Lice and nits sprays from pediculosis – TOP 10 the best

Pediculosis is an unpleasant and fairly common problem,
especially in children’s groups. Lice cause a lot of discomfort
in addition, there may be carriers of serious diseases. None
less, modern medicine allows you to quickly get rid of them. AT
Pharmacies are offered a wide selection of medicines to combat
parasites. Especially popular means in the form of sprays. Pediculosis

Sprays against human lice: TOP 10 best

The content of the article:

  • Sprays against human lice: TOP 10 best
  • Spray for the treatment, prevention of lice and nits in children
  • Scallop lice spray
  • Pharmaceutical lice solution
  • Pediculosis prevention spray
  • Linen lice spray
  • Animal Lice Sprays
  • Spray spray for the treatment of clothing lice
  • Lice spray for furniture
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Contraindications and security measures
  • Alternative to sprays – how else can you get rid of

Pediculum sprays help to quickly get rid of
unpleasant problem. In addition to the effectiveness of their dignity in convenience
in application.

Спрей “Ambulance with aloe vera”

Spray German production costs about 1420
rubles. It is not aimed specifically at pediculosis treatment,
but thanks to the soothing and anti-inflammatory property
helps minimize skin damage from parasite bites.
Скорая помощь с алоэ вера

Ingredients include aloe vera, propolis and other extracts
medicinal plants. The composition must be distributed on
affected skin several times a day. It will help reduce
itching and accelerate the healing of the skin.

Hedrin Vance – Liquid Pediculosis Gel

Pediculitis is available in
UK and costs from 600 rubles. Active
the components in the composition are dimethicone or octanediol and
nerolidol. Dimethicone provokes the death of parasites, blocking them
respiratory system. Nerolidol increases its effectiveness,
promoting penetration inside the lice. Combined components
give a powerful effect due to which the parasites are dying from choking is not
later than half an hour after applying the spray to the hair.
Khedrin Vance - liquid gel from pediculosis

REFERENCE. The drug has practically no
contraindications and can be used by children under 1 year and
pregnant women.

In application the spray is very simple – it should be evenly distributed.
spread over the entire length of the hair, then warm the head with a towel
and leave the agent for 15 minutes. Then the composition is washed off, and hair
are dried. In case of re-infection, it is recommended
carry out the procedure again, but not earlier than 7 days after
first processing.


This spray French production can be bought
about 750 rubles. It is most often used in the fight against
scabies, but with pediculosis, it also demonstrates effectiveness.
The active ingredients in the composition of the drug – esdepalletrin and
piperonyl butoxide. Spregal

In case of contact with the hair, the drug disrupts metabolic processes in
cells of parasites, which is why they die within 60-90 minutes.
The spray should be sprayed at a distance of 25-30 cm from
head, after shaking the bottle well.

ATTENTION! Do not leave the product on the hair.
more than an hour. After applying it you need to wrap your head
polyethylene or tie a scarf.

After 7-9 days, re-treatment is carried out. Drug can
be used for both children and adults. To enhance
the result is necessary to comb the parasites comb. This is done
half an hour after applying the spray.

Paradis ultra

The means of domestic production, the price of which
starts from 300 rubles. The drug is used to treat
pediculosis in adults and children from 3 years. He shows high
efficiency and provides one hundred percent death of insects.
Paradise Ultra

The composition is uniformly applied over the entire length.
hair. Keep it necessary for half an hour. After
this parasites are combed out. If necessary, the procedure can be
repeat after 7-8 days.

Pair Plus

Preparation of French production. Main
components in the composition of the spray – piperonyl butoxide, malathion and
permethrin. The drug enters the respiratory system of lice,
provoking their suffocation and death. The remedy is contraindicated for
pregnant and lactating women, asthmatics and children under two with
half years. Couple Plus

The drug is applied to the hair and aged for 10
minutes Then it needs to be washed off and combed out the dead insects. Crest
not included in the kit, so you need to buy it separately.
The cost of the bottle is about 300-400

Full Marks

The spray is available in the UK. is he
based on components such as cyclomethicone and
isopropyl myristate. Substances lead to dehydration
parasite, which is why he dies. To achieve the effect you need
leave the product on the hair for 10 minutes. Medication not
used in the presence of asthma and for children up to 5 years. Full Marks

Kit includes comb for combing
use after treatment with a solution. average cost
makes 611 rubles.

Lime guard

This is the only spray that is not used for treatment.
lice, and for its prevention. It is completely non-toxic.
therefore it can be used for small children. Means
need to use daily. It is applied to the hair,
They are then combed with the comb that is included. A drug
no need to flush. Lice Guard

Lice Guard is an American drug. Him
the cost is from 600 rubles.

Spray Paranit

The preparation of the Belgian production. Includes
Dimethicone and mineral oil. Components provoke choking and
death of parasites. Spray can be used at the age of 3 years.
During pregnancy, lactation and skin diseases, it is not used.
Spray Paranit

The tool must be kept on the hair for 15 minutes. After 7
days you need to re-process, because the drug acts
only on adults, not on nits. Cost of
kit, which includes spray and scallops, is about
650 rubles.


One of the safest drugs that can
used for children. To get rid of
parasites need to be applied 2-3 times. The active substance in the composition
– Dimethicone, provoking asphyxiation of parasites. This component
non-toxic and non-aggressive. Nuda

The composition must be kept on the hair for 45 minutes, then it
washed away, and the parasites combed comb. Cost of
drug – about 350 rubles.

Spray A-Par

Preparation of French production. is he
based on components such as piperonyl butoxide, malathion,
permethrin. The drug helps to deal with lice and nits,
provoking their suffocation and death. Can be used for children from
2.5 years. Keep the composition on the hair for 10 minutes. Then
it is necessary to wash it off and comb the dead parasites. Comb in
Kit not included. The cost of the spray bottle is
about 300-400 rubles. Spray A-Par

Spray for the treatment, prevention of lice and nits in children

Most of the drugs listed above are non-toxic and may
apply to children. To choose a drug for a child,
pay attention to age restrictions in the instructions to


Spray Ukrainian production. In kit
includes a comb for combing parasites. The composition includes
insecticidal lavender, mint, ylang-ylang oils
action. The smell of these components is unpleasant for parasites and
provoking their suffocation. Avalanche

Can be used for children over 2 years old.
There is only one contraindication to the use of an agent – an individual
component intolerance. Packing price is
about 300 rubles.

Scallop lice spray

To make spray application effective, after treatment
combing is done. It eliminates the dead
parasites and their larvae. Many sprays are already included.
special comb for combing, which is very convenient. To such
drugs include Lavinal, Paranit, Full Marx. Paranit

Pharmaceutical lice solution

Pharmacy solutions help get rid of parasites in just one
application. The concentration of active ingredients in them is higher than in
shampoos, therefore, the efficiency increases. Nittifor

Of the popular solutions should be noted Medifox, Paranit,
Nittifor. When applied, they are brought to the necessary water
concentration. It is important to strictly adhere to the instructions and not
keep the drug on the hair longer than normal. Later
10 days is recommended to re-process.

Pediculosis prevention spray

There are tools to help warn
the occurrence of pediculosis. Their use is justified if
there is an epidemic in children’s groups, and also if
there is a risk of recurrence.

For preventive purposes, you can use the following

  • Avalanche; Avalanche, spray, bottle 100 ml
  • Pair Plus; pair plus
  • Full Marks;
  • Paranit; Paranit, spray
  • Pedikulen Ultra. Pedikulen Ultra

Linen lice spray

Sprays also help get rid of lice, although
features of their application in this case are different. Can
use the following drugs:

  • Pair plus. The drug helps to destroy and
    adult parasites and nits. They need to process all infected items.
    after their thorough washing. After a week, the treatment is repeated.
    Couple plus
  • Permethrin. Used for processing
    bed linen and clothing. After using the items need to
    30 minutes leave in a closed container. Permethrin

Animal Lice Sprays

In the presence of parasites in a pet, their treatment also
can be done with a spray.

Stop itching spray for dogs

Drug of domestic production. It’s price
starts from 200 rubles. The spray has bactericidal
properties and helps to cope with the negative effects of bites
parasites. The affected skin must first be treated.
sanitary. Then spray is quickly sprayed on
necessary sites. Spray need drug from the bottle on
a distance of 10-15 cm from the body of the animal. Stop itching spray for dogs

Cat Lice Spray

To combat parasites in cats can be used such
sprays like Leopard, Leopard Forte, Puls, Blochnet. They need to sprinkle all
body pet, covering his mouth, eyes and ears. Spray sprayed on
a distance of 20-30 cm from the body of the animal. Spray against head lice in cats

After treatment, it is recommended to take the animal for a walk. how
As a rule, 30-40 minutes is enough for the death of parasites.

Spray spray for the treatment of clothing lice

After getting rid of parasites, it is recommended to process
special means all the clothes and bedding. For this
the same sprays can be used to combat
pediculosis. Popular drugs are Pediculosis, A-Par, Couple Plus.
As a rule, one bottle is enough to process several
clothing sets or a single room.


The drug is Ukrainian production, the cost of which
starts from 500 rubles. The tool provides fast and
lasting protection against lice. It is easy to apply and does not need
flushing. Use it recommended for outbreaks of head lice and
in situations in which the risk of disease increases. Paranix

Lice spray for furniture

It is convenient to apply sprays to processing of furniture. If speech
is about upholstered furniture, it is important to pay particular attention to the folds and
the seams. The drug is applied evenly. It is necessary to provide
light moisturizing. Dichlorvos for lice

Drugs such as Pair Plus, Pediculen,
A-Par. Dichlorvos is also used. It is quite toxic.
drug, so they can handle the furniture or the room, and
linen is not worth spraying.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is better and more effective against lice and nits: shampoo or spray?

For the treatment of pediculosis can be successfully used as shampoos,
and sprays. However, the latter usually contain a higher concentration.
active ingredients therefore act faster. To pick up
the best tool, you need to take into account contraindications and age

Contraindications and security measures

Contraindications for different drugs may vary. They
indicated in the instructions. Most often they are

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • diseases of the respiratory system and skin
  • children’s age (usually up to 2 or 3 years).

pregnant girl

Other categories of individuals may use sprays, but also
It is important to adhere to precautions:

  • Use the drug should be well ventilated.
  • It is recommended to wear gauze on the face.
    bandage. It will protect the respiratory system from falling into
    her spray components.
  • When wearing contact lenses, spray them before treatment.
    take off.
  • It is recommended to tie a coiled rope around the head.
    the cloth. This will make it possible to prevent the spray from getting into
  • Apply the drug is recommended in rubber
    gloves to prevent skin irritation.
  • If redness, itching and burning occurs, it is necessary to quickly
    wash off the drug.
  • If the remedy gets in the mouth, nose or eyes, you need
    rinse thoroughly with warm water. If the burning does not go away,
    consult with a specialist.

Precautionary measures

It should be noted that any components in the composition of the drug
may provoke personal intolerance in humans.
You can perform a small test beforehand by inflicting a small
amount of funds on the inner elbow. If later
half an hour negative reactions did not appear, you can safely use
drug for the purpose.

Alternative to sprays – how else can you get rid of

In addition to sprays, there are other means that you can
use in the fight against head lice.


Special combs are also used to combat lice. They
designed for combing dead parasites and nits, which
It is made after treatment of the head with a pedicide remedy.
Often the combs are already bundled with sprays and other drugs.
Scallops are wooden, plastic, metal
and even electric. crest


Funds in the form of ointments and creams are of low toxicity,
ease of use and efficiency. Of them may
use the following:

  • Benzyl benzoate. Helps to cope with
    parasites for 5 hours. benzyl benzoate
  • Sulfuric ointment. Thanks to antimicrobial
    action destroys head and pubic parasites. Mercury Sulfur Ointment
  • Mercury ointment. Low efficacy agent
    which needs to be used several times. Serortuta ointment
  • Turpentine ointment. Has pronounced
    antiseptic effect, helps get rid of itching and promotes
    rapid tissue repair.
  • Boric ointment. It has fungicidal and
    anti-pediculosis effect. Boric ointment
  • Nyx One of the safest remedies. Can
    be used for children from 6 months. Knicks

Lice pills

Tablets are most often prescribed if available.
contraindications to the use of local drugs, for example, when
skin diseases, scratches, wounds. Such can be shown
remedies like Butadion, Levamisole, Albendazole. Usually they
used by courses of approximately 15 days.
It should be borne in mind that such tools have a number of contraindications
therefore, they can be taken only with a doctor’s prescription. Albendazole

Folk remedies

You can add therapy with folk remedies. Need to consider
that not all of them are safe and need to be used before
consult a doctor. Here are some proven folk

  • Tar soap. Helps to cope with
    parasites due to antiseptic properties and specific
    smell. It is necessary to soap soap and keep for
    2-3 hours, pre-wrapped with plastic. Thereafter
    means you need to wash off and comb your hair.
  • Vinegar. Helps fight both lice and
    nits But in order not to provoke a burn, you need to dilute it
    water The solution keeps on the hair for half an hour. vinegar
  • Tea tree oil. It has a powerful
    antiseptic and helps to quickly destroy the parasites.
  • Cranberry juice. Fights nits against
    which most drugs are ineffective. Need to use juice
    for 10-15 days. It is usually combined with honey. cranberry juice


In the fight against parasites are widely used anti-pediculosis
shampoos They act softly and are usually allowed even by small ones.
children Among this group of tools the following are popular:

  • Veda — 2. Active ingredient
    composition is permethrin. Shampoo destroys parasites already over 40
    minutes For their complete destruction it is recommended to repeat
    processing after 12-14 days. Veda
  • Hygia The drug includes permethrin and
    acetic acid. The first component provokes the death of lice, and
    the second softens nits and promotes their otkleivaniyu from hair.
    It is applied at the age of 5-6 years. Hygia Shampoo
  • Nyx Based on permethrin. Shampoo not
    only destroys parasites, but also helps to remove unpleasant
    symptoms of pediculosis and contributes to the treatment of the scalp. Knicks
  • Nittifor. Low toxicity shampoo based on 1%
    permethrin. Not used for pregnant women and children up to 5 years. After
    application need to make combing. Nittifor shampoo

The choice of drugs for lice control is very wide. Often
spray products are used – they are convenient and effective and
provide an opportunity to quickly cope with parasites. With
the use of drugs is important to comply with instructions
contraindications and precautions.

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