Lice during pregnancy – what to do and how to get parasites, drugs, medicines, folk remedies

No one is immune from pediculosis … Pregnancy, unfortunately,
does not protect against the invasion of parasites, but requires an active
combat them using only those tools that are safe for
developing baby in the womb. head lice

What are dangerous lice and nits during pregnancy?

The content of the article:

  • What are dangerous lice and nits during pregnancy?
  • Types of parasites
  • Symptoms of lice
  • The best shampoos for lice for pregnant women – TOP 3
  • The best sprays from head lice for pregnant women
  • The best ointment
  • TOP 5 best tools against lice and nits
  • Can lice be removed quickly and safely in one day?
  • Safe treatment of lice folk remedies

The presence of insects in the head or on the body
discomfort and cause a number of health problems that
especially contraindicated in the period of carrying a child:

  • Stress, disruption in the work of the National Assembly. Future moms
    – natura impressionable. Due to constantly fluctuating
    hormonal background emotional jumps for them the norm. Any
    unpleasant event, including the detected parasites on a comb
    or pubis, will cause a storm of negative emotions. Besides constant
    itching accompanying pediculosis will not allow pregnant
    sleep well, live, thereby annoying the woman even more.
    Naturally, any negative experiences are not good
    developing embryo.
  • Lice – carriers of typhus, Volyn fever and
    relapsing fever. Any of the listed diseases
    very dangerous, especially during pregnancy.
  • The feeling of constant itching causes one desire –
    scratch the place where it arises. This procedure is not always
    held with clean hands. Therefore, when small wounds appear,
    arising from rubbing of the nails on the skin during scratching,
    the risk of developing inflammation in their place increases due to
    penetration of pathogenic microorganisms with dirty hands
    directly in the microtrauma of the skin.

pregnant girl

Types of parasites

In nature, there are several types of lice parasitizing on

  • Head louse settles, lives and breeds
    exclusively on the scalp. Currently
    It is much more common than its “relatives”. black
  • A clothes lingerie lives on clothing or
    bed linen. Man for her, or rather his blood – the source
    food, but she can not live on it. Lingerie
  • Pubic louse lives where tough grow
    body hair: pubis, eyelashes, mustache. pubic lice

ATTENTION! Infectious lice can be in
public transport or public places (hairdressers,
hospitals, wardrobes), kindergarten or school child
age at the store during the fitting of headgear or
accessories, sexual intercourse (pubic lice). Main condition
infection – close contact with the carrier of the disease.

Symptoms of lice

The development of any disease, including pediculosis,
accompanied by a number of symptoms and signs.


Recognizing the presence of insects in the head is quite easy:

  • An itchy sensation in the hair results from
    the release of a particular enzyme by the parasite into the scalp, providing
    irritating effect on humans. The more lice – the stronger
    desire to scratch your head.
  • The presence of a rash from insect bites, a place
    the localization of which is most often the area behind the ears or on
    border of hair and scalp.
  • The main sign of the presence of parasites in the hair –
    the presence of the smallest (about 1.5 mm) translucent
    nits that can be easily confused with dandruff, but in contrast
    from her, shake off the eggs will not succeed: their removal requires certain
    effort, because they fasten in hairs with a special
    sticky secretions secreted by the female.



To diagnose the presence of the parasite in the “sensitive” area is not
will work.

  • Pubic louse and nits are easy to recognize.
  • Human epithelial prolapse is also accompanied by
    release of a substance that causes itching. Persistent itching and
    intimate area – one of the main signs of the disease.
  • The presence of bluish spots in the bite area,
    developing as a result of hemorrhages at the puncture site.
  • Dark spots on underwear that are often
    appear in women are the product of life



Identical symptoms and signs accompany the appearance and ward
insects: severe itching on the body, occurrence at the bite site
microtraumas or bluish spots of bruises, constant
irritability, inability to sleep at night. maybe
also the development of an allergic rash that may be accompanied
bouts of nausea, vomiting, fever, headaches
pains. linen louses

IMPORTANT! Pediculosis – rapidly progressing
a disease that requires urgent action to combat it.
By the choice of means by which treatment will be made,
should be treated with extreme caution as a high dose of chemicals
in the composition is capable of harming the health of the child.

The best shampoos for lice for pregnant women – TOP 3

  • Neath Free (Argentina). Shampoo this series
    made on the basis of natural components (for example, essential
    oil of mint, tea tree, eucalyptus, coconut), not representing
    threats to the baby in the womb. In addition to the effects of pediculosis
    means prevents tangling of hair, facilitates combing,
    without making strands. Its use is excellent
    prevention of re-infection. Requires systematic treatment
    (course 10 – 14 days). Approximate price – from 650 rubles
    for 118 ml.
  • Veda – 2 (Russia). This shampoo, thanks
    its low toxicity (0.5% permethrin), does not harm the body
    future mother and embryo. In addition, the result will be saved in
    2 to 6 weeks after use. Death of insects
    comes due to their paralysis. For the purchase of the drug you need
    will pay about 150 – 200 rubles per 100 ml.
  • Pedilin (Slovenia). Active substance –
    malathion that successfully penetrates parasitic chitin and
    causes self-poisoning. Average price – 250 – 300
    rubles per bottle of 100 ml. Pedilin

The best sprays from head lice for pregnant women

  • Paranit (Belgium) acts on bloodsucking
    suffocating, thereby killing them. The drug includes
    mineral oil and dimethicone, which dissolve the shell
    parasites and blocks their respiratory openings. Effectively means
    and against nits. Pay for the purchase of wonderful tools
    will have about 500 rubles (per 100 ml). Paranit, spray
  • Full Marks. Spray is quite effective
    due to its composition: cyclomethicone and isopropyl myristate,
    the last one, is produced from light fractions of oil, but, together
    so does not adversely affect the health of the baby in
    womb In addition, this ingredient is often used in
    cosmetology. The tool creates on the body of the parasite and nits thin
    film, causing them to dehydrate and suffocate.
    You can purchase the product for 350 – 450 rubles, depending on
    from the region. Full Marx for Lice
  • Nuda (Germany). Part of the spray is
    Dimethicone – a special silicone that envelops the body
    insect and nits, causing them to die from asphyxia.
    The average price is 550 – 850 rubles per bottle (50 ml).

The best ointment

  • Cream Knicks (Germany). Active ingredients
    included in the preparation are selected in such a way that
    impact occurred only on parasitic insects.
    The remaining components, including those of natural origin
    (Canadian fir balsam), “soften the blow” of the insecticide in the body
    pregnant woman. Insect death occurs within 10 minutes
    due to asphyxia. Buy means you can buy on average
    from 200 to 500 rubles depending on the region. Knicks
  • Medifox – emulsion that is applied
    directly on the hair and pounded on them like a cream.
    The main components are permethrin (in a small dose) and natural
    castor oil – affect the periphery of parasites, paralyzing them.
    The average price is 120 – 200 rubles. Medifox
  • Nittifor. The main component is permethrin –
    represented by a small dose, only 1%. But this does not reduce the effectiveness
    means: acting on the membrane of the nerve endings of the parasites, it
    causes their paralysis, and then death. Buy means
    can be without a prescription, on average, paying for 1 bottle of 170 – 280 rubles.

TOP 5 best tools against lice and nits

IMPORTANT! Before using this or that
protivopedikuleznogo funds need to consult with
doctor about the feasibility of using the drug. Not

  • Neath Free Series is represented by a diverse
    products whose use is absolutely harmless to the body
    future mom and her baby. Shampoo and oil kill insects
    causing them to suffocate; mousse easily dissolves the sticky secret, when
    which help nits are attached to the hair, which greatly facilitates
    the process of combing them; gel captures strands in a hairstyle and
    fights parasites at the same time; neon spray dyes
    parasites in a bright color, after which they are easy to detect and display.
    The basis of the funds – natural plant oils. True and
    the price of such a universal and effective means
    impressive: from 600 to 1500 rubles per bottle

  • A series of tools to combat pediculosis Paranit
    – one of the most popular in the domestic pharmaceutical
    the market. The brand line is represented by an anti-pedicular shampoo –
    air conditioning and spray. Both forms do not contain insecticides, in
    resulting in lice resistance to active substances preparations
    (clearol (white mineral oil) and dimethicone) does not occur.
    The undoubted advantage of shampoo is its property to wash hair and
    prevent them from tangling, so without any difficulty
    combing nits occurs. The average price for a bottle of shampoo
    100 ml – 450 rubles, spray – 500 rubles. Paranit
  • Pedilin line is represented by shampoo and
    emulsion, both forms are approved for the treatment of lice in pregnant women
    women. In the case of running pediculosis, it is advisable to apply
    means complex. The formulation includes malathion (5 mg in 1
    ml) The price can vary from 250 to 350 rubles.
  • Nuda’s remedies are sold as a spray and
    shampoo In addition to Dimethicone, the preparations include jojoba oil,
    which gently cares for hair, preventing possible
    negative influence of the chemical component of the product.
    Approximate price – from 550 to 850 rubles. Nuda
  • Full Marx is an expensive tool, but it costs
    Togo. Will help quickly and effectively get rid of parasites, and in
    neglected case may reapply without
    harm to health. The drug has an oily structure due to
    components included in its composition, which ensures the death of lice
    due to choking. Price ranges from 350 to 450 rubles.
    Full Marks

Can lice be removed quickly and safely in one day?

The answer to this question is ambiguous: yes you can
answer in the event that for the treatment of lice will
used potent insecticide. But its application
can negatively affect development and health
embryo. Pregnant women need to give preference to those
drugs that are made on a natural basis. Unfortunately,
parasites are extremely resistant to many substances, therefore
realistically, it may take several procedures.

REFERENCE! When using any purchased
remedies for pediculosis must clearly follow the instructions
specified in the abstract. Do not change the dosage of the substance
the increase in the time period of the impact of funds on the body.

Safe treatment of lice folk remedies

  • Cranberry juice contains a number of
    acids of organic origin, quickly destroying sticky
    the substance with which nits are attached to the hair. Freshly squeezed
    juice or mashed berry is applied to the affected area, left for 7 –
    10 minutes, then abundantly washed with water. cranberry juice
  • Onion helps in the fight against lice and nits
    Mask: 2 to 3 minced onions in a meat grinder
    on hair and left for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly in the final
    water Bow for hair
  • Vegetable oil will help kill the parasites, in
    the result of the creation of a thin film blocking the access of air in
    insect organism. The oil is applied to the hair and left there.
    20 minutes. The method requires effort at the time of flushing. Vegetable oil
  • Tea tree oil strangles the parasites.
    It is enough to add it to the main shampoo and wash their hair every
    3 days, and you can forget about the pediculosis. Tea tree oil
  • The safest way to combat head lice, allowing
    reduce the risk of re-infection – combing nits
    a frequent comb that often comes bundled with
    anti-pediculosis drug. The process is long and painstaking, but
    if it is not produced, then there is a high risk that some
    mortifying nits after a week hatch, and everything will go on a new one.
    combing nits

Do you trust folk remedies for treatment
lice? DaNetIf it is not worth detecting parasites
to panic

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