Make a beautiful tail

hairstyles with a tailGirls with
with particular trepidation are their appearance, spend hours on
hair styling, wind them on curlers, straighten the strands ironing,
dye your hair. But you can save a lot of time if you give
preference tail. How to make the tail of the hair quickly and effectively?
What types of this hairstyle are? Read the answers to these questions.

Hairstyles tails – a real salvation for girls, because they
stylish, comfortable and quickly made. This hairstyle is suitable for
any occasion, starting with a training hike and ending
visit the wedding. It would seem, and what is difficult to
do hair tail? But there are many tricks and
tricks that will give her charm and sophistication.

Hairstyles with a tail can be done in different ways, when choosing
rely on your preferences and hair length. If you have long
hair, you can give free rein to fantasies, apply all kinds of them
hairstyles Short hair is not a problem, you can also
experiment, try new types of styling and

There are several types of hairstyles, the main ones are:

  • Fox’s tail;
  • ponytail;
  • tail to the side;
  • false tail.

How to make a fox tail

One of the easiest, but effective ways to collect hair – fox
tail. This option is suitable for girls with oval or triangular
face shape for going to a restaurant, a disco, a party,

Step 1. Wash your hair – this is a prerequisite. Take
a thin hair tie and tie the tail tightly on the crown. Now
let’s start the transformation.

Step 2. It will take a comb for bouffant. Your task is to comb
a head of hair so that it becomes airy and looks like a balloon. Not
spare the forces, the whole image will depend on the intensity of the comb.

Step 3. Take a hair straightener and straighten the tips (2-3 cm),
fix them with wax.

Step 4. Apply the lacquer evenly throughout the hair. Your fox tail

In addition, you can wrap a satin over the gum
tape or attach a beautiful hairpin. Also hairstyle can be done
more interesting by adding a pair of corrugated strands into it when
help special nozzles. After the celebration do not try to comb
head of hair – you will not succeed, but if you still master the pile,
then damage the strands badly. It is necessary to remove the gum and wash your hair
shampoo, then apply balm. With a fox hairstyle you always
You will look very impressive and irresistible look at any
a photo.

Horsetail hairstyle

The ponytail is a classic; our grandmothers also tied it up.
He will never go out of style. There are plenty of options to tie
pony tail, you can surprise your friends every day with new
option. Ponytail can be done instead of the time
styling. It will suit those who have long hair.

The first stage is to collect the hair with a rubber band. Now you can create and
experiment with it.

1 option. Hairstyle tail with pile. Need to collect
strands at the base and make bouffant. It will take a comb with thick
cloves and lacquer for fixing. Adjust the level of hair yourself
fix varnish only after you have created the desired volume. To
the hairstyle looked organic, add volume to the top of the head. it
need to do before you collect your hair.

Option 2. Elegant hairstyle tail. Such hairstyles
can often be found at movie stars on the red carpet. The
option is perfect for a long evening dress. Better wash
head the day before, so that there were no tufts on his head. Comb
hair back, tie a tight hair tie. Straighten iron
strands so that the hair is long and straight. Release one strand
and wrap it with a gum, which is tied hair. Fix the tip
strands invisible in the back of the head so that it was not visible.

3 option. Hairstyle tail to the side. To start, select
where the hair should go – on the right or left shoulder. Tie up
a hair on the back of my head, closer to the right side. Individual strands or
All hair can be slightly combed so that the hair appears
additional volume and airiness.

Horsetail tails

At first glance it may seem that no tricks in
There is no such hairstyle, but it has many subtleties. Some you
read below, and you will get to some of them, because there are no strict
rules, you can experiment, look for new solutions.

  1. These hairstyles are not recommended for girls who cannot
    boast chic head of hair – the tail will look lean.
    Such girls are perfect high tail. If you have a large
    face, this hairstyle you, too, is unlikely to go – proportions are broken
  2. Use satin ribbons to decorate hair, tie
    them at the base of the hair. Suit fine silk scarves, colored
  3. Cool a real flower at the base of the hair, it will be
    Look very feminine and romantic. Choose unpretentious
    flowers that can last a couple of hours without water: orchids,
    lilies, gerberas.
  4. Do not forget the curls. This is a saving option for those
    can not boast a thick head of hair. Curls will give
    extra volume hairstyle and you will look great.
    Start curling your hair when you are already tying your hair with a rubber band,
    make them light and airy. Do not forget to put
    protective equipment.
  5. Corrugated strands. If you hairstyle seems boring and
    unremarkable, you can take a pair of strands and make them
    corrugated. Corrugated strands are best done for long hair,
    on short, they will not look.
  6. Weave pigtails. How beautiful and original to collect long
    hair? Try a simple pigtail. Select a pair of strands and
    braid pigtails out of them. Tie pigtails with lacquer to
    they are not untied. Also a pigtail can wrap the base
    hairstyles and secure it invisible.
  7. Play with the level of hairstyle, make a high tail or low.
    When choosing a level, rely on the shape of your face. These are the main
    hairstyles rules. Consider face shape, structure, length and thickness.
    hair, the presence of bangs. Choose the one that best suits your needs.
    you, try on yourself all the hairstyles in your free time,
    so as not to wrestle at the last moment.

Now you know how to collect long hair, supplement your
form. Long hair can be twisted, braid, comb,
smooth, and it is not necessary to do it

How to make a tail for short hair?

chignon tailShort hair
You can also collect beautifully. Sportswomen, doctors and some girls
professions are not that they do not want to grow curls, they just
impermissible or inconvenient. Do not be sad, beautiful you
will in any case!

If you need to make a ponytail for one evening, it will suit you
patch tail or hairpiece. It is very convenient and is
saving option for girls. You can buy chignon from
natural or artificial hair. Artificial chignon is cheaper
natural, but the second has many advantages.

First, natural hair looks better. Secondly, their
can be twisted, made corrugated, straighten. Thirdly,
natural hair can be washed with shampoo, like your own, blow-dry. Not
forget that you can make tails with a scythe. Handle with
Experiment with false hair, as with your real ones.
Short hair will change under the influence of these cunning tricks.

The basic rule for chignons is a secure mount. No one
you need to “lose” the tail in a restaurant or a disco. To not
be in an awkward situation, make sure he is sitting
on your head like a glove. Choose hairpieces with
mount-barrette, this mount is more reliable than ribbons. Do not risk
attach tail to hair shorter than 10 cm, they can not stand. If a
I really want to, choose sparse tails of medium length. Not
It is recommended to attach thick tails and those with sparse hair,
It will look unnatural. Pick a color carefully
the discrepancy may be 1-2 tones, but no more.

Make sure the attachment area looks neat,
You can use a beautiful ribbon or hairpin. In the store you can
find a lot of decorative hairpins, ribbons, scarves or crabs for
your hairstyle Match these accessories to your outfit to
everything looked organic and tasteful. You can wind the tail,
if the hair of which it is made, natural. Now you know,
how to make your image complete, different types of hairstyles and some
tricks Also, do not forget that you need to keep track of your curls,
select the appropriate shampoo, put protective
means and do not get carried away with the use of curling and

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