Long-term perm: fashion ideas for hair middle length

Photo long-term styling on medium hair, large curlsLong
time in fashion were perfectly straight, shiny hair.

However, curls do not give up their positions and triumphantly returned
on the podium.

Large curls or small curls, elegant waves or fence
spirals – the choice depends on the hair texture and preferences

In response to consumer requests, salons offer a variety of
options for long-term perm, gently related to the hair.
To maintain a great result will help the right home care and
timely correction of hair.

  • 1 Modern long-term styling: the pros and cons
  • 2 Waving options
    • 2.1 Carving
    • 2.2 Biowave
    • 2.3 Gentle Chemistry
  • 3 For which hair is suitable long-term curling
  • 4 Laying at home
  • 5 Hair Care

Modern long-term styling: the pros and cons

Owners of straight hair, dreaming about curls, often
refuse long-term curling in favor of home laying on
curling hair or curlers. Many in the memory are fresh aggressive compositions for
classic “chemistry” that turns shiny strands into a shock of dry

However, hairdressing has stepped far forward today.
salons are ready to offer much more sparing options
preserving the beauty, shine and healthy appearance of hair.

Photo 356The advantages of long-term

  • variety of options allowing you to choose a perm for
    specific hair type;
  • sparing compounds that do not spoil the texture of the hair;
  • some techniques are able to repair strands damaged
    when painting, discoloration, improper installation;
  • the result is stored for several months;
  • curls look natural and do not require complicated styling;
  • there is no need for intervals between curls;
  • With styling tools, styling can be changed to
  • soft compositions remove the increased fat content of the hair.

Despite the many advantages, beautiful photos in magazines,
long-term styling has drawbacks

  • Curling is harmful to over dried or recently discolored
  • you will often have to cut split ends;
  • after the procedure, the hair needs particularly careful care;
  • inexperienced master using low-quality drugs,
    can hopelessly ruin the hair;
  • gentle formulations keep the curl not as long as more
    strong funds;
  • owners of thick, perfectly straight hair, can
    be disappointed in the result, for them the perm will be too

Waving options

Salons offer different options for long-term styling. Selection
better to do with the master. The specialist will appreciate the type, length and
condition of hair, after which it will advise the option that fits
specific client.


A very popular type of curling. Perfect for
hair of medium length, curl on them will hold to the maximum
a long period. Hair styling is done on special
hair curlers (as pictured), then applied to the hair
fixing composition, which is aged 10-20 minutes.
The final stage – washing the composition and application of nutrient

Photo 357 The appearance of the hair depends on the size of the carvers.
The thinner they are, the smaller the curl will turn out. Long term
Medium hair styling is performed using ordinary bobbins.
or vertical curlers, and local twisting is possible
individual strands.

Council The curl should be done in a good salon,
proven wizard. The more options offered by the hairdresser,
all the better.


Laying with extra soft products
which included up to 60% of natural ingredients. Main
active ingredient – cysteamine, improves the structure of curls.

The bio-composition has a beneficial effect on the hair shafts, but after
its use of a long hair produces an unpleasant smell for a long time,
resembling the scent of wet wool. It will disappear when cysteamine
completely washed out of curls, which may take a few

Photo 358Waving looks very natural (see photo)
suitable for all types of haircuts: square, steps,
cascades or bean.

If desired, curls can be straightened with forceps, turning into
beautiful waves or large hollywood curls.

Salons offer different types of styling, differing

For example, the mix for Japanese biowave includes a complex
proteins that help create smooth curls on too hard and
thick hair. For the correction of perm or work in
bleached strands will suit composition with silk proteins,
creating soft, absolutely natural curls. With the right
performance of the biowave keeps from 4 to 6 months.

In this video, the woman’s hairstyle is radically transformed when
biowave care, look!

Gentle chemistry

For hair, poorly tolerant acid perm, suitable compositions
based on alkali. The preparation includes theoglycol and ammonia,
however, it acts more gently on the curls and scalp. Photo 359

In an alkaline medium, the active ingredients penetrate faster.
rods, providing shiny, natural curls.

For work it is better to use nutrient-enriched formulations.
substances and vitamin complexes.

The technology is suitable for thin, damaged hair, but
on too thick, thick and tough the result can
prove not too successful.

Because of its softness, the composition is quickly washed away, the effect is kept
2-3 months.

Much More Neutral Fans
waving. The drug contains cysteamine and
cocamidopropyl betaine. Active ingredients penetrate evenly into
hair shaft, curl turns cool and strong. Effect of
the procedure is maintained until six months, in the process of wearing the curls
gradually become smoother, but not completely
straighten up.

Council You should not do the perm during the illness,
the result may be unpredictable.

For which hair is suitable long-term curling

Some women complain that gentle chemistry is not suitable for them.
This means only one thing – they simply did not find a master who could
pick the right technology. In the variety of long-term styling
You can find ideas for any length, type and condition of the hair.

  • For hard and heavy strands, Japanese biowave or
    acid technology with the use of large curlers.
  • Thin, fragile and brittle strands restore silk
  • Fatty strands will arrange carving.

Laying at home

Cool curls, large curls or elegant spirals – beautiful
base for any hairstyles. Wavy hair is easy to style,
excessive accuracy is not required. Much more important to pick up
Sparing styling products and fashion accessories that can quickly
transform hairstyle.

For everyday wear, you can gather curls in a low tail or
lush beam at the back of the head. Soft curls can be smoothed ironing
turning them into beautiful large curls. But most often hair
medium lengths remain loose and the image is created using
moisturizing spray and hairdressing clips, for example, spectacular
Retro waves in the spirit of early Hollywood, as pictured:

Photo 360

Hair care

After curling hair require particularly careful care. Important
keep curls as long as possible, make them beautiful, smooth,
obedient in styling.

Shampoo, conditioner and mousse for styling is better to buy in the store
for professional hairdressers. There is a large selection
stamps intended for different types of curling. Desirable
choose drugs without aggressive additives with a minimum of perfumes and

Photo 361 You can wash your hair no earlier than after 2 days.
after curling. In the process with curls are treated extremely
carefully, they should not be confused, to pull. Rub and twist.

After rinsing strands gently blot with terry
a towel. You need to use a hair dryer as little as possible, this rule
also concerns other devices: ploek, nippers, irons. Hair must
dry naturally, it helps to keep the structure

Photo 362Combs made of bone, horn, or

Metal and plastic combs spoil curls and cause
exfoliation of hair shafts.

Important. You can dye your hair in 5 days
after curling.

Mousses will help to style your hair. Varnishes and gels without content
alcohol. Suitable drugs with volatile silicones, preserving
hair texture. In the summer it is recommended to replace all the care products.
for formulations with high SPF index protecting strands from aggressive
UV exposure.

1-2 times a week it is useful to make masks with aloe juice, eggs
yolks, yogurt, natural vegetable oils and other
useful components. See information about other home
Masks that help restore hair after curling:

  • Super moisturizing hair mask at home;
  • Five super-masks for the beauty of black bread hair;
  • 10 proven recipes: masks for split ends.

Long-term perm – easy and safe way to get
beautiful curls without daily torment with curling iron and curlers. To
hairstyle did not disappoint, it is important to choose the right way of styling and
learn how to care for hair with the use of special tools.
By following these simple rules, you can do the perm a few times.
a year, without worrying about the health of curls.

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