Linseed oil: when nature itself takes over caring for your hair

linseed oilWhat do not use
modern women to make their hair healthy and
beautiful But in the end most of us come to the conclusion
what are the most important principles in the care of natural decoration
are simplicity and naturalness. Both of these conditions are fully
meets flaxseed oil for hair – reviews that are huge
quantity can be found on women’s forums and in the respective
magazines confirm this.

What is the use of flaxseed oil

The use of flaxseed oil differs enviable latitude. This and
treatment and prevention of many diseases, and care product
skin and body, and, of course, invaluable help dry damaged
hair. The fact is that the product is rich in the most important
vitamins and trace elements. But the uniqueness of flaxseed oil
lies, first of all, in its high content
unsaturated fatty acids – no other analogue of the miraculous
means does not exceed it in this.

Linseed oil is the most natural product, and for
preserving its natural properties requires special conditions
storage. The bottle containing the oil should be dark
and keep it in the fridge. Besides, flaxseed oil is not
tolerates high temperatures and the more heat treatment.
Follow these simple rules – and the product will retain its wonderful
quality for a long time.

How flax oil saves hair

Linseed oil is an effective aid in itself.
damaged dry hair. It is enough to put it on the affected
tips or distribute over the entire length (but this is only the case
if your hair is not prone to fat) – and the striking effect is not
keep you waiting.

Flax oil hair masks are able to save hair from
many problems. Choosing a recipe, it is important to decide what
the result you want to achieve.

So, splitting hair will cure a mask made from one
cups of flaxseed oil and 100 grams of chopped burdock root. Both
component must be thoroughly mixed and the day to insist in
warm place. Then, while stirring continuously, boil the mixture in water.
bath for twenty minutes. After that, you need to filter
received product through cheesecloth. This mask is not too simple
making, but the effect of it is amazing. No wonder the recipe came
to us from time immemorial. This is how our great-grandmothers treated hair.

The following mask will quickly and effectively restore dry
loose hair A few spoons of flaxseed oil should be mixed with
a teaspoon of lemon juice – and a quick-release tool is ready!
It remains only to rub it into the scalp and distribute throughout
hair length a couple of hours before washing.

If your hair is dull and brittle, try the next one.
recipe. A tablespoon of flaxseed oil must be whipped together with
yolk and apply on head. Mask is recommended to keep on hair
not less than half an hour. All this time the head should be secure
wrapped in plastic and a warm towel.

Often the hair lacks density and volume. To speed them up
growth and eliminate these problems, do not be lazy to try to make
at home, a simple but very effective mask. One
a small onion must be grated or chopped in
blender. Then mix it with flaxseed in equal proportions.
oil and honey – the mask is ready for use. If you do not
stops onion smell, which, unfortunately, is difficult
to fight, the tool will quickly stop hair loss.

Visibly accelerated hair growth mask made from mixed in
equal shares of sunflower oil and alcohol. Instead of the last
however, as well you can use brandy or
vodka. Mask must be thoroughly rubbed into the scalp, and then
evenly distribute it over the entire length of the hair. Procedure time –
about half an hour during which the head should be warm
wrapped up.

The remedy obtained by
mixing in equal parts pepper tincture and linseed oil. but
the manufacture and application of such a mask requires compliance with some
precautions. So, do not allow the product to get on
mucous membranes. In addition, before applying the mask on
head, test for individual tolerance on a small
open skin area.

Flaxseed oil has a beneficial effect on the hair, not only outside
but also from the inside. If every day on an empty stomach drink one tablespoon
This wonderful product, the condition of the hair is significantly
will improve very soon.

About the benefits of flaxseed oil for hair can talk endlessly. But
Better than any words about his amazing effect will tell personal experience.
Nature itself offers us an amazing opportunity to become more beautiful.
and more perfect, so why not take advantage of it?

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