Lymphatic drainage massage

The lymphatic system, being part of the cardiovascular
system, plays an important role in human life
organism. It participates in metabolic processes, cleans cells
and body tissue and protects it from viruses and pathogens.

The lymphatic system is subject to many negative factors.
(lack of sleep and nutrition, sedentary lifestyle,
stresses, bad habits, etc.) that can cause failures in her
work. As a result, the metabolism is disturbed, stagnation occurs
lymph (lymphostasis), swelling. Lymphatic drainage massage
complex with proper nutrition and exercise helps
eliminate these problems by normalizing the work of the lymphatic


  • Features of the procedure
  • Manual lymphatic drainage massage methods
  • Apparatus lymphatic drainage massage
  • Contraindications for massage

Features of the procedure

Lymphatic drainage massage of the legs or the whole body – represents
medical procedure during which lymph circulation is stimulated
on the lymphatic system, which helps eliminate toxins,
improve metabolism and strengthen immunity.

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The particularity of the massage lies in the direction of the soft and
undulating movements that occur along the lymph flow to
lymphatic vessels. The duration of the course of such a massage
is individual for each patient and depends on the nature

In order to prevent ailments caused by lymphostasis, usually
spend no more than 12 sessions (every other day). And for warning
the appearance of varicose veins massage is recommended not to do
less than once every 7 days.

The principles of lymphatic drainage massage are based on the rules.
ordinary classic. The impact is carried out on soft tissue.
for their deep cleansing. This increases the splitting process
and removing fatty acids.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage methods

There are two main techniques for performing manual massage:
superficial and deep.

In the first case, the massage therapist acts superficially on the skin,
affecting the small capillaries and neuroreceptors located in it.
The procedure involves performing circular movements and light
taps on the fabric. As a result, vascular spasm is eliminated, which
provides an easy pushing of lymph to lymphatic
nodes. Increase the effectiveness of the massage can be preliminary
the implementation of relaxing techniques aimed at removing
muscle tension.

Using deep technique, specialist stimulates massage
actions deep layers of tissue. Stimulation is carried out
thanks to a stronger impact. Deep lymphatic drainage
foot massage relieves puffiness and promotes weight loss
involved body parts. Special tricks increase the flow
blood, increase muscle tone, lymphatic vessels become
wider, and the fluid moves freely through the intercellular

The maximum effect can be achieved if the patient is before the massage.
drinks a certain amount of fluid.

In the matter of the massage is better, of course, trust
a professional However, in the absence of such a possibility,
Lymphatic drainage massage of the feet can be performed at home.
on their own. Regular and consistent execution of simple
action will also give a good result.

  1. Heat the problem massage with smooth movements.
  2. Massage for 15-20 minutes the legs along the lymph flow (from the calf,
    leg legs to hip joint).
  3. Take a douche after the procedure.

Apparatus lymphatic drainage massage

The procedure for lymphatic drainage massage is carried out not only
hands, but also with the help of various devices and hardware.
The most popular technique recognized pressure therapy – the effect on the body
compressed air. Special pants, worn at the beginning of the procedure
on legs, tightly pumped with air, acting like a point,
way on the body.

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Microcurrent massage – a type of lymphatic drainage
massage, implying the use of electrodes that excite
weak current pulses. For the passage of current pulses in
treated area, it is pre-lubricated with special

Vacuum lymphatic drainage massage of the feet removes excess fluid.
This type of massage apparatus involves the use of vacuum
pumps similar to those used in procedures
for the treatment of cellulite.

Salon massage techniques are aimed mainly at
restoration of the normal function of the lymphatic system and on
improvement of blood circulation, both in the legs and throughout the body.
Apparatus massage allows to remove toxins and slags. After
The procedure can be observed the following effect:

  • weight decreases slightly;
  • pains are reduced;
  • swelling and inflammations are eliminated;
  • skin tightens;
  • general well-being improves.

Contraindications for massage

In spite of the fact that lymphatic drainage massage of legs is
treatment and prophylactic procedure, it should be with caution
treat when disorders of the reproductive system of the kidneys are noted
and hearts. Lymphatic drainage massage is not allowed if available.
the following diseases and conditions of the body:

  • violations of the integrity of the skin (wounds, deep
  • inflammatory processes;
  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • oncology;
  • infectious diseases.

It should be noted that massage affects directly
lymphatic vessels, therefore for the procedure it is necessary
appeal to qualified professionals who know perfectly
human anatomy and physiology.

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