Luxurious hair – helper gelatin!

To return to your hair a healthy and well-groomed look, save
damaged tarnished curls can a home remedy
like a hair mask with gelatin.

Gelatin It is easy to cook it yourself, saving on
trip to the hairdresser, although, according to many reviews, she
efficiency is almost as good as professional

Gelatin Mask Effect for Hair Condition

The content of the article:

  • Gelatin Mask Effect for Hair Condition
  • The effect of gelatin on curls
  • Nuances of cooking and using a mask
  • Video.How to make a gelatin hair mask

Even if the hair, for any reason, has lost its shine,
become brittle, began to fall out, applying a mask:

  • Easily restore the healthy state of the curls;
  • Thin and soft hair will make it easy to style;
  • Give the hairstyle volume, thickening the entire length of each
  • Satisfy hair with proteins and vitamins;
  • Make combing easy and enjoyable.

The effect of gelatin on curls

Gelatin is essentially a collagen protein essential for health.
hair and nails. It contains a large concentration of nutritional
substances, starch, amino acids, glycerin, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium,
potassium and vitamin E.

Previously, gelatin was obtained exclusively during processing
connective tissue of animals, but it also exists vegetable
origin. Recently, it began to be extracted from algae and fruit.
There is information about a completely similar effect on the hair product
plant and animal origin. In particular
gelatin hair mask is recommended for owners
fat type of hair as it has a drying effect
and easily removes from the scalp excess greasy lubricant, giving
hairstyle untidy look.

Nuances of cooking and using a mask

So that the agent does not harm, you must comply with some
precautionary measures:

  • In no case should gelatin be boiled if this has happened.
    – need to repeat with new ingredients;
  • The mask is required to be applied along the entire length of the braid;
  • DO NOT rub gelatin into the scalp – it will cause irritation,
    itching and peeling;
  • Lumps must be thoroughly dissolved – otherwise
    will have to comb for a long time;
  • Gelatin mask should be carefully applied on brittle,
    weak and dehydrated hair – gelatin can dry them
    stronger, so when cooking it is necessary to add
    moisturizing ingredients.
  • If the procedures have failed, the reason is probably
    more serious and need to see a doctor.

Base gelatinous mask and useful additives for it

Gelatin-based hair care options
There are many, but they are all prepared on the same basis:

  • 15 g of gelatin are soaked, thoroughly stirred, in 3 canteens
    spoons of water and leave for 10 minutes.
  • Soaked gelatin is melted in a water bath or in
    microwave (20-30 seconds), NOT BEFORE BOILING!
  • The cooled mass is applied to wet hair, covered
    polyethylene and wrapped with a towel. You can warm it all up
    hair dryer
  • The mask is left for 30-40 minutes.
  • Gelatinous mass is very carefully washed off with warm water.

For preventive reasons, and depending on the type
hair, any of their problem states recipe gelatin mask
for hair, in addition to the main component – gelatin, usually includes
and other ingredients.

Component Useful property for hair
Castor, pumpkin, wheat germ oil Accelerate growth
Poppy seed oil, cedar nut, castor oil Anti dandruff
Burdock oil, forest nut, pine nut Strengthens the bulbs
Rosemary, Lemon, Yarrow, Eucalyptus Essential Oils,
tea tree
Dandruff Treatment
Coconut, soybean, almond, hemp oil It nourishes weak brittle curls
Rosemary, Orange, Lavender, Chamomile Essential Oils It nourishes weak brittle curls
Avocado oil, jojoba, sesame Dries oily hair
Essential oils of pine, cypress, grapefruit, eucalyptus, cedar,
ginger, sage
Dries oily hair
Broths of birch leaves, calamus root, tansy Dandruff Treatment
Decoction of burdock root, hop, nettle Strengthening bulbs
Broth calendula, St. John’s wort, sage Dried
Egg yolk Moisturizing, nutrition, strengthening
Mustard, henna Fortification
Cocoa Nutrition
Red pepper Nutrition, increased growth
Milk Nutrition
Honey Strengthening, nutrition

Effective Gelatin Mask Recipes

Gelatin-based hair care formulations with
There are many different supplements, here are some of

  • Lamination effect

The cooled gelatinous mass with the addition of balsam is rubbed into
hair wrapped and heated for 15 minutes with a hairdryer. An hour later, wash off
warm water, combing their hair with rare scallops, give
hairstyle form and give it to dry naturally. This
A treatment suitable for all hair types will be straightened for 3 days and
protect them. It is done at night, repeated after each wash.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

The composition of the prepared gelatin, a teaspoon of apple
vinegar (natural! more about masks with vinegar) and 5 drops
essential oil (rosemary, geranium or sage) is aged
half an hour, applied to the head for an hour. A mask is required when
lifeless dull curls or their loss. Regularly
applied within a month.

  • Mask with egg yolk

Gelatin combines with yolk, whipped until smooth.
condition, a little shampoo is added, the mixture is aged
half an hour. The mask is applied for 30 minutes. The tool is recommended for
weakened hair with split ends. Run weekly
for 1-1.5 months.

  • Remedy with henna and mustard

On a teaspoon of prepared gelatin and colorless henna
mixed with a pinch of mustard, add 1 yolk for brittle hair.
Mask hold no more than 40 minutes. For therapeutic purposes, it is used for
severe loss or damage, can be used to
prophylaxis to preserve the shine and healthy look of the curls for a long time.
Apply before taking a shower.

  • Herbal decoction mask

1-3 tablespoons of gelatin must be kept for half an hour in 100 g
infusion of chamomile (mint, nettle), then add around a spoonful of shampoo,
so that the mixture was mushy. The mask is applied for half an hour and
used once a week. The remedy is indicated for poorly growing
damaged hair after curling or dyeing.

  • Means with kefir and cocoa

Half a glass of water and a tablespoon of cocoa make thick cocoa,
in which the gelatin bag is soaked for half an hour, then add
half a cup of kefir. The mask is applied to dirty hair for 45 minutes.
Suitable for all types of hair, gives the volume of hair, facilitates

  • Milk mask with gelatin

1 part of dry gelatin is soaked in 3 parts of milk, in the cooled
the mixture is added vitamin A, purchased in a pharmacy. Mask
incubated for about 20 minutes. The procedure is alternated for 2-2.5
months with nourishing masks. Suitable for any hair, fine them
nourishes, gives them strength and shine.

  • Remedy with olive oil, honey and

A mixture of prepared gelatin, butter, honey and finely
chopped parsley is applied for half an hour. The course involves
10 treatments during the month. Mask is intended
for weakened hair of any type for their strengthening and shine.

You can combine gelatin, which is, in fact, protein.
practically with any components – the main thing that they were useful
for your hair, and the main component will give them volume and shine.
Reviews of gelatin hair mask mostly enthusiastic –
Rarely, who does not like the tool or does not like it. Rather, the whole thing
in the correct preparation of the mask.

Before and after using the gelatin mask

Gelatin Mask Reviews

  • SveTik writes:

Girls, gelatin mask is a real miracle for my dry
long-suffering hair! The effect is like after lamination in the salon! I
in utter delight !!!

  • Mashabora sent her story:

He pulled me the devil to repaint the blonde. As a result
luxurious hair turned into straw, had to cut hair
under the square, but even so I was shy. No money for expensive procedures
it was, the masks did not help, until I came across the gelatin.
I did! The effect from the first time! Now I forgot about existence
other means. Hair is heavy, shiny, soft – thanks
recipe! The only subtlety – you need to learn it correctly.
cook so that she does not have time to take lumps.

  • Irina’s opinion:

Gelatin mask must be done regularly so that it will be
benefit. From the first time I noticed the result barely. But in a month
my hair started growing great, a healthy shine appeared. And before
these were brittle and dull. Now took a break, but beauty
still persists.

Video.How to make a gelatin hair mask

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