Lymphatic drainage facial massage in the salon and at home for eliminate swelling and rejuvenation

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Every morning, wake up with swelling? Begin to notice
addition of new wrinkles? Do not leave it to chance.
Try a better lymphatic drainage facial massage that guarantees
5 years rejuvenation – no less. You can sign up for it in the salon,
but you can learn at home.


  • Effect after lymphatic drainage facial massage
  • Types of lymphatic drainage massage
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Performance technique

Few people know that ichor escaping with blood is
lymph. It is a component of the internal environment.
human body, a type of connective tissue, transparent
liquid. It performs such important functions as transportation
substances in the blood, elimination of toxins, participation in lipid metabolism and
metabolism, accelerated wound healing, support constant
cell microenvironment.

If the lymphatic system fails, it leads to an early
skin aging, wrinkle formation and other cosmetic
troubles. Fortunately, there is an effective and now very
popular lymphatic facial massage, on
which you can always enroll in a beauty salon or learn
do it yourself. In Dnieper you can write to
facial massage and choose from a variety of beauty salons.

All movements are performed along the lymphatic vessels.
stopping in the lymph node zone. There is lymphatic drainage from the skin –
toxins in this zone no longer linger – this happens
rejuvenation during this unique procedure. It’s time to master the technique
its implementation.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage facial massage

Effect after lymphatic drainage facial massage

Professionally performed procedure in the cabin – 100% guarantee
effect. After the sessions you will be every cell of your body.
feel renewed, despite the fact that the hands of the masseur will
touch your face exclusively.

The results will be observed after 4-5 visits – and not
only in the mirror. In addition to skin rejuvenation, the mood will improve,
chronic fatigue syndrome goes away, nervousness disappears.

If you do lymphatic drainage facial massage at home,
the results will not be so optimistic, but still very
noticeable. In general, the following can be expected from the procedure

  • resorption of edema under the eyes and all over the face;
  • lifting face contour, giving it relief;
  • improving skin color that becomes natural and
    healthy, dullness and yellowness go away;
  • smoothing of mimic wrinkles (including goose
  • relief of the rehabilitation period after Botox;
  • elimination of double chin;
  • face rejuvenation;
  • improving the condition of dry and oily skin;
  • normalization of water-salt balance in the cells;
  • activation of metabolic processes, resulting in improved
    skin color, it becomes natural and beautiful, without yellowness and
  • whitening dark circles and bruises under the eyes;
  • alignment of nasolabial wrinkles and corrosive folds
  • significant improvement in the appearance of the skin.

This is the undeniable and obvious benefit.
lymphatic drainage facial massage. All these changes are for
a full course of procedures will make you much younger. If you for
35 years and you noticed the inevitable signs of aging skin
worry, it is worth making an appointment with a massage therapist for
these rejuvenating sessions.

If for some reason there is no such possibility, do not despair.
worth it. The technique of performing lymphatic drainage facial massage is simple, so
that she can be mastered at home. But not bad for a start
understand its forms, since each has its own distinctive
features that have to be considered.

Price issue. Many
I wonder how much lymphatic drainage facial massage costs.
It depends on the type of procedure, the skill of the specialist,
Salvage Authority. Prices can range from $ 5 to $ 25 per
one session.

Types of lymphatic drainage massage

Having decided on lymphatic drainage facial massage, you have to figure out
what kind of procedure do you need because the techniques of execution
may differ in their focus and means to achieve


Full name – anti-aging
lymphatic drainage massage of the face of Asahi (Zogan) from Yukuko
Tanaka Its peculiarity is that deep impact occurs.
not only on the skin, but also on the muscles, connective tissue, bones
the skull. It is performed with the whole palm, not with the tips of the fingers. But
The main advantage of this procedure is detoxification of the deep


At home is available
only manual lymphatic massage
faces, since all manipulations are done exclusively by hands. is he
simple execution technique, the degree of efficiency noted
moderate, positive reviews leave a lot about him. Many
massage therapists in the salon also prefer the manual method.


In the same salons recently increasingly offer
clientcamp equipment lymphatic drainage
face massage. Depending on what equipment and with
With the help of nozzles it is carried out, several more types are distinguished.
this procedure.

  • Microcurrent

Microcurrent lymph drainage facial massage
involves the normalization of subcutaneous microcirculation by
low voltage current. It effectively activates everything.
cellular metabolic processes, removes excess fluid from the epidermis
(therefore it is prescribed primarily for edema).

  • Electroionophoresis

You can sign up
electro-ionophoresis lymphatic drainage
face massage. With the help of electrodes, moisturizing is injected into the skin.
substances that improve its condition, as well as bring it out
all sorts of harmful elements.

  • Vacuum

Vacuum lymph drainage facial massage is
negative pressure on the skin. Result – enhanced
lymph drainage. Many people buy portable vacuum machines for
carrying out such a massage at home, but almost always
it ends with numerous microdamages and ruptures
tissues. So professional skills are required.

Due to the excellent effectiveness of this procedure, many
try to make at home. On the one hand, it is justified. But need
understand that certain skills and knowledge are required.
There is a scheme of lymphatic drainage massage
Persons indicating the points to which it is necessary
work with your fingers (palms). If you do not comply with it and do
everything is chaotic, it is possible not only not to improve the skin condition, but also
substantially worsen it. No wonder this procedure has a lot
indications and contraindications, as it is not so much
cosmetic, how much medical.

Through the pages of history.Japanese
Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage Revived Tanaka Yukuko – Japanese
stylist. His grandmother taught her his technique, but brought
manipulation to perfection she herself. Their work in this
direction Yukuko systematized in 2007 in the book “Massage
faces. ”

Apparatus lymphatic drainage facial massage

Indications and contraindications

Be sure to follow the indications and contraindications.
for lymphatic drainage massage of persons in the home.
In the salons at the first consultation, the beautician should conduct an inspection.
integument and determine the following points:

  • its type;
  • state;
  • the presence of contraindications;
  • what kind of massage will be more useful for her: rejuvenating or
    classic, manual or hardware, electroplating or
  • the number of sessions required (at least 5 and not more than 15);
  • frequency of anti-aging courses (usually recommended twice
    in year).

As a rule, under the age of 30 years in the absence of pronounced
skin problems beautician dissuade you to do lymphatic drainage
facial massage, whose main function is rejuvenation. However,
Judge for yourself on the list of indications for its conduct.


  • First appointed lymphatic drainage massage
    swelling (not only under the eyes, but around
  • blurred facial contour;
  • poor, unhealthy skin color;
  • mimic wrinkles;
  • lymphatic drainage facial massage after
    botox helps to overcome the rehabilitation period
    without consequences, accelerating the resorption of the filler;
  • double chin;
  • for facial rejuvenation is recommended
    Yukuko Tanaka lymphatic drainage massage.


  • Lymphatic drainage facial massage
  • diseases of the lymphatic system;
  • pharyngitis;
  • ENT pathology;
  • rash on face;
  • ARVI;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • thin subcutaneous fat layer on the face.

When talking with a beautician, be sure to tell him all the nuances
your body and health. Any chronic illness should
be known to him, since the impact will not be superficial, but

If you plan to do this at home, learn a lot
literature, watch videos, how to do
lymphatic drainage massage of the face, so as not to harm yourself.
Exactly following the instructions will avoid unpleasant
consequences and achieve maximum results.

This is interesting. A rejuvenating massage from
Yukuko Tanaka translators called “Asahi”, which in Japanese means
like “morning sun massage”.

How to do lymphatic drainage facial massage

Performance technique

There are different techniques how to do
Lymphatic drainage massage of the face
Began to decide exactly what you need. But with any technique
performance of the impact should be carried out on the lymph nodes, and all
movements go strictly along the lymphatic vessels. And for this you need
anatomical atlas of the location of the lymph nodes on the head.

Anatomical atlas of lymph nodes

  • Parotid;
  • BTE;
  • occipital;
  • mandibular;
  • sublingual;
  • angular to the lower jaw;
  • front neck.

Preparatory stage

  1. Steam the skin with a vaporizer (above the steam bath).
  2. Apply scrub, massage face.
  3. Rinse with warm water.
  4. Blot the face with a napkin, but do not wipe dry.
  5. Brush your hands liberally with a fat cream or massage oil.
  6. Take a vertical position (lymphatic drainage facial massage
    performed standing or sitting, but the back must be

Performance technique

To properly perform lymphatic drainage facial massage
yourself, you need to remember the main rule of his
performance – do not press too hard on the lymph nodes, otherwise
complications – not to be avoided.

  • Forehead

Close fingertips, put them in the center of the forehead, make
5-6 strokes (the most gentle, smooth, measured,
unhurried) towards the temples.

  • Eyes

Pads of index fingers put on the nose, move
them with a slight pressure on the lower edge of the sockets to the temple.
Gently massage the area above the eyes: put fingertips
on the outer edge of the eyebrows and spiral movements slowly
approach the bridge of the nose.

  • Cheeks

Hold the fingertips line from the center of the chin to the lobes
ears where the lower jaw ends. Arrange them at the corners
mouth, stretch the line to the trestles of the ears. Draw the last line
lymphatic drainage massage of the cheeks – from the center point of the upper lip to

  • Nasolabial folds

Arrange the pads of the index fingers on the nasolabial
crease, make a few taps – tangible, but not strong.

  • Chin

Place your thumbs in the center point of the chin
Do 5-6 slack pressure, draw a line to the ears.

As for the question of how often to do
lymphatic drainage facial massage, it is solved individually
okay More often 2 times a week it is not necessary to hold it. Once
the result will satisfy you, take a break.

Competent lymphatic drainage massage technique
faces even at home will provide bright
pronounced anti-aging effect. After a full course of 10-12
sessions of mimic wrinkles will become much smaller, and they will not
so bright noticeable. The contour of the face will tighten, many will leave.
cosmetic defects, as this procedure does not just affect
on the deep layers of the dermis, but even on the bones of the skull. However, fear not
worth it: you will not feel any discomfort – on the contrary, pleasant
emotions and relaxation will be a great bonus in addition to
your updated image, which will be 5 years younger than
the former.

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