Long-forgotten remedy – retinoic ointment from acne

Retinoic acne ointment was once the first remedy
which was used against this problem. We all grieve when
We see another inflammation on the skin. What can we say about people for
which eels are a constant problem. Is this ointment really
can help? Are there any strict contraindications for use?


  • Mechanism of action and application
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Conclusion on this topic

Mechanism of action and application

Today, pharmacies and cosmetic stores offer a wide selection
remedies for acne. Retinoic ointment was considered the most effective.
drug against skin imperfections, but now for some reason about it
forgot. For many years it was used not only from acne, but also
in the fight against wrinkles. The composition of the ointment is the active substance.
isotretinoin, which has a whole range of therapeutic properties. Retinoids
gently act on the skin, clean its top layer, remove
inflammation, regulate the secretion of fat. The composition of the ointment also includes
Vitamin A, which is simply indispensable for the skin. That is why
Retinoic ointment is considered anti-aging.

Retinoic ointment

Self use is not recommended.
The drug should be prescribed only by a dermatologist with acne,
comedone in the initial stage of development. Biologically active
substances will not make the problem worse, normalize the process
skin cell work. After use, the secret of the skin
lard, resulting in a decrease in the number of acne, inflammation,
other eruptions. In addition, the regenerating properties are improved.
skin, it is easier and faster to update its layers. Ointment is prescribed for
following ailments:

  1. Rosacea.
  2. Dermatitis.
  3. Acne in severe form.
  4. Seborrhea.
  5. Comedones (acne, triggered by black dots).

The treatment is carried out as follows: on clean, dry skin.
It is necessary to apply retinoids for acne 2 times a day with a thin layer.
Treat only those areas where there are rashes.
The drug should not be applied to the skin around the eyes, on strong
pustular inflammations. For people with sensitive skin, ointment may
cause dryness. It is recommended to apply soothing to dry skin.
cream For the period of treatment you need to abandon the long stay
in the sun, visiting the solarium. UV rays will affect the skin,
pigment spots may appear. It is necessary to apply means from 4 to
12 days, depending on the severity of the problem. Dose
concentration, frequency of use prescribed by a dermatologist after
how to inspect the affected skin. It is possible that the doctor will advise
another remedy, since retinoic ointment is not allowed to everyone.

Contraindications and side effects

Despite its healing properties, retinoic ointment against
Acne is not permitted in all cases.

Application is contraindicated in the following:

  1. Pregnancy, lactation, birth planning.
  2. High sensitivity to ointment components.
  3. Chronic kidney disease.
  4. Diseases of the heart, pancreas.
  5. Liver failure.
  6. Excess Vitamin A.

The drug is also contraindicated in children, women who take
oral contraceptives.

After the first week of treatment with retinoic acne ointment
possible itching, scaling, new rashes and
redness. When these symptoms occur, you must stop
the use of this tool. With sensitivity to components
swelling may occur. In this case, treatment is also stopped.
Prolonged use of this ointment can lead to an excess of vitamin
A. Clinical symptoms: peeling lips, conjunctivitis. List
side effects are very large, which is why the dosage should
appoint a specialist.

Conclusion on this topic

The problem of acne is familiar to almost everyone. In pursuit of beauty
people are ready to go sometimes to radical methods. Ointment based
retinoids are well proven, however, they begin
it is absolutely impossible to be treated independently. Wrong
the application will not only not get rid of the problem, but also aggravate
the situation. Therefore, in order to forget about the word “acne”,
must appear dermatologist.

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