Lip scrub – the secret of a radiant smile

Many women, caring for the skin of the face, often deprived of attention
delicate skin of the lips. Wishing to preserve beauty and youth, we use
cosmetic preparations for the face, eyelids, neck, hands of the decollete area,
forgetting that lips also need care. Among the most
common and effective methods can be distinguished peeling for
lips This procedure does not require visiting expensive salons. She is quite
feasible at home, which means simple and affordable. About,
what you need to know for self-peeling lips,
further and will be discussed.


  • What is peeling lips
  • How to carry out the procedure at home
  • Simple recipes for home peels
  • Contraindications for the procedure

What is peeling lips

Today in cosmetology, along with facial peeling is widely known
lip peeling procedure. Its main feature is
the use of a gentle composition based on oils, vitamins (A
and E), antiseptic, natural extracts and soft
abrasives. Solids remove the surface layer of the lips,
whereas active substances soften it, eliminate flaking,
give elasticity. To cleanse and renew the dermis in this
facial areas are used as ready-made exfoliating agents, and
homemade peels.

Sugar peeling lips

There are no sebaceous glands on the skin of the lips, so they are subject to
environmental exposure the most.

A lip scrub is the perfect way to get rid of dryness and
peeling, remove dead skin particles and make the skin supple.
After peeling lips become soft, moist, get
coral tint due to improved blood circulation.

Lip peeling experts refer to the surface type of cleaning. is he
happens two types: chemical (more often in the form of finished preparations,
containing fruit acids in small concentrations) and
mechanical, involving the impact of non-aggressive
abrasive particles. Carry out the procedure usually once a week.

How to carry out the procedure at home

Peeling for lips at home will help to save money and time.
conditions. You can perform a simple procedure in conjunction with
cleansing the face or separately at any time of the year. For
Self-peeling lips can choose home
recipes from natural products or use already
ready-made cosmetics that can be purchased in
specialized stores. The main thing – to comply with exactly all
recommendations and procedures.

  • The peeling mixture must be prepared in advance (unless
    finished product).
  • Apply the composition should be on dry clean skin
  • When mechanical peeling to massage the lips should be light
    in circular motions for 3-5 minutes. And process
    not only the lips themselves, but the area around them. Most
    dead cells accumulate precisely in the corners of the mouth.
  • When exposed to the skin of the lips with acids or other active
    substances, peeling composition need to keep no more time
    specified in the instructions.
  • The remains of the mixture are washed with water at room temperature.
  • After the procedure, the skin should be applied moisturizing

Ingredients for peeling lips

Make a homemade lip scrub with your own hands
get literally a few minutes.

Beauticians, as a rule, are always advised after peeling.
hold on the lips for 10-15 minutes a mask to soften and nourish the tender
peel. Then apply a nourishing cream, balm or just cover
lips hygienic lipstick. The fact is that at first the new cells
skin is too susceptible to negative environmental factors
therefore, they need reliable protection.

Simple recipes for home peels

An abundance of modern skincare cosmetics is not
an obstacle to the widespread use of home cosmetics, which
still relevant safe, and sometimes more
effective than many finished products. Here are a few homemade
lip peeling recipes.

Sugar Peeling Lips

Being a natural abrasive and soft natural
exfoliating, sugar easily removes dead skin cells.
To renew the skin of the lips, a mixture is applied over several days.
made from olive oil and granulated sugar (in equal
proportions). After one minute, the product is removed from the lips with moist

Honey peeling lips

Due to its moisturizing properties, natural honey is often
is part of various cosmetics. Lip scrub is not
the exception and the recipe is simple: a teaspoon of honey is combined with two
tablespoons of sugar. The composition covers the skin of the lips and leave
for 20-30 minutes. Then remove all with a damp cloth or cotton.
the disk.

Peeling lips with a toothbrush

A thick layer of any moisturizer is applied to the lips, after
which, with the help of a toothbrush, produce light massage actions according to
circle. Cream and brush relieve dead skin cells, lips
become soft and get a beautiful scarlet color.

Peeling lips with baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate or soda mixed with water to the consistency
pasta. In circular motions, the composition is applied to the lips, thus
component can penetrate deeply. Keeping the mixture on the lips in
within 60 seconds, it is removed. Since soda does not possess
moisturizing effect, lips after peeling must be covered

Lemon peeling lips

In frosty or windy lips can crack, that
causes uncomfortable sensations and gives the lips an unsightly look.
The best recipe to eliminate this problem would be lemon juice.
One tablespoon of juice is mixed with the same amount.
castor oil and a few drops of glycerin. Drug
cover the skin of the lips and leave overnight. Morning lips rubbed
wet cotton pad or cloth. Lemon juice will relieve from
horny skin particles, and glycerin will deeply moisturize.

Contraindications for the procedure

Although the lip peeling procedure is the most gentle and harmless of
of all exfoliating procedures, even it may be contraindicated in
some cases. Peeling lips should not be carried out if in this
The face area has the following problems:

Contraindications to peeling lips

If suddenly you have severe damage to your lips,
there are cracks, nodules, inflammations or herpes, wait a little while with

  • deep painful cracks;
  • herpes virus;
  • skin damage and sores;
  • various inflammatory diseases.

Lip peeling, regardless of where the procedure is performed – at home
or in the cabin – certainly useful. It will refresh and rejuvenate the skin of the lips.
with regular and proper use. Numerous reviews
women about this method only positive. Those who have more than once
experienced the beneficial and effective effect of peeling,
recommend it as a basic lip care.

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