Makeup rules for tanned skin

If you brought a beautiful uniform from the sea holiday
Tan, of course you want to show it in all its glory. but
dark skin requires a completely different makeup than your
habitual. So find out what should be makeup for tanned

Tanned skin is the main souvenir that women try.
bring from vacation by the sea. Indeed, in recent years, dark skin
considered beautiful and more fashionable than bright. However, not all
know that makeup for tanned skin should be special, because when
misuse of colors, the darling girl risks to look at
several years older than his age. That is why the choice
correct color palette of foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow and
lipstick – the most important step to perfect makeup on tanned


  • Tone, powder and blush in makeup for tanned skin
  • Shadows and mascara in makeup for tanned skin
  • Lipstick makeup for tanned skin

Tone, powder and blush in makeup for tanned skin

Tanned skin requires less powder and tonal
cream than light. If you want to look natural, choose
powder and foundation of one tone with skin color. All bright and
Screaming hues of dark skin look unnatural and
give the face a vulgar look.

Foundation cream can not be applied to the skin with a thick layer, because
It will override the pleasant shade of tan. Apply first moisturizer
cream and then a thin layer of foundation that will not
differ from your skin tone. Skin irregularities and pimples
disguise with concealer, putting the very minimum. If on
pimple put too much corrective means it will
look like a knob.

To choose the most suitable foundation for your tone
skin, try to put it on the nose or middle of the nose. If nevertheless
foundation turned out to be darker than your skin, it can be mixed with
moisturizer or diluted with soft pink blush,
to make it lighter.

When the foundation is completely absorbed, apply on top of it.
a little crumbly powder of the same shade as cream or on tone

The perfect complement to tanned skin will be blush warm.
shades – coffee, golden, coral shades. And in
evening make-up is better to emphasize the cheekbones bronzer with shimmer

Shadows and mascara in makeup for tanned skin

Choosing shadows, focus primarily on eye color. Shadows not
should blend with them, and make up the contrast. Tanned girls
with brown and gray eyes are best suited blue and purple
the shadows, and the blue-eyed peach and
golden brown.

Shadows should be combined with a dark brown kayal or
identical in color with shadows. It often happens that
naturally fair-skinned, white-skinned women with no eyelashes
noticeable at all. Therefore, before applying the ink should be slightly
powder eyelashes. Then apply two or three layers on the upper lashes.
mascaras, and lower ones only once. In the evening make-up you can
use mascara brown, blue or purple,
to make the look more stylish and bright.

Lipstick makeup for tanned skin

To make-up on tanned skin looked harmonious, it is not necessary
experiment with flowers in the daytime. Should be bright
lip makeup, or eye makeup. Therefore, if you focus on
eyes, lips, lipstick natural color or transparent
shine. If you want to draw attention to your lips, then cosmetics for
Eye use is minimal. In this case, you can make up your lips.
red or saturated cherry lipstick. If your lips do not
grabs an expressive natural outline, circle them with a pencil
in tone of lipstick.

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