to lengthen the legs is very difficult and time-consuming.
girls must know this


  • How is the operation to lengthen the legs
  • What is cosmetic orthopedics
  • Operational method of lengthening the legs
  • Osteosynthesis and osteotomy
  • Operation on the Ilizarov apparatus
  • How long does it take to lengthen by 10 cm
  • Who shows lengthening of the legs
  • Who is contraindicated
  • Guaranteed results
  • Side effects and possible complications
  • Psychological aspects
  • How to still be?

How is the operation to lengthen the legs

If the girls knew about the method of the operation, about all
side effects and complications after it, how long
This whole agonizing process lasts, wishing to lengthen the legs
would be much less.

In orthopedics, operations on the limbs are extremely important and are performed in
such cases:

  1. With complex open fractures of the leg.
  2. To correct the V-shaped or C-shaped curvature of the limbs
  3. Eliminate the defect in leg length.
  4. With prosthetic joints.

In any of these cases, there are medical indications for

  • violation of motor functions,
  • severe pain
  • severe lameness
  • effect on spine biomechanics, etc.

What is cosmetic orthopedics

For cosmetic purposes, orthopedics began to be applied at the end
previous century.

Cosmetic orthopedics is a modern division of surgery,
engaged in carrying out operations on SLM at the request of the patient
change your anthropometric parameters.

There are no medical indications for these operations.

Types of modern orthopedic cosmetic operations:

  1. Elongation of the thigh or lower leg.
  2. Correction of leg curvature.
  3. Change the size and shape of the foot.
  4. Remove lower edges.

The client’s desire to change his appearance is purely subjective:

  • The curvature of the legs may be minimal (visible only their
  • “Favorite” shoe size 39 – 40 for women today is not uncommon,
    and in principle there is nothing terrible about this: the shoe industry has long been
    sharpened by the size of modern cinderella’s feet.
  • “Model” height 180 cm and “Japanese” foot 35th size
    look weird, and the support function of the leg with such
    imbalance is clearly suffering.

At the waist of 72 cm there is also nothing terrible, because, we repeat,
it is not proportions that matter, but proportions, and the sharp decrease
waist volume threatens health:

  • removing the edges seriously injures and weakens
  • secondly, women with artificial aspen waist of 45 cm suffer
    both intestine and reproductive organs.

The video below tells about the first orthopedic operation on
increase in height by lengthening the legs:

Video: Growth with surgery

Operational method of lengthening the legs

Operations on lengthening the limbs produced by two methods:

Intra bone:

  • With this method, a strong rod is inserted into the bone canal.
    an implant with the ability to lengthen, which is fixed from the inside to
  • Due to the high cost of rods (one – 20 thousand euros)
    The cost of the operation can reach 70 thousand.
  • It is used more often abroad, we are better known as the method

intraosseous lengthening of the legs

Bliskunov apparatus for lengthening the legs


  • This is a method of external fixation of the legs with the help of the spokes, passing
    straight through the bones, and metal rings connected by sliding
    rods for distraction (gradual
  • The method is cheaper and safer, but still the amount can
    reach 10,000 euros and more (depending on how
    how many cm is the elongation).
  • It is carried out mainly on compression-distraction
    Ilizarov – very convenient, simple domestic
    an orthopedic fixture vital in
    traumatology, but not in cosmetology.

lengthening the legs with an Ilezov apparatus

The Ilizarov apparatus uses the percutaneous method of lengthening
feet with external fixation

Osteosynthesis and osteotomy

All lengthening operations are based on osteosynthesis – properties
bone cells to divide.

Warning: Preceding osteosynthesis osteotomy – intersection
(fractured) bones, i.e. before building up your legs for a couple
centimeters, they are pre-drilled with a drill, and then, roughly
speaking, just break.

Impressive, of course, better not to see.

osteotomy with leg lengthening

The operation is performed by osteotomy – fracture

And then the osteosynthesis will begin – a long healing process
bones (after fracture) with all related:

  • scarring, adhesions, incomplete adhesion;
  • muscle contractures;
  • postoperative pain;
  • long healing wounds on the skin, etc.

To find out what people usually experience at this time, talk
with those who have the sad experience of injury.

Healing when lengthening limbs burdened
the necessity of daily distraction, therefore occurs
significantly longer than normal fracture

Operation on the Ilizarov apparatus

distraction on the device or

• In order to extend the leg at least 2 cm, it can
It takes about two months of distraction (in the absence of

  • The operation takes place under general or epidural anesthesia.
  • On the third day after surgery, the patient becomes
  • Distraction (elongation) begins a week later.

A few words about the very lengthening of the leg on the Ilizarov apparatus:

  • You can extend either the lower leg (maximum 7 cm) or the thigh (up to 9
    – 10 cm.
  • More often on the Ilizarov apparatus lengthening of the leg is practiced
    (lengthening of the femur is recommended
  • Per day, limb lengthening is performed at 0.075 – 0.1 cm, i.e.
    from 0.75 to 1 mm:

    • On the day of the nut on the Ilizarov apparatus, you need to tighten four
  • In order to extend the leg at least 2 cm, it can
    take up to two months of distraction.
  • A 10 cm extension requires approximately 10 months of distraction.

How long does it take to lengthen by 10 cm

At the end of the distraction torment does not end:

  • The removal of the Ilizarov apparatus (the procedure is also not from
  • Next is a long (up to 4 months) immobilization:
    • the foot is placed in a cast or splint;
    • have a long walk on crutches.
    • After the removal of the gypsum, the main stage of rehabilitation begins
      difficult exercises for more than one month.

Calculate how much time it will take, in the amount of rehabilitation, on
lengthening one leg, if you decide to grow from 165 to the cherished 175
cm – this is clearly more than a year!

  • At the first, intraosseous method, the term of fixation is extended
    the limbs are smaller, but here we need another operation
    removing the core from the bone, and again followed
    immobilization and development.
  • The lengthening of the legs is best done in two stages, although on the other
    hand one-step operation is preferable to achieving
    perfect symmetry and equal length of both limbs.

But if you break two legs at once:

  • perhaps a big shock and painful shock for the patient;
  • rehabilitation is much harder;
  • even with simultaneous lengthening, the apparatus is removed in stages:
    • first with one leg, then with the other;
    • the promised two-week period between phases can be long
      drag on if something goes wrong.

As you can see, it is not easy to grow quickly, easily and without agony: on
elongation of both legs by 10 cm with distraction, fixation and
rehabilitation can take up to two years or more.

Such a long period is due to the fact that the bones in the place of fusion
very vulnerable and may break or twist as a result

the final stage of distraction

Finally, the device is completely removed from the feet!

Who shows lengthening of the legs

To justify in some other way such an operation can be for
fix obvious flaws:

  • a high degree of curvature of the legs;
  • limp because of the great difference in the length of the limbs;
  • dwarf growth (for women – less than 135 cm).

Who is contraindicated

Such experiments on your health are strictly prohibited.
those who:

  • diabetes,
  • osteoporosis,
  • all types of arthritis or rheumatism
  • osteomyelitis,
  • bone tuberculosis,
  • serious diseases of the central nervous system,
  • deviations in the psyche.

Guaranteed results

Guarantees that everything will turn out the way you have planned, no one
will give:

That is, it may very well fail to grow by the promised 10 cm.
reasons for poor tissue stretch or premature closure
growth zones.

  • In theory, growth zones are open up to 16 years, but this is a relative
    indicator: someone finishes growing before, and someone later.
  • In adolescence, a young operation will achieve the best
    effect, in a more mature – the result can be much worse.
  • The whole paradox and injustice is that the possibilities
    extensions are directly proportional to your height – this means:

    • the higher the girl, the greater the number of cm she can lengthen
    • and on the contrary, a little girl by nature is unlikely to succeed easily.
      increase 7 – 10 cm.

The bottom line: is it worth taking risk and suffering because of maybe two
miserable added centimeters?

Side effects and possible complications

  • While the device is on your feet, you will have to drink a lot of painkillers.
    means, and they strike a blow to many organs, especially the stomach
    and intestines.
  • The spokes of the Ilizarov apparatus often burst when walking and their
    you have to change often, and this is also a local operation.
  • Because of the spokes, the skin on the legs is constantly injured, the stitches and wounds on
    skin legs give a lot of inconvenience: pain, itching and irritation plus
    aesthetically unsightly. (But this is all fixable, since it’s too early or
    later the device will be removed and everything will heal).

complications lengthening the legs

  • If after surgery there are too rough scars and scars from
    needles, the surgeon can make further corrections when
    light plastic surgery.
  • To improve results (especially with closed growth areas),
    the operation is usually accompanied by the appointment of growth hormones, and
    it can lead to weight loss or even some kind of trouble
    which often bring hormones, disrupting the natural hormonal
  • Wearing the device on the legs for a long time leads to
    incomplete flexion and extension of the leg and education
  • Correction of contractures is only possible through enhanced
    rehabilitation, otherwise lengthening may end up in a limp,
    muscular atrophy, asymmetry.
  • Frequent complications after surgery on the Ilizarov apparatus – arthrosis
    foot, ankle and knee joints.

Psychological aspects

In contraindications to surgery for lengthening the legs is not in vain
mental disorders are mentioned.

Today, surgeons, of course, seek to satisfy every whim
for your money, correcting those defects of appearance, which, by
opinion of patients, prevent them from living. But in fact there is another
the problem is much more serious.

why lengthen the legs

In desires to achieve perfect appearance at any cost.
psychologists see disorders—

  • Zakompleksovannost, terrible lack of confidence in their appearance,
    fanatical desire to change their outer shell at any cost,
    in return, perhaps injury is dysmorphophobia, mental
    disease (often adolescence, but not always).
  • In addition to complexes, women may have a maniacal goal of being
    on someone like: a Barbie doll, a favorite actress or model, and
  • Another type of disease: the desire to remake oneself under
    some kind of fashionable (in its concept) image. Usually such on one
    operations do not stop: today the nose is redone, tomorrow –
    lips, the day after tomorrow insert silicone into the chest, then remove the “excess”
    ribs, etc.

Interestingly, a woman like metamorphosis can even
to disfigure, but she, not noticing it, remains in complete delight of
its new looks.

So it would not be a surgeon, but quite to other doctors.

How to still be?

  • If you really want to grow, then there is:
    • Appropriate exercises for lengthening the legs and slimness:
    • If you are still growing, then lengthen the legs by 7 – 10 cm over
      years with the help of gymnastics is quite real.
    • If your growth has stopped, then expensive hardware
      leg lengthening surgery and exercise can lead to the same
      results, with the difference that by choosing the second method, you will avoid
      long shocks and undesirable consequences.
  • Visual methods for lengthening the legs with skillfully selected
    toilet components:

    • the use of different silhouettes of clothes, skillfully selected
      tone and color sometimes give a striking effect.

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