Lip tattoo: what you need to know

Modern cosmetology allows correcting deficiencies
appearance at the highest level. Among such procedures, one of them
The most popular and sought-after is permanent lip makeup.
The so-called “indelible cosmetics” helps to save
precious time, money and still stay
attractive regardless of the time of day and other


Lip tattoo adorns the face for several years, relieving
from the need to constantly tint lips. Lip tattoo is in
To some extent, a great alternative to plastic surgery,
since it is possible to correct the asymmetry of the lips, masking
scars or scars. This lip makeup allows you to visually enlarge
lips either make them thinner, increase the brightness, so that this
the face of a woman becomes more attractive.

Lip tattoo is an introduction under the upper layer of the epidermis.
natural dyes using the instrument, equipped with a fine needle.
Use of natural dyes without artificial
flavors, preservatives and other additives, reduces to zero
the likelihood of allergic reactions.


  • Types and methods of tattooing lips
  • How and where does the procedure go?
  • Lip Tattoo Care Tips
  • How long will permanent makeup last?

Types and methods of tattooing lips

Currently, permanent lip makeup is performed using
a variety of techniques.

Lip contour selection – this method is considered perhaps the most
simple It is used, as a rule, to correct the blurred
forms, (which often happens with age).

Highlighting the contour of lips with feathering – gives the effect of lipstick, making
the color of the lips is more “harmonious”, and the lips themselves are more

Lip tattoo 3D is one of the most complicated methods. This method does
lips are very bright. The procedure for tattooing lips 3D provides
combination of several shades of colors. As a result, this mix gives
lips volume, which is beyond the power of other types of tattoo. Such
permanent lip makeup fights flaws too, hiding
scars / scars.


“Bright Kayal” is a technique for lips that are perfect.
by form. The procedure is to draw a light line above the
contour, making the sponge more plump and

“Naturel”. The purpose of this technique is to add color saturation.
lips without contour correction.

The “watercolor” method is suitable for all women to use it.
There is no age limit. The result of watercolor tattoo – more
juicy lip color.

Permanent lipstick is the most common technique in
areas of modern tattoo. With her, the smile becomes bright and

How and where does the procedure go?

Lynerhist (master of permanent makeup) should listen, in
First of all, the wishes of the client regarding the form and the selected
lip color And then proceeds to a clear sequential action.
– sketching and drawing tattoo.

  1. Specialist with a pencil of the chosen color applies a sketch on the lips
    tattoo – outlines the contour and shading, filling with color to
    a certain extent.
  2. The wizard discusses the resulting option with the client, contributes
    corrections if required.
  3. Lerinhist first applies a disinfectant to the client’s lips.
    remedy, and then anesthetic cream. It should be noted that there are
    cases in which women with a high pain threshold
    courageously tolerate the procedure, dispensing with local
  4. Under the upper layer of the epidermis in place of the sketch using the apparatus
    with a fine needle, the master begins to inject pigment.
  5. At the end of the procedure, the workspace processes
    anti-inflammatory drugs.

Lip tattooing is a cosmetic procedure, but rather
traumatic for the skin, due to the violation of its integrity.
Therefore, mild bleeding during and after surgery
considered normal (especially when close
vessels to the surface).


It is an increased level of trauma is the main
the reason for the need to conduct the procedure in a specialized
cosmetologist’s office, in terms of sterility and minimal risk
infection. Therefore, no matter how attractive the price is.
the tattoo offered by the homeworkers doesn’t address them
worth it. After all, it is not only about your appearance, but also

Lip Tattoo Care Tips

Taking into account the specifics of this cosmetic procedure,
need to be afraid of the consequences that almost always occur after
tattoo and make some discomfort. Immediately after the procedure, the skin
lips and the area around them is very red, there is swelling
either irritation. The second day after applying permanent makeup
on the lips marked the formation of a crust, remove yourself
which is impossible. Otherwise, except for injury to the skin of the lips on them.
remain pale “undyed” spots.

After two or three days the crust will come off by itself. Master must in
Mandatory appoint antiseptic and wound healing
means for lip lubrication after tattooing for a certain
period of time.

Before and after the procedure within 7 days must be taken
antiviral drugs to prevent oral exacerbations
herpes Most often prescribed acyclovir tablets.

In the first days after applying permanent makeup is prohibited.
go to the solarium, bath, sauna, use cosmetics
for lips. The use of decorative cosmetics should be postponed until
full restoration of the skin of the lips.

Also, you have to give yourself up for a few days in kisses,
so as not to injure the lips and not experience painful sensations,
which remain for 5-7 days after the procedure.

The period of healing of the lips after tattooing lasts about 14 days.
The final color of the lips will appear only in a month.

How long will permanent makeup last?


It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally, since the service life
Lip tattoo depends on: age, pigment color, skin type and
influence of external factors.

So, in older people, tattooing keeps on the skin longer,
due to the fact that in their organisms metabolic processes occur

When choosing a pigment should take into account the fact that the resistance
light and delicate shades below.

On dry skin, permanent makeup will last significantly.
longer than skin prone to fat.

A person’s face is exposed daily to various external factors.
– sun, air, moisture, sunburn, decorative cosmetics – which is not
may not affect the condition and persistence of permanent
make up.

Therefore, everything is strictly individual. However, on average, tattoo
lips lasts about 3-5 years, then it will have to either update or
make a new one.

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