LPG vacuum massage: the essence procedures?

Modern cosmetology offers a huge amount of
injection and hardware techniques that promote skin rejuvenation
faces. Among such innovative techniques, a special place
LPG massage. Let’s take a closer look at this method and find out
what is the essence of the procedure.


  • There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped
  • How to do an LPG massage?
  • Phased LPG Massage
  • What can be expected from the procedure?
  • Indications for the procedure
  • Contraindications to the procedure
  • Benefits of the procedure

There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped

This procedure originated from an accident.
which happened to a French engineer named Louis-Paul Gitey. how
you guessed it, the abbreviation LPG is the initials of it
name, which served as the name of the hardware massage.

Louis Paul Gitey got into a car accident, which for a long time
chained him to bed. In order to quickly return to
normal life, he needed to perform daily
exercise and massage. For early rehabilitation, the French engineer
I decided to automate the process, and as a result I invented an apparatus on
vacuum chamber and two rollers, which is now actively
used in cosmetology to eliminate age defects


When an engineer showed his doctor
innovative device, he was delighted with the dramatic improvement
skin condition. Since the side effect of vacuum massage has become
the effect of reducing the subcutaneous fat layer. Massage was intended
for smoothing scars, scars, and hence wrinkles.
The French engineer just wanted to improve the quality of the massage, and
produced know-how in cosmetology. The effectiveness of this
massage is so high that it was adopted by cosmetologists
all over the world. This procedure has other names. Often
in salons it is carried out under the name kosmehanika,
liftmassage, endermological lipomassage or endermolift.

How to do an LPG massage?

As mentioned above, massage is performed using
special apparatus that is equipped with special nozzles as
for face and body. During the feeding procedure
vacuum captures and massages certain parts of the body. Each of
nozzles are designed strictly for specific effects on
organism, so they are not interchangeable. For example,
the nozzle is assembled in such a way that the vacuum draws into her
cavity defined area of ​​the skin along with subcutaneous – adipose

Vacuum grab fabric has a strict frequency of 5 to 15 times per
give me a sec. The hardware procedure must be carried out by a competent
Specialist who knows how to properly handle the device.
The number of recommended procedures is determined by a cosmetologist or
experienced physiotherapist. Most often the full course includes from 10
up to 20 sessions, twice a week. The duration of the procedure depends on
which part of the face or body needs to be processed, but on average
The procedure lasts about half an hour. The effect of the full course of procedures
lasts six months. Within six months it is necessary to spend 1 time in
month maintenance prophylactic massages for
pinning effect.

You should know that after the 6th session there is a period that
It scares the patients very much; The fact,
that by this time the skin completely loses moisture, and it starts
sagging folds that represents a very unsightly
spectacle. However, literally one session begins.
regenerative processes in the skin that return shine to it

However, there are big contradictions that come from
patients who have experienced the procedure. Most patients
immediately see the result and wish to continue the procedures, and their
opponents consider hardware LPG massage a waste of time and
of money. Why such a disagreement in opinions?

And the thing is that every medical or
physiotherapy procedure causes in the body
human individual specific response. That is, each
the body is unique and each reacts differently to any manipulations
from the outside. In some, the result is visible immediately, while in others it
will happen only after a full course of procedures. For this reason not
it is worth panicking ahead of time
the end.


Phased LPG Massage

This procedure has several stages:

  1. First of all, the skin of the face is cleaned if the procedure is carried out on
    face: remove makeup, dust and dirt, wipe the skin with a special
    antibacterial lotion. The procedure must be carried out on
    clean skin.
  2. Before the procedure, the patient should drink 2 glasses of clean
  3. Sometimes they use special cosmetics that
    enhance the effect of massage. In this case, the priority is
    the opinion of a cosmetologist, only he decides how to implement
  4. The apparatus is prepared for operation, a specialist
    determines the required program, nozzle selection and intensity
  5. The patient is placed on the beauty bed face up,
    the head should be slightly raised, then treated each
    zone alternately.
  6. After the procedure, the face is wiped with a special tonic, which
    soothes and cools the skin and then applies a moisturizer.
    Subsequent hours are not recommended to apply cosmetics. Skin should
    recover and “come back” to normal.
  7. Body massage takes more time as it is processed
    larger skin area. When conducting anti-cellulite massage
    the patient puts on a special suit that contributes
    hygiene and also protects the device from premature
    wear and tear.

What can be expected from the procedure?

Apparatus LPG massage complexly affects all layers of the skin.
Moreover, this impact is carried out at different levels
allows you to activate the cells of all layers of the skin. As a result
skin tightening occurs, its elasticity increases,
soft tissue lift. This massage apparatus is capable of
stimulate fibroblasts that begin to produce enhanced
collagen and elastin.

During this cosmetic procedure there is a deep
skin stimulation that improves the following

  • there is an acceleration of cell regeneration;
  • there is an improvement of metabolic processes in tissues, tissue and muscle
    remember the setting that the massage gives and starts
    recovery processes faster;
  • microblood circulation improves;
  • fibroblasts are activated, which trigger the synthesis
    collagen and elastin;
  • mechanical damage to fat cells occurs; what
    helps to reduce the subcutaneous fat;
  • lipolysis process starts
    (The metabolic process of splitting fats into their fatty
    acids under the action of lipase).
  • the manifestation of gravitational aging decreases;
  • decreases the number of mimic wrinkles;
  • there is a face oval lift;
  • improves turgor and skin texture;
  • swelling of the face is eliminated.

Indications for the procedure

The procedure is recommended in the following cases:

  • in the presence of mimic and age wrinkles;
  • in the presence of a double chin;
  • with gray, dull complexion;
  • in the presence of scars and post-acne scars;
  • with ptosis of the chin and eyelids.


Contraindications to the procedure

Since the vacuum LPG massage involves a very deep and
intense effect on tissue and systems, it can worsen
the patient feels in the case of the following conditions and pathologies:

  • autoimmune and oncological diseases;
  • acute and chronic diseases in the acute phase;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • infectious and allergic diseases;
  • microtraumas of the skin on the face and body;
  • the presence in the body miostimulyator;
  • the presence of metal prostheses;
  • rosacea and rosacea;
  • age limit up to 18 years;
  • diseases of the hematopoietic system;
  • neoplasms on the skin.

Benefits of the procedure

Vacuum LPG massage has several advantages:

  • is an absolutely safe procedure;
  • does not cause painful sensations, only a slight vibration;
  • causes only a mechanical effect on the skin, like
    traditional face massage;
  • there is a pleasant relaxation of the muscles of the face;
  • the effectiveness of the method is confirmed by many cosmetologists;
  • the result is noticeable after the sixth procedure and with each
    the subsequent session, it only increases;
  • during the procedure there is no negative
  • is an effective tool in the fight against obesity,
    swelling of the face and body;
  • is an effective procedure in the fight against cellulite.

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