Makeup Trends: What Makeup is Fashionable? in the winter?

Mix and highlight! Play on contrasts and look for your own
ideal of beauty. Trends in the make-up of winter 2019 reveal a huge scope
for action and invite to an exciting game
experiments. This winter we got so many options
what and how to draw on your own face that just intercepts

Designers unanimously declare: “Make a call!” Accentuate
possible on everything: eyes, lips and eyebrows. The main thing is not to miss
The main message. The winter of 2019 should be impressive and
for every day, and for evening specials.


  • Barely visible makeup and completely natural look.
  • Diagonal Cat Eye
  • Make-up Twiggy from the 1960s
  • Smokey Ice
  • Extreme red lips
  • Berry lips
  • Eyes tsaradugi
  • More shine!
  • Hold waterline
  • Boy eyebrows

Barely visible makeup and completely natural look.

Clean, healthy and well-groomed facial skin ranks first
among the biggest makeup trends of this winter. Of course makeup does
a woman is much happier and more attractive, but beauty
a healthy and radiant face does not overshadow anything.

This trend requires skillful daily face care and not
admits no flaws. Shining skin, natural eyes and
Mat lips are a great combination that creates natural chic.
and the kind that beckons to itself. Girlish pink cheeks that
complement this image, give it extra freshness and youth.
What make-up is fashionable this winter?

Diagonal Cat Eye

Cat’s eyes are a very cool accent in cold
the time of year when our face expresses the beauty is much greater
than a body hidden under layers of clothing. Feline length and width
The eye depends entirely on your taste and courage. On the Chanel show
models showed wide arrows framed an eye with
both sides, while the lady from Max Mara gently pulled the line
eyes with a neat arrow.

Make-up Twiggy from the 1960s

The 60s broke into the current season with one of their best
offers. At the shows we saw Twiggy’s rough eyelashes glued together.
in bunches that reminded of the first unsuccessful girly attempts
make up ink.

However, this winter we are not threatened with a charge of fashionable negligence,
since the twig eyelash eyelashes are recognized as a trend which
deserves replication. These eyelashes look impressive in
combined with a thick liner, as shown by Daks. Blugirl
connected Twiggy’s eyelashes with full red lips, leaving
the rest of the face is pure and natural.

Smokey Ice

Eyes will always be the perfect accent if you emphasize them.
dark or light shades of gray or even brown to
Express as much as the game of shadows. Smoky ice blends perfectly with
thick mascara eyelashes and “left” out of sight

Extreme red lips

Red lips come out on the podium in all their diversity
shades but the classic true red color deserves to be
to rule over all. Red retro lips were
presented at the Antonio Berardi show, the same shades of red
connected lips and nails of models Julien Macdonald, and ideally red
lips attracted to themselves the views on shows Bottega Veneta and Carolina

Berry lips

Berry Lips has become a powerful hit in all shows, from London and
Paris to Milan and New York. Carolina Herrera for its aquatic
sirens chose a dark cranberry lip color. Berry pink tones
on matte lips created a sensation on the Felder Felder show, then
as john richmond captured by the wealth of grape and wine

Eyes tsaradugi

Igras colored shadows and liners make us look like
happy young artist who first got his set
paints. A lot of designers at the shows also “played” with color,
creating intriguing images on the eyelids that reminded of the sunset in
tropics and feathers of the firebird.

More shine!

Spring trend surely went through the whole year and flashed new
glitter in the winter season of 2016. The trend for gold and tinsel
spread through the images of old Hollywood and was
picked up by designers. Glitter, glitter, rhinestones and shining shadows –
All this is intended to attract the main attention of women’s eyes.

Hold waterline

One of the trends that really intrigued is
liner internal line of the lower eyelid. Image looks like
really impressive if you make the liner a black liner and
slightly feather the line, creating a “smeared” Smokey effect, as in
Lanvin, Versace, Victoria Beckham and Roberto Cavalli shows.

Boy eyebrows

One of the biggest trends of this winter went through all
collections, from well-known fashion houses to beginners
designers. It is about boyish eyebrows that designers
left on models in not plucked natural form. Models
Christine Phung showed a dramatic look with eyebrows
thick shadows, while John Galliano left his
eyebrows are more feminine in their natural form.

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