Leopard against lice for kids, how to use and not Is the drug dangerous?

Sometimes children get head lice, which is desirable to get rid of
the safest ways. In the pharmaceutical market of drugs
from a pediculosis set, the main thing – to choose the suitable. Many
experts mark Bars against lice as the most effective and non
causing negative consequences. However, the question is, can
whether to apply the tool to a person, especially a child, because
Is the drug made for animals? Leopard against lice for children

Is it possible to use Leopard drops to eliminate lice in

The content of the article:

  • Is it possible to use Leopard drops to eliminate lice in
  • The composition of the drops “Leopard” and release form
  • Indications and contraindications
  • How do the rules apply
  • average cost
  • Complications and side effects
  • Reviews
  • Can it be used by adults?
  • Analogs

Despite the fact that the tool is intended for animals, many
at their own risk and acquire it for removing head lice.
But it’s best to try drugs first
intended for people. If they didn’t help, then
buy a drop in the pet store called Bars and use,
observing all safety measures. leopard

Important. Before applying the remedy for the child,
adults should try it out for themselves. Warn immediately
that Bars has a more aggressive action than drugs,
intended for people.

The composition of the drops “Leopard” and release form

Pseudoacaricidal drops Leopard produced by the company Agrovetzashchita.
This drug has other forms of release – shampoo,
aerosol collars. However, the advantage is often given
drops, as they have a number of advantages:

  • easy to use;
  • no need to prepare a solution, drops can
    use immediately;
  • good performance;
  • if applied to animals, the drops are applied to the withers, which is not
    gives you the opportunity to lick the medicine;
  • After application, a long lasting effect is maintained.

Regarding the shortcomings of the drug can be identified
moderate toxicity due to composition. The main
The active ingredient is fipronil. This insecticide
belongs to the broad-spectrum means. Thanks to this
the composition can get rid of many parasites – lice, fleas,
lashing and ticks. Leopard against lice

There are drops for dogs and for cats. For dogs
the concentration of active substances is greater because these animals
much larger than cats – 50 mg / ml. For cats – 10 mg / ml.

In the past, the composition of the drug was somewhat different
the substance was permethrin. But, as studies have shown,
Fipronil is softer and highly effective.
The shade of the drops is light and sometimes dark yellow. Structure of them
oily, liquid should not precipitate. Packaged drops in
small pipettes.

Indications and contraindications

As indications drops Bars are different
parasitic diseases – in humans it is lice,
animal presence of fleas, ticks, jaws. leopard against lice for children

Regarding contraindications for animals are such

  • age of puppies and kittens who have not yet turned 10
  • dogs weigh less than 2 kg;
  • the presence of any diseases even at the stage
  • cats and dogs that have recently been injured;
  • pregnant and lactating females.

Regarding the use of drops for children, parents
must understand that the drug may be toxic, especially
if the child has a tendency to allergies.

Reference. There are also ear drops for
animals that are called Bars forte, they are needed in the event that
if a tick has penetrated the auricle.

How do the rules apply

Should purchase drops in a pet store. Action algorithm

  1. Rub them into the hair roots.
  2. To sustain a long time.
  3. Wash off with shampoo and plenty of water.
  4. Use the comb to comb out the dead lice and nits.


Usually, Leopard for humans is used in exceptional
situations where standard tools do not bring
result. Protect during use.
wearing rubber gloves on your hands from the drug is worth remembering
its toxicity and safety measures.

average cost

The cost of the drug in the form of drops is relatively low,
within 200-300 rubles per pack. Price difference
may vary depending on the dosage of the medication and the amount
pipettes Accordingly, the greater the volume of packaging, the higher will be
worth the remedy. The drug is sold in veterinary clinics,
pet stores and online stores.

Complications and side effects

Since the drug is practically not used for children
it cannot be said what adverse reactions may develop in
result of use. Animals usually have side effects.
effects develop after they manage to lick the substance off
surface wool. They manifest as follows:

  • tearing appears;
  • intensive salivation develops;
  • vomiting can often develop;
  • tremor.

Do you use Bars in the fight against child lice? Yes

Such reactions are not present in all animals in the body.
which Barca ended up, most often these symptoms are present
in cats and dogs whose body does not tolerate components


Feedback from the popular woman.ru resource

“My son found lice in the garden, tried many means
– nothing helped. As a result, decided to use drops Bars.
The result is amazing, lice disappeared after one application. None
no side effects were observed. ”

Mikhail, 32 years old, Saratov.

Feedback from our readers:

“We at our own risk and tried to handle his head 12
summer daughter, who brought lice, having traveled to the village to
relatives. Fortunately, everything went well. Lice were
completely exterminated, after which their remnants combed comb
fine teeth. ”

Tatyana, 43 years old, Novosibirsk.

“For animals, the Leopard drops are very effective, but if
talking about children, here you need to take into account the toxicity of the drug,
although it is written that it is moderately toxic. Still desirable to buy
means for man, not for animals. ”

Maria, 39 years old, Cheboksary.

Can it be used by adults?

Despite the fact that in the instructions for the drug people do not
mentioned, many use this inexpensive means and for
removing lice in oneself. If you comply with all measures
security, then Bars can effectively get rid of
head lice. The main thing to remember about its toxicity and
try to protect yourself as much as possible from his mucous membranes,
make sure that the product does not get into the mouth, etc. leopard for adult lice


If we talk about analogues leopard exactly as a means against fleas,
ticks, lice and eaters in animals, cats and dogs, then similar
action have such drugs:

  • Advantix; Advantiks
  • Bloch; Bloch
  • Fiprist; Fiprist
  • Amit; Amit

The main analogue with a similar composition is the French
funds – Frontline Spot He and Frontline Combo, produced by the company
Merial They are also the main active ingredient

When caring about how to get lice in children, try
select safe ways. Especially for small

The leopard is used in exceptional cases. He might be
dangerous because it is not intended for humans. With another
hand, with no choice, you can rely on this tool
for animals. After all, the consequences of inaction with pediculosis can
also be dangerous, the disease eventually turns into typhus,
cure that will be much harder.

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