Lice on the eyebrows and eyelashes – photos, how they look, how to treat and prevent

Parasites such as lice mainly affect the hairy part
human head. However, there are cases of their appearance on
eyebrows and eyelashes. It’s about ftiriaze – pretty nasty
a disease that is important to start treating as early as possible.
Lice on the eyebrows and eyelashes

Are there lice on the eyelashes

The content of the article:

  • Are there lice on the eyelashes
  • How lice look on eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Symptoms and causes
  • Can pubic lice be on the eyelashes
  • Lice and nits appeared on the extended eyelashes, what to do
  • How to get rid of lice on the eyelashes and eyebrows – methods
  • Prevention of pediculosis on eyelashes and eyebrows

Lice are divided into three types:

  • head; head
  • clothes; wardrobe
  • pubic pubic

Pubic louses appear on the eyebrows and eyelashes of a person. it
small brown parasites. Due to its small size
notice them quite difficult. In addition to eyelashes and eyebrows, they can
dwell in the armpits and on the hair in the genital area

ATTENTION! Pubic lice can not dwell on the head
person This is due to the fact that they are able to live only on
hard hairs with a triangular cross-section.

Parasites cling tightly to the skin and use human blood.
as food. They multiply extremely fast because
eggs are laid every day and the female can lay up to seven at a time

How lice look on eyelashes and eyebrows

Pubic lice are small brown insects. Their size
most often is 1-1.6 mm. In shape, they look like tiny
crabs Due to the small size and inconspicuous color notice
insects are extremely difficult. They become visible when
their large aggregation. lice on eyelashes and eyebrows

Also, the presence of lice on the eyelashes and eyebrows indicates the appearance
red sore dots – they are bite marks

Symptoms and causes

Getting on the human body, the louse is attached to the skin and feeds it
by blood. At the same time, the component provoking a strong
itchiness The latter becomes stronger at night, since at this time
parasites are particularly active. Also ftiriaz makes itself felt
following symptoms:

  • Swelling of the eyelids. In the morning a person can be
    difficult to open your eyes.
  • Gluing eyelashes. The cause is eggs
    parasites attached to hairs.
  • The appearance of pimples, inside of which is
    yellowish white liquid, similar to purulent secretions.
  • Darkening of the eyelids. Associated with larvae deposition
  • The little knots that can be seen when
    palpation of the affected area.

Eyelid swelling

IMPORTANT! If the patient has a tendency to
his eye allergies may increase significantly.

Another characteristic symptom of phthyriasis is spots that
remind not washed off cosmetics. If you can not wash them with water
This is an alarming sign. At the same time it may appear
small bloody spots on underwear in the groin area.

Damage of eyebrows and eyelashes with blood-sicking parasites occurs
rarely enough. For reasons that can provoke
infection include the following:

  • Contact with infected. Pubic lice quickly
    move through the body of a person. The most common reason
    infection – sexual contact.
  • You can become infected through a handshake.
  • With the appearance of pubic lice, the patient feels severe itching.
    When scratching the bites, the parasites may be under
    nails Later, when a person rubs his eyes, lice go on
    eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • It is possible to become infected using other people’s objects.
    hygiene: towels, bedding.
  • The risk of infection rises in public places.
    use: swimming pools, baths, beaches.


REFERENCE. Infection can occur even with
using common eye makeup, including probes in
the store.

Lice larvae live longer than adult parasites and can
remain viable for longer than 7 days. Therefore infection
perhaps even through washed but not ironed things. Nits can not
rinse with water in the usual way as they are securely attached to
hairs thanks to a sticky substance.

Can pubic lice be on the eyelashes

On the eyelashes and eyebrows of a person can only be
pubic louse The difference between these parasites is that they
settle on hard hairs with a triangular cross section (tears hair
head round). lice

It is quite difficult to spot insects. Are moving
they are few, mostly spending time in one place, fixing themselves
the base of the hair. Despite this, parasites multiply rapidly, with
every day increasing the population.

Lice and nits appeared on the extended eyelashes, what to do

Many believe that parasites do not appear on the extended eyelashes
can However, this situation occurs as the parasite
feeds on blood, getting it through the skin of the eyelid. Artificial
the material does not save from infection by parasites. Lice and nits on the extended eyelashes

If such an unpleasant situation has arisen, it is necessary
remove extended eyelashes, and then continue treatment
in standard ways.

How to get rid of lice on the eyelashes and eyebrows – methods

It is rather difficult to fight lice on eyelashes and eyebrows,
since parasites, feeding on blood, can carry an infection and
cause injury to the epithelium. As wounds grow,
increase the number of infected lesions, which provokes
conjunctivitis. If you suspect phthyriasis
consultation of the specialist who will appoint the appropriate option

The fastest treatment is eyelash cutting.
completely, but not everyone will decide on this.
This method is most often used for small children, since
their disease is the worst thing to treat.

Methods for the treatment of phthyriasis may be as follows:

  • Mechanical. Requires manual removal
    lice and nits. mechanical
  • Chemical. In this case, are used
    special means: ointments and creams. Must assign them
    doctor. Pedilin 2

When using only the mechanical method, the result will be
short as the parasites continue to multiply. For
chemical parasites are used to quickly eliminate parasites,
picked up by an ophthalmologist.

Apply to eyebrows and eyelashes need to be neat,
so they don’t get in your eyes. Before isoproportion
is diluted with warm boiled water.

The most popular remedies for lice are as follows:

  • Pedilin; Pedilin
  • Medfox; Medifox
  • Nittifor; Nittifor

Apply the formulations with a cotton swab along the growth line.
eyelashes. As a rule, they are left for half an hour, then
wash off with running water. In the process of flushing it is important to ensure that
so that the tool does not fall into the eyes. This is important because chemical
drugs are aggressive.

Permethrin is one of the most
potent drugs. To reduce risks
negative impact, it is in the same proportions
diluted with water. In the composition there is one active substance
therefore, in order to fix the result, a week later is held
re-treatment of the affected area. Permethrin

There are also combination medications that suggest
prolonged action of active substances. Their application is not
involves re-processing. Among such funds is allocated
Spray Pax aerosol.

In addition, to eliminate parasites, you can use
ointments such as mercury and sulfuric. Before applying them
need pretreatment of hairs with vaseline. Then
The drug is applied to the eyelid using a cotton swab. Frequency
carrying out the procedure – up to 5 times a day. The course is 1 month. AT
the treatment of phthyriasis does not apply funds, which includes
kerosene or vinegar – they are unsafe for the organs of vision. Mercury Sulfur Ointment

In order to accelerate recovery, it is recommended to process and
other areas of hair where there may be

Mechanical removal method involves combing
parasites using a special scallop. It’s pretty
long process. It should be performed several times a day on
14 days until adult parasites and eggs are removed

You can use tweezers. Pre brows
and eyelashes are lubricated with petroleum jelly, which will slow down the activity
parasites. After that, each parasite and larva carefully
are deleted. To better see them, you can use
magnifying glass. Better to manipulate you helped
Someone from close. tweezers

Removing parasites, you need to pay attention to
they themselves and their discharge did not get into the organs of vision, otherwise it
can provoke inflammatory processes.

In the process of treatment of phthyriasis, it is necessary to process
underwear and bed linen. It is an hour and a half
soaked in hot water, then washed with detergent when
high temperatures. After the laundry dries, it is important to thermally
process it with an iron from two sides. washing

Items of regular use must be processed.
antiseptic. Ironed bedding recommended
treat with parasitic larvae (aerosol

Prevention of pediculosis on eyelashes and eyebrows

You can not absolutely insure yourself from occurrence
blood-sucking parasites on the eyelashes and eyebrows. However, you can
reduce the risk of developing phthyriasis, given these recommendations:

  • First of all, it is important to adhere to all the rules.
    hygiene. Regular shower and washing is important. It will give
    the ability to quickly identify parasites and promptly
  • When visiting public places, be alert.
    After contact with strangers and use of common
    items, wash your hands and sanitize the parts of your body through which
    could get infected.
  • It is important not to use other people’s hygiene items.
    Try to avoid someone else’s cosmetics, towels, bedding.
  • Your laundry needs to be changed regularly, not only
    erasing it, but also stroking it.

hygiene rules

Phthyriasis is no reason to panic. Exists
a number of tools to help get rid of it as quickly as possible. But
It is important to start treatment as early as possible – this will help prevent
unpleasant consequences.

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