Long-term curling hair – easy way forget about styling for a long time

Long-term stylingBy
In the morning, a woman always faces the problem of hair styling. AT
In principle, it’s not possible to stack them every morning, but only
fasten with a hoop or collect in the tail. However, this option is not
always the most suitable, especially if a woman is in business
or working in the office. In this case, no morning is complete.
monotonous styling curls. Long-term laying on large
curlers will help get rid of this problem.

Those who at least once in their life did a perm, the term
“long-term hair styling” will be easier to understand. It is almost one and
the same, but several differences still exist, namely:

  • the use of more gentle means for long-term laying,
    not causing particular damage to the hair structure;
  • lasts longer than conventional chemistry;
  • hair will be softer, more voluminous and more obedient, which will allow to do
    any hairstyles

Long-term styling on medium hair is recommended (10-25
centimeters). The color of your strands is also important, since
it is not advisable to do it on painted or bleached curls,
because it is likely that the hair and become paler.
Owners of fragile and thin hair should be very
neat, because such a procedure can only make it worse and
aggravate the situation with the state of hair.

Long-term perm hair is categorized
experimental procedures because of their complete individuality, reviews
about it you can see the most different. So learn nothing until
do not try it on yourself. Some are satisfied, because
styling lasts about six months, curls are voluminous and beautiful, more
obedient. Others suffer from growing hair, cutting off
The resulting “shovel” on the head, tormented by his ridiculous idea yet
more. If you still went to this experiment, we recommend
carefully choose a salon and a hairdresser who will undertake to do
you such a styling.

Carving as a method of long-term chemical hair styling

During carving, the hair is permed (to
some time they did not have to lay), but the composition at the same time
more gentle. This makes it possible to keep the curls better, do
their obedient, soft, and also greatly facilitate the process
styling. Thanks to carving, the appearance of the hairstyle is improved.

Carving significantly less “chemistry” destroys hair, so its
can be repeated after 2-3 months. The procedure will take about one and a half
hours The master applies a specific composition for a certain time.
strands wound on curlers, then washes and dries
hairstyle The result is a mop of curled locks, and depending
from the texture, the wave may be different, it will persist to
the moment you wet your hair.

How to style your hair after carving?

In order to leave the perm after washing the head, you need
use a special conditioner and shampoo (for
textured hair), then dry the strands naturally
in a way. If on the contrary there is a desire to straighten them, enough dry
with a slight tension, which will create the effect of straightening hair dryer.
You can optionally give your hair a “wet effect” by inflicting on it
a small amount of special mousse or gel, slightly crushed
curls when wet and letting them dry after that. Via
carving it is possible to model a variety of styling and hairstyles, to
the same and uncomplicated hair care. You just need to use
styling products and follow the rules to
whom you are used to.

But after carving there will be much more opportunities.
the formation of different hairstyles. For example, “cool” and resistant perm
Curls can be given using foam, and make any waves –
spray On the hair carving lasts about a month, but it can
longer. It all depends on the structure of the strands. Long-term styling
her hair is more amenable to hard curls, on them, by the way, she and
lasts longer. Recommended such a curl oily hair, because
which has a drying effect and will affect
hair as a remedy. Do not dye your hair before
haircuts and carving, it is better to do it after. As for color,
it is better to change it not earlier than 4 days after the processing of the strands
chemical composition, it is desirable to use dyes, not
containing ammonia.

Long-term styling for long hair at home

For women leading an active lifestyle, she literally
“Lifebuoy”. Mad rhythm of everyday life does not always give
opportunity to pay due attention to hair. Sometimes it does not even save
entry to the stylist, and few people can visit the salon every day
beauty. But despite this, elegant hairstyle, curly strong
curls and neat strand lines are a matter of admiration to this day.
In addition, it is possible to make a beautiful hairstyle own
handles at home.

Frequently, daily modeling takes a lot of time.
hairstyles In this case, long-term laying on large curlers –
great alternative. To do it, you need to curls
twisted on curlers, evenly distribute special
chemical composition. The size of the curlers depends on what size
curls you want. It is necessary to wind according to a certain pattern, in
according to which wave direction is required.

This procedure allows you to successfully make a lot of different
hairstyles – from small curls and volume at the roots to large
flowing curls. Home long-term perm hair done
quite simple, the main thing is to choose the size of the curler for the desired
hairstyles and have on hand a brand carving tool.
Be sure to follow the instructions for the composition.

It’s no secret that the frequent use of curlers,
use of styling products, tongs and conditioners
hair effect is negative. Long-term styling gives
opportunity to forget about them for a long time, while not only having achieved
the desired result, but also maintaining the health of the hair.

What else is good carving?

In case the hairstyle gets tired, there is always the possibility
align strands. To do this, just wet them and dry
hair dryer or brush. Within 1-2 months curls will gradually
straighten out This is also a plus, because if you are no longer
I want to walk with curls, a clear boundary between curled and regrown
strands you will not see.

In what cases you should not do carving?

If your hair is thick and heavy, it is likely to be long
will not last, and you just throw money away. Also
carving is undesirable for curls that were previously damaged as a result
staining or “chemistry”. Then it is worth to wait a little to complete
hair restoration. Various treatments and restorations
masks will only accelerate the healing process.

In conclusion, we note that more free time appears
with long-term hair curling, and the haircut at the same time always
remains flawless. But everything has its pros and cons. how
as mentioned earlier, harm to hair is done anyway. therefore
it’s up to you to decide – either daily torment and lay
naughty curls, or make a carving and at least a month
forget about it.

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