Long hair for stylish men!

men's hairstyles for long hairToday is not
It is considered a challenge to society men’s hairstyles for long hair. Everything
The fact is that long hair has ceased to be purely female
prerogative. However, men’s haircuts and hairstyles for long hair
require no less attention than women. That is why
men who want to be attractive and wear long
haircuts, always follow the fashion.

The first men’s hairstyles for long hair styled
of course, celebrities. Great rock musicians, and then actors with
time abandoned the classic styling options. So masculine
hairstyles for long hair firmly entered life. And today already
rarely anyone can shock or surprise the male hairstyle on
long hair.

Right choice

Not all men’s hairstyles for long hair look
harmonious and attractive. That is why you need to consider
Many factors when choosing a haircut. First of all costs
consider that long hairstyles look best on enough
thick and lush hair. So if your hair is not too thick
and too thin, you should not experiment in this direction
without additional strengthening and recovery strands. Otherwise
In case of such a male haircut will not look presentable and

The second thing that must be taken into account is the facial features. If a
the face is rather wide, men’s hairstyles for long
hair will suit you very much, as visually long curls
“pull out” and somewhat “narrow” the face. As a result, you will
look slimmer. Also long hairstyles and haircuts help
make too large and sharp male facial features more

The third thing that determines the choice of the haircut itself is
the structure that your hair possesses. For example, if the hair
tough and naughty, haircut is best suited to the cascade or with
meticulous. If the hair is softer and supple
character, then simple hairstyles of a simple form will be
look quite elegant.

Basic styles

Men’s haircut can be made in different styles, even if
we are talking about long curls. The first style is “classic”. AT
In this case, the length of the entire head is the same, there is an even
side parting. Strands should be smooth, not curly. With
When styling, you can use gel or mousse to
comb back and fix the curls.

Another option is the military style. To create it use
some chaotic effect. For example, in this case linearity
curls goes well with a bit of negligence, which
specially achieved by stacking.

And the most rebellious option is “grunge.” Men’s hairstyles
made in this style, look disheveled. Strands often
stick out in different directions. Ignorant from the side it may seem
that a person simply does not take care of himself, although in reality such
the image is often the result of a well-thought-out and well-executed
work. Similar men’s hairstyles are great for people.
creative, as it vividly expresses their individuality.

Styling options

how to pack long hairThe easiest way to lay strands
– this is to leave them loose. Such men’s hairstyles deserve
its popularity is for simplicity and convenience. One important detail
– Curls must be clean and well maintained.

The second possible option is to braid the tail. With a tail love
walk artists, singers, athletes (in particular, football players). it
quite comfortable, and the installation itself is simple in execution.

Spit is a somewhat more complicated type of installation, but it saves
men who need to focus and not be distracted
the process of its activities (eg, sports), as well as
look quite neat and presentable (for example, in the office
at the meeting).

And the last styling method is dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are usually plaited
specially trained masters, and choose this option as
typically, representatives of special subcultures. Dreadlocks difficult enough
to maintain it in its original form, and caring for them is a very
laborious process. One way or another, dreadlocks take advantage of certain
in demand, usually among young people.

Summarizing, we can say that a man must choose for
yourself style, based on your own image. On this is definitely
not only external data, but also personal character traits. The most
the main thing is that the image is harmonious and individual.

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