Lice from hepatitis (jaundice) – benefit and principle action on the liver

Hepatitis treatment with lice is a popular method of dealing with
disease. Therefore, many who hear about such non-standard
way, abide in some shock. However, lice from jaundice
used in several recipes of traditional medicine. Hepatitis Lice

Where do lice come from and how can you get infected

The content of the article:

  • Where do lice come from and how can you get infected
  • Why and why eat lice – the origin of the method
  • Excerpts from the treatment of Fedor Loevsky
  • How was lice treated during WWII
  • What stage of hepatitis can be treated with lice
  • Hepatitis treatment with lice – principle of action and methods
  • Where and at what price you can buy a parasite
  • Why in nature need lice – their purpose
  • Contraindications and warnings from doctors

Lice are external parasites whose carrier
is a person, so lice can only be infected by
person Lice infect various parts of the human body,
feeding on his blood. As a result, people experience discomfort in
affected areas: itching and pain.

Lice may appear on:

  • pubic;
  • head;
  • clothes.

lice and nits

Important! The mode of transmission of parasites does not depend on their
types. Lice are transmitted only by the contact method. Through food or
animal lice are not transmitted.

Lice can appear not only from contact with the patient, but
and when using his personal items such as a comb, slippers and

Causes of lice

  1. Public places. Being in children
    gardens, schools, transport, etc., can cause lice.
    These places are potential risk areas for infection.
  2. Water. Lice can live in water, so another
    cause of infection may be it. Therefore, reservoirs with stagnant water
    are also potential risk areas. No matter artificial
    they (pools) or not (lakes).
  3. Close contacts. Contact with a sick person
    may lead to infection. In this case, close contact is not important.
    (kisses, sex) or is it just any group
  4. Neglect of personal hygiene. More often
    most infected people living in unsanitary conditions and not
    paying due attention to personal hygiene.
  5. Long moving. On long journeys not
    there is always the opportunity to follow the rules of personal hygiene, and
    contact with the lice carrier cannot be excluded.
  6. Cohabitation of people. Increases
    risk of infection in places where a large number of people live. To them
    include camps, prisons, hostels, etc.
  7. Personal items carrier. Lice habitat –
    these are personal belongings of the patient, therefore using them is a healthy person
    can catch parasites.

Where live

Why and why eat lice – the origin of the method

It is not proven that lice can affect treatment.
hepatitis A. But this method has been used by people for two.
centuries ago. They ate lice. It was believed that if you take
several individuals and wrap them in bread and swallow them with a large
the amount of water, then the disease will recede. what do lice eat for

Excerpts from the treatment of Fedor Loevsky

Fyodor Loevsky wrote a collection called “Full
vulgar medical specialist “, in which the” broad-minded person “, as
called him contemporaries, combined a variety of methods,
help in the treatment of certain diseases. In the “medical book”
described methods of dealing with diseases that were relevant to
peoples inhabiting the Russian Empire. Book of Loevsky
used as a textbook many healers. Loevsky

In the “clinic” also described an unusual recipe for treating hepatitis C
using insects.

Important! In the “doctor of fine sciences” recipe, as
he called himself a scientist, described the treatment of woodlice.

Due to the fact that the recipe was passed from mouth to mouth, information
a little distorted. Therefore doctors, often referring to
Loevsky in the treatment of hepatitis lice are wrong, this method in
he did not have a collection.

For treatment of jaundice requires:

  1. Need to catch forty woodlice without killing
  2. Grind parasites and mix with half glasses
    bread wine.
  3. Ill need to drink the medicine 3 times a
    day. Means to dilute with cold tea or infusion


How was lice treated during WWII

In the Great Patriotic War, people could not dream
medicines, but also about food. As a result, many were
infected with various diseases, hepatitis is no exception. Because of
that there was no drug treatment, many people were saved

Among the large number of popular recipes in the military
Hepatitis treatment was very popular
lice. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the lice in
period enough for all. lice

The treatment method remained the same as 200 years.

  1. It was necessary to catch two or more lice;
  2. Envelop the parasites in bread and swallow it;
  3. Drink the “medicine” with water.

At various periods of history, it is known that lice were rolled into honey,
cottage cheese, but because of the lack of such products used bread.

Evidence that lice help in treatment
disease, no. Information that the disease is when
using this method retreats is not quite correct. After all
It is known that jaundice in hepatitis is not a permanent symptom, it is
may occur only during exacerbation of liver inflammation. With
chronic hepatitis color of skin, sclera and mucous
becomes the same. cootie

In addition, during the war lice used to create a vaccine against sypy
typhus. It has been proven that parasites are carriers of typhoid, therefore
may be sources of a weakened pathogen.

What stage of hepatitis can be treated with lice

Based on the fact that each disease goes through several stages
development, it is possible to distinguish the main stages of hepatitis.

  1. Infection. The virus enters the human body
    through blood, physiological fluid or other means that
    depends on the type of hepatitis.
  2. Incubation period. Various strains
    diseases spread at different rates, depending on how
    type of pathogen, and from immunity, physical condition
  3. Acute hepatitis. During this period, expressed all
    symptoms of the disease. These include: pain in the area
    right hypochondrium, a violation of the gastrointestinal tract,
    jaundice. The latter may be mild, especially not noticeable
    on infected with dark skin.
  4. Cure It comes only with the right and
    timely treatment. If not, then the disease flows into
    chronic form.


Important! Self-medication can come naturally
only 5-15% of cases with a strong immune system.

Lice treatment is most effective during incubation.
period, but as a rule, at this stage the patient does not yet know about
presence of infection. Therefore, traditional healers recommend eating
“pill” of bread in the period of exacerbation of hepatitis.

Hepatitis treatment with lice – principle of action and methods

We will understand more about the impact and benefits of lice against
hepatitis A.

How are lice good for liver?

The principle of lice on the body is associated with
substances contained in insects. They are present
proteins, vitamins and trace elements. Folk healers pay particular
attention is on the composition of the parasites. But it should be understood that from
treatment of 3-4 individuals a person gets too small a dose of “active
substances. ” lice for the liver

Where and at what price you can buy a parasite

Lice are bred in special laboratories, in the sale of insects,
obtained in the laboratory is not found.

For the treatment of folk methods should look for insects.
on the heads of children from disadvantaged families. You can also
bargain for insects from gypsies. And the Internet is full of ads
selling parasites. Similar ads offer lice for the price of 500
rubles and above. Gypsies have a lower price tag, you can find lice for the price –
200-300 rubles per individual. cost

Why in nature need lice – their purpose

Due to the fact that they consist of useful elements, you can
argue that in the wild they contribute to the development
immunity in more complex representatives of the animal world.

Contraindications and warnings from doctors

Most doctors claim that treatment with lice can
provoke infection by dangerous pathogens that carry
lice. In addition to typhus, a person can become infected
Volyn fever, tularemia, relapsing fever. doctor

In addition, there is a suggestion that lice are
carriers of AIDS (acquired syndrome
immunodeficiency disorder). But it is worth noting that insects do not become infected from
therefore cannot transmit the virus when bitten.

Reasons to doubt the effectiveness of lice during treatment
Hepatitis a lot, but there are those who are confident that parasites help
get cured. Of course there are people who resort to
traditional medicine because of the high cost of medicines that
give effect from the use of at least 3 months.

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