Lunar calendar: use the moon in your purposes

moonHair has always been associated with
special inner strength, fulfillment of desires, influence on fate.
There were many will, beliefs, legends associated with
haircut. Conspiracies and spells were committed on a human hair
curses. Modern science explains this attitude to the hair,
their ability to store complete genetic information.
That is why leading experts use hair shafts.
as a material for genetic examinations.

Secrets of ancient Tibet

The sages of ancient Tibet believed that the fate of man
the moon has a special influence. Using her power, a person can
drastically change your future: lure money, get rid of
enemies and diseases, find your soul mate. Haircut –
special ritual In Tibet, he was considered an important event in life,
affecting the relationship of the universe and man. Using the lunar calendar
haircuts for 2014, should be carefully examined all
possible consequences of actions with hair, and they can be
serious enough and only after that
to undertake.

Sorcerer tips

witch bookSorcerers claim
that hair is a kind of transmitter of thoughts and desires of the otherworldly
forces Both white and dark. You can not cut your hair and scatter
curls wherever you go. And during the styling, shampooing and
other manipulations are forbidden to get angry, think about something bad,
plot intrigue. Use the lunar days to trim the hair you need with
benefit for themselves. Namely to concentrate on
positive moments, desires, hopes. Lunar day, according to
wizards, subject to the above conditions may don’t
only external beauty, and a successful career, a successful personal life,
full spiritual harmony.

Moon and hair cut

If you get a haircut on unfavorable days, you can get a lot
unnecessary trouble, both at home and at work. And sometimes
bring ill health and death to loved ones. So,
adverse lunar days:

  • 1,4,7,12,24,25. Cutting these days can cause disease,
    affecting the life of the owner of the hair, inflammation
  • 2,10,15,30. Changing hairstyle ensures family quarrels
    and at work or deterioration in the health of loved ones.
  • 3.18. It is worth trimming this day at least the tips, like
    cash savings will literally “evaporate”, are possible
  • 6. Curls that are cut off on this day may no longer
    grow back
  • 9,20,29. After changing the image, despondency and depression will come
    may come complete rejection of life. This is due to the loss
  • 16. Hair loss will attract bad habits.
  • 17. A bad day – guarantees failure.

Favorable lunar days:

  • 5. If you cut your hair on this day, then according to the lunar calendar
    guaranteed a good profit.
  • 8.23. These days, the haircut will be gorgeous and long
    keep fit
  • 11. Magical day. Instead of the hair cut off on this day
    Providence will give intuition and special abilities.
  • 13,14,21. Good day for those who need to increase their savings.
    or change the course of fate in a positive way.
  • 19.22. New hairstyle guarantees longevity and strong
  • 26, 27, 28. Ideal days for any beginnings.

Lunar day is no joke

This lunar haircut calendar is compiled with a guide.
not on the usual “human” day, calculated by the Gregorian
graphics, but on the true moon. Four phases of the moon last 29.5
Gregorian days. This is the time required for a full moon revolution.
around the star.

An important influence on the fate can have hair coloring on the moon
the calendar. It is worth focusing on the days of the week.

  • Monday. The perfect day for haircuts curls – with them will go
    all negative energy. Coloring fix the result.
  • Tuesday. Changing hairstyle and hair color on this day gives
    the confidence and strength necessary to make very important
  • Wednesday. A new image will attract interesting acquaintances and
    success in the company.
  • Thursday. It is worth going to the hairdresser for those who wish
    become famous and lucky.
  • Friday. Successful hairstyle and unusually beautiful hair color
  • Saturday. Haircut and coloring will cure the soul
  • Sunday. On this day, you can not do hair, because
    luck can turn away.

Phases of the moon for haircuts

phases of the moon on march 2012Looking at
the moon, a person has conflicting feelings. She may be
good and sinister, beautiful and repulsive. What does it depend on
relation to this heavenly body? Try to watch the moon in
during the whole month and see how your mood will change
as the phases change. These features influence on the human psyche
used magicians and sorcerers around the world. So the moon
It originates in the new moon, then its first quarter is visible.
This is followed by a full moon – the best time for “white”
witchcraft In the third quarter the moon decreases until it disappears
altogether. At this time, the forces of evil triumph. All the worst
curses, spells and the eyes are done in complete darkness.

The moon does not stand still. She, moving, falls under the influence
signs of the zodiac, exerting enhanced influence on the fate of people and
domestic events. It is important and what moon to cut hair.
A few rules will help to understand and build a schedule of care.
for hair:

If you cut your hair on a growing moon, your hair will quickly grow back.
Haircuts on the waning moon promise long hair regrowth. Full moon
positive effect on the quality of the image. Desirable at this time
trim hair ends. If you decide to change hair color, then
Lunar hair dyeing will add shine and charm to
growing moon. Then it is recommended to “feed”

Classic Triangle: Moon, Gods, People

moon worshipMany natural
phenomena confirm the power of the moon. The most obvious: the tides and
ebb. The cycles of “critical” days for most women coincide with
cycle “cold sun.” People with especially sensitive
psyche under the influence of light wander around meaninglessly at night.
Goddesses, vampires, witches, elves and trolls are creatures
possess supernatural abilities, according to all beliefs and
legends are dependent on the strength of the lunar action.

The first and last pairs of the lunar cycle are the days of the goddess Hecate. With her
The name linked magical rites, terrible events and stories with
search for treasures. These days stealth, greed,
depressed. Men are particularly affected.

If we look at the first quarter, then the days follow.
Artemis. It is then that the human body is most susceptible to
obtaining energy, training, preserving health. This time
it is desirable to devote to the alleys, rest, study.

The Full Moon is the period of Thetis, the daughter of Selena, the best period
for action, feelings and diets. but
full moon can not only help, but also cause splashes
aggression, suicidal desires.

The declining moon, in the third phase, is influenced by the goddess Dion. Soul
can overflow with joy, happiness, peace. This time
It is best to spend on building or strengthening existing. it
It concerns both learning and property matters.

The last phase is ruled by Gorgon and Eris – two conflicting
personality. With a weak influence of the moon and the gradual manifestation of the action
Evil forces are possible torments of conscience, discord, disease.

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