Long-term hair styling – the pros and cons, photo BEFORE and AFTER for short, medium and long hair

Morning styling is a tedious and time consuming process, and
sometimes useless at all. One has only to leave the house in bad weather,
so all the work immediately negates the wind, rain or sticky

Is there a way to relieve the morning rituals of beauty and
save some precious time on a fragrant cup of coffee?
The answer is simple – yes! If you use long-term

What is long-term styling?

The content of the article:

  • What is long-term styling?
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Kinds
  • What does the hair look like after long-term styling, photos before and
  • How, what and how much time is long-term
  • How to make at home?
  • TOP 3 best long-term styling products
  • How to care?
  • How to choose a beauty salon?
  • Reviews
  • Similar procedures
  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion

Long-term styling – a universal method of creating hair
with the help of a sparing chemical composition. She practically does not harm
the structure of the hair rods, so that it can be repeated once
in a few months, without fear that they will become weaker and

Even the shortest can be permanently laid
strands from 5 cm. Moreover, the shorter the hair, the longer it is
keeps laying As for long hair from 25 cm and more,
then the effect will, of course, be more noticeable, but will be held at two
times less.

Indications and contraindications

For whom the procedure is recommended, and to whom it is extremely
contraindicated, further in our material:


This procedure will be a real salvation for you if your

  • lack of volume and look inconspicuous;
  • quickly lose their shape after laying;
  • push away from moisture;
  • electrify when combing.


Before you go to the salon for the procedure, be sure to
Read the list of contraindications. It includes:

  • diseases of hair and skin;
  • open wounds, abrasions, bruises and other injuries on
  • weakened hair follicles and fragile rods after illness
    or childbirth;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Note! Some
varieties of long-term styling can exacerbate the cross section and
crease length, so before you go to the procedure –
shear off all split ends.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any beauty procedure has its advantages and disadvantages. Not
It’s worth relying solely on reviews from the Internet, whatever
laudatory or negative they were not. Do not rule out that
of the fact that each young lady has her own hair type and what caused delight in
one may radically disappoint the other.

The list of advantages of the technique includes:

  • Gentle effect – the curls do not lose their
    natural softness and shine.
  • Elimination of fat content at the roots – due to the lung
    drying effect hair look clean longer than
  • Realistic and natural look – curls
    straighten out gradually so a soft transition is formed
    from regrown roots to length.
  • Saving time in the morning styling – more
    There is no need to suffer with a hair dryer, curling iron and tongs.

But at the same time, the long-term styling can be distinguished
a number of disadvantages:

  • It straightens quickly on long hair.
  • Incompatible with highlighting or coloring, if done
    less than 2 weeks before curling.
  • Before you touch up the hair will have to wait a few
  • May aggravate dry and brittle hair.


There are several types of long-term styling:


Carving is a perm which is carried out with the help of gentle
chemical compositions based on fruit acids. Compared with
classical chemistry, which was at the peak of popularity in the 80s,
carving more gently affects the hair structure without destroying
natural lipid layer.

The effect of carving lasts about three months, but after that
The procedure time can be repeated.


Biowave is a safe way to give your curls
wavy structure for a long time. Biowave products by more than
50% consist of natural components of plant origin.
During the procedure, the hair is not only transformed, but also treated.
The girls who made the biowave say that the section disappears
in length, the hair softens and ceases to electrify. Worth
this waving is quite expensive, but the effect lasts a long time – from 3 to
6 months.

Gentle chemistry

It is also called the “Japanese” or “silk” perm.
There are two types – acidic and neutral. Acid suitable for
curling thin and soft hair, you can use neutral
for all types of hair.

Reference! The procedure for gentle curling
its algorithm is no different from the classical one. The only thing
the difference lies in the composition used – it is softer and not
drains hair.

On short hair

When doing styling on short hair, it is very important to consider:

  • structure of curls;
  • face type;
  • haircut.

Large wrapping is definitely not suitable for short strands, so
just not enough length. Small curls remain and
radical waving. The first way is perfect for girls with
narrow-faced, or too coarse features. The second one will decide
the problem of lack of volume, but without curling length. For styling
short hairs are used small bobbins and hair curlers.

On medium hair

Medium hair is the ideal length for long-term styling.
You can use all kinds of curlers and methods of twisting –
the result will be persistent and noticeable.

  • To create large and romantic curlicues – use
    large and spiral curlers.
  • For crazy volume in the style of afro – small bobbins.
  • For a natural and gentle look, wind the hair ends on
    curlers average size.

Whatever you choose – the result will please you for a long time, and
curls will be straightened gradually and naturally.

Long hair

On long hair, long-lasting styling looks spectacular, but
keep quite a bit. Also, if the entire length curls,
curls suffer from dehydration and degreasing because
the body’s natural reserves are simply not enough to
recreate a natural protective film on the hair after

Optimal options two – perm perm and local on
tips. To create it, a master can use curlers of various kinds.
size to get the effect of natural curls.

On a hairstyle with a bang

Bangs can be both curled and left, depending on its type
and lengths. Straight and thick bangs that go from the top is better to leave
untouched. The result is a very romantic and cute.
an image that will be appropriate to complement the rim or bandage.

If the bang was part of a grown-up square, then it can be curled –
soft curls will very harmoniously frame your face, giving it

Large curls

Large curls look very impressive, but it is worth understanding that
the larger the size of the spiral, the faster they will straighten under
own weight, leaving the effect of light wave on the hair. For their
Creations are used large curlers and papilotki.

Small curls

This perm is ideal for owners of short haircuts.
with hair lacking natural volume. For curling small
curls are used small bobbins and spiral curlers.

Important! The longer the hair with small curls, the more
the head will look like a ball.

What does the hair look like after long-term styling, photos before and

After the procedure, the hair for a long time will look like
You have just returned from a beauty salon. The hairs will be obedient
to lie in the form given by the master, striking everyone with its volume and

How, what and how much time is long-term

During the procedure of permanent styling is used:

  • styling kit;
  • disposable gloves;
  • peignoir.

The very same long-term styling is done in several

  1. Training. Curls carefully comb and
    washed with shampoo for deep cleaning.
    After that, they are dried and, for convenience, are divided into sectors using
  2. Laying. Hair curled on a curler or
    the bobbins of a chosen size are then coated with a compound for
  3. Exposure. In order for the chemical composition
    fixed the hair in the desired position, it must be kept from 15 to 45
  4. Wash. After the strands curl, master
    flushes the tool without removing the hair curlers from the client’s head.
  5. The application of the lock – at this stage occurs
    consolidation of the achieved result. Time required for
    exposure depends on the brand and type of chemical composition.
  6. Re-wash and styling. The hairdresser
    repeatedly washes the client’s head, in order to wash off the retainer, after
    which gently unwinds the hair curlers and dries the hair with a hair dryer on
    cold air.

On average, the long-term styling procedure takes from 1.5 to 4
hours, depending on the chosen type of installation, thickness and length

How much is held and how often you need to do

The average period of preservation of long laying – 2-3 months. Than
shorter and softer hair and less curls, the longer they delight their

The procedure can be repeated as the root zone grows –
once in 3-6 months, but experts recommend an intensive
course of moistening and restoration between laying.

How to make at home?

Considering that all tools and instruments can be found in
free access, permanent styling can be done at home
conditions. However, it is only worth doing if
know how to work with your own hair. Please note that home
permanent styling takes much more time than
salon To succeed, stick to the following.

  • Carefully study the manufacturer’s induction and rigorously
    stick to it.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo for deep cleaning – simple
    shampoo will not work.
  • Control the thickness and degree of each strand wound.
  • For convenience, apply the chemical composition with a sponge – so
    you will process the strands more evenly.

TOP 3 best long-term styling products

Your attention the most popular and effective means:


You can find two products for this brand for long-term

  1. Form N / R lotion for normal and hard hair
    – gives the curls extra softness and elasticity. Not
    glues and does not weigh down.
  2. Form Lotion C for stained
    hair – gently curls the hair, giving it
    extra shine and volume after dyeing. Not suitable for
    heavily drained, discolored and streaked strands.

Both products contain active biatin and Lift-up formula,
so that the hair is not only curled, but also strengthened.
The effect of fresh styling persists for two months.


In the long-term styling product line there are 3 sets per

  1. for normal hair;
  2. for the weak;
  3. for hard and hard to curl.

The Concept kits are the perfect solution for those who want to
get light and natural curls. The composition includes cationic
polymers, allantoin and keratin, which are attached to the strands
extra shine, softness and smoothness.

The effect of laying will last from 6 to 10 weeks depending on
The original state of the hair.


The Estel “Niagara” set is a new generation biopermanent with
sparingly alkaline composition. In addition, the complex is enriched
provitamin B5, which has a positive effect on
the structure of the rod, making it denser.

The kit includes the following products:

  • biopermanent;
  • retainer;
  • disposable gloves;
  • instruction.

Sets from Estelle have a very affordable price and are different.
lasting effect from 3 to 6 months.

How to care?

The effect of long-term styling will delight you longer if
You will adhere to the following rules of care:

  • The first 3-5 days after the procedure, refrain from washing
    heads. During this period the composition is still fixed on
  • Do not wash your hair too often. It destroys
    curls structure. If your roots are very fat, get one
    dry shampoo
  • Use cosmetics designed for
    hair care after perm. If those in
    The sale could not be found – choose a mask and balms marked
    “for dry and brittle” or “for curly and curly.”

How to style your hair after the procedure?

Ways to pack hair after long-term styling is pretty
lot. The plus is that you only need to take care of the shape and
texture, as the volume and curls already have.

If you have a short haircut or bob dry
hair using a diffuser and typing a little wax for styling in
palms, remember curls in your hands. So your hair will be more
textured. Bangs can be straightened with an iron or put together with
the rest of the hair mass.

If the hair is shoulder length and lower, then the options
Hairstyle is incredibly much. You can use the gel and
create the effect of “wet hair”, make curls pronounced when
wax aid, collect high tail or beam.

Important! Do not abuse styling tools!
Flushing, they destroy permanent styling.

How to choose a beauty salon?

Long-term styling is therefore called that you walk
with her for quite some time. Therefore it is very important to secure yourself
good result. You can do this by contacting
professional hairdresser. Choosing a beauty salon, pay
focus on the following points:

  • Service staff. Very important
    observe how staff communicates with potential
    by customers. Call the salon and ask the receptionist about the desired
    procedure. Ask about the drugs used and prices.
    services. If they talk to you extremely reluctantly or impolitely –
    hang up the phone and search for another salon.
  • Site or group in social networks. More often
    just on the site you can find the current price, names and profiles
    working professionals, a gallery of works, and most importantly, reviews
  • Sale of cosmetics. The presence in the store with
    professional makeup is a significant plus. It means that
    if you like the procedure, you can buy a set of tools and
    repeat it at home by yourself.

Price of the procedure

Prices for long-term styling vary greatly depending on
the region of the country, the salon, the technique used, and the length and
thick hair of the client. The average price tag ranges from 2 thousand to 10
thousand rubles.

Your attention to the price of laying in Moscow, the source zoon.ru:


Reviews about the procedure with popular
resources | woman.ru, otzovik.com

Similar procedures

If you are in search of something like a long-term
laying, then pay attention to the following types of curling:

  • chemical;
  • electric winding;
  • acidic;
  • lipid-protein;
  • amino acid.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is different from biowave? –
The biowave is one of types of long-term laying.
Among others, it stands out for its gentle composition, based on
components of natural origin. This explains the high price of
service or set of tools for self-treatment.

What is different from perm?
– Means for classic perm are very aggressive.
and in most cases strongly destroy the natural structure
hair. After the classic perm hair to pass
very long to restore or cut.

What is the best long-term styling or
carving? – carving treat class
long-term chemical perms. It is not so bad for hair,
as classical chemistry, but not as useful as biological
waving. It is ideal for those cases when on the hair
need to create an effect of natural and curly by nature

Can I do the procedure during pregnancy?
– Young mom can be understood in an effort to make
long-term styling. It can save time
sorely lacking due to the care of the baby. But unfortunately,
pregnancy and lactation are contraindications to
carrying out the procedure. This is because in the first 12 weeks
all vital organs and any chemical
impact may negatively affect this process. Allowed
some types of biowave, but only after coordination with the treating
a doctor.

A short video about what is long-term styling and whether
do it.


A beautiful hairstyle is a sure way to add confidence
yourself and get a lot of compliments from others. So why not
extend this pleasure with long-term styling?

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