Making a golden turmeric mask for skin around the eyes for the purpose of rejuvenation


We will tell you how effective a golden turmeric mask is.
for the skin around the eyes, if done regularly at home.
Does it have anti-aging properties? Fundamental rules
using it will help you prepare it without mistakes. The best
Recipes – to choose from.


  • Chemical composition of turmeric
  • The effect of turmeric on the skin around the eyes
  • Rules of application
  • Golden Turmeric Mask Recipes

Turmeric is a plant grown in India, whose root
used primarily in cooking. Recently, however
bright orange powder from it is increasingly being included
cosmetic products. This is explained by its powerful antioxidant and
rejuvenating effect. At home from this fragrant
spices quickly and easily preparing a mask of turmeric around
an eye that can save both from dark circles and from
bags, and from wrinkles, and from edemas. Perhaps, there are no such misfortunes, with
which she could not handle. Because of her amazing cosmetic
properties and very beautiful color, it was called “golden”.
What is she like?

Useful properties of turmeric for the skin around the eyes

Chemical composition of turmeric

The rejuvenating effect possessed by the mask from
turmeric for the skin around the eyes, dictated by a unique
the chemical composition of this spice. The combination of useful substances in it
It has a beneficial effect not only on the epidermis, but also on
organism as a whole. Scientists are now studying the properties of this
“Indian saffron”. Their laboratory tests prove
the feasibility of using spices in cosmetology and suggest
that soon based on it will be made medicinal

Here is the chemical composition of turmeric:

  • ascorbic acid (vitamin C) – restores
  • iron – improves blood circulation;
  • iodine is an antiseptic;
  • Calcium – gives the skin smoothness and silkiness;
  • Niacin (B3) – refreshes, gives the skin a beautiful, natural
    color and shine;
  • pyridoxine (B6) – has a therapeutic effect on
  • Riboflavin (B2) – improves the overall condition of the skin around the eyes,
    as it normalizes metabolic processes;
  • thiamine (B1) – rejuvenates;
  • tocopherol (E) – known for its anti-aging properties;
  • phylloquinone (vitamin K) – whitens dark circles under
  • phosphorus – gives elasticity;
  • essential oils – normalize the metabolism in the skin.

Every vitamin and trace element in this unique spice,
penetrating the epidermis, performs its function. It is necessary to take into account that
in the mask for the skin around the eyes will be a little turmeric, so
the concentration of all listed active substances is negligible.
If we add to this the fact that their permeability through the thickness
derma is minimal, do not expect from this tool
supernatural results. It is therefore important to apply it.
regularly. When used twice a week, you can achieve
good effect.

From the dossier. Turmeric – the root of the family
ginger, indian spice that gives any dish
original taste and lively aroma.

Spice turmeric

Home masks for circles under the eyes:

Make masks with vitamin E and the skin around your eyes will become

The effect of turmeric on the skin around the eyes

Most often a turmeric mask is made for
rejuvenation around the eyes, as antioxidants in its composition
perfectly smooth goose feet in the corners, wrinkles, make
look again shine with beauty. However, besides this action, she
renders a number of others:

  • whitens any pigmentation spots and dark circles under
  • refreshing;
  • improves skin color;
  • gives the look radiance and youth;
  • restores resilience and elasticity;
  • treats inflammatory processes;
  • eliminates irritation;
  • gives the epidermis around the eyes smooth and silky;
  • prevents the spread of irritation;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • eliminates puffiness and bags under the eyes.

The versatility of the golden mask of turmeric for the skin around the eyes
that it can be used at any age. At 20 she
prove to be an excellent prevention against various dermatological
diseases in this part of the face, will give a beautiful look
shine, at 30 – slow down the aging process, at 40 – will render
the same anti-aging effect. The main thing – do not get involved in it, so
as it is rather caustic, spicy and even annoying seasoning, with
which need to be able to handle.

With the world – on a thread. Some indian
beliefs (Jainism, for example) prohibit the use of turmeric in
food. This is explained by the fact that the root is underground, and on
he may be living beings.

Turmeric mask for rejuvenation around the eyes

Rules of application

To make the golden mask around the eyes with turmeric work its
full program and did not disappoint, you need to know how to handle it –
carefully, neatly and without fanaticism. No need to
a minute to forget that it is seasoning, which means that there are many
enough annoying and aggressive substances. It is they who give
her unforgettable sharpness and piquancy, but as a cosmetic
ingredients can cause skin irritation. But after all
the epidermis in the eye is deprived of a protective fat layer and
especially susceptible to various kinds of diseases and rashes. So
that a few nuances on the use of this mask should be learned.


  1. The most important thing is to find out if you have any contraindications for
    applying a mask of turmeric. If you have a tendency to allergies
    or intolerance to one of the active ingredients of this spice,
    you’d better use hypoallergenic means for this area
  2. Do not be lazy and during the week every other day lubricate
    the selected wrist mask to find out how your skin will react to
    her A one-time test may not give any result, as in this
    business needs regularity.
  3. You should not experience a golden mask on yourself when peeling the eyelids and
    open, not yet healed wounds in this area.
  4. Judging by the reviews, with too much pallor of the skin
    the faces around the eyes after applying the golden mask are formed yellow,
    no washable circles. Dark and dark-skinned such an effect
    like it, but everyone else—

If you really want—

If you are very afraid of the risk of formation of yellow
circles under the eyes after the turmeric mask, several
Useful tips will allow you to successfully avoid this effect.

  1. Reduce the amount of turmeric in the recipe exactly half.
    Add more other components better.
  2. Keep the mask not 15 minutes, as everyone recommends, but 7-10
  3. After removing the mask, if you still yellowed out, do
    a liquid mixture of kefir and oatmeal and wash it thoroughly.
    You can even attach cotton discs soaked in such a solution to
    eyes for 3-4 minutes.

If all else fails, you will have to put up with the yellow spots.
around the eyes, which usually go off within 15-20 hours. But in
next time it is strongly recommended to find a different mask for
rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes: for example, from potatoes or cucumbers.

Preparation of the mixture

  1. If you actively use turmeric in cooking, you are excellent
    you know that seasoning seasoning – strife. There is a fragrant, sweet,
    appetite stimulating spice. And there is an unknown origin
    powder that smells strange, has an incomprehensible taste, and even
    country of origin is indicated on the packaging. Do not spare money for
    mask – buy a quality product.
  2. Turmeric is first mixed with the remaining powdered.
    components (soda, for example).
  3. Then the mixture is gradually diluted with the indicated liquid (water,
    decoction of medicinal plants, juice, milk, etc.).
  4. If the recipe is water, of course, we are talking about
    filtered or about mineral without gas. There is one more small
    secret: use cosmetic instead
    ice. Just put it in the center of the tank, in which
    the main ingredients are mixed and let it melt naturally
    by. The mask will be much softer and more effective.
  5. If the mask contains cosmetic or vegetable
    oils, they are pre-heated in a water bath
    and added to the turmeric mask last. This rule is
    also concerns honey.
  6. It is better to mix the components with a whisk, leaving no lumps. If a
    they get on the delicate skin around the eyes, high concentration
    Curcumin will leave yellow pigmentation in these places and may cause
    irritation. Blender after such a mixture is enough to wash
  7. Do not use metal to make such a mask.
    containers to avoid the formation of oxides that will spoil the effect
    from the golden mask.
  8. Make the mask thick but not liquid so that it does not flow in
  9. Consider that the mask has strong coloring properties and
    may stain clothes and hands. Take care of this beforehand:
    carry out all the manipulations in gloves, and wrap the collar well
    a towel.


  1. Use cooked turmeric mix only 1 time. Not
    leave it until the next. Even when stored in the refrigerator, it
    loses its beneficial properties.
  2. Apply a golden mask on the skin around the eyes patting
    movements, too intense to rub it is not necessary.
  3. During the procedure you need to relax and rest. It is better –
    lie down. If you do household chores at this time, the mask
    can simply slip from the eyes on the cheeks.
  4. All basic recipes are advised to leave it for 15 minutes. But if
    you felt a burning and itching, better stop the procedure and
    pick some other means to rejuvenate the skin around

The final nuances

  1. Wash off the turmeric mask with plain water. Make sure that
    the mixture did not get in the eyes, otherwise as a side
    effect will get redness of the mucous.
  2. The frequency of application – 1-2 times a week.
  3. Course – 10-12 masks.

Golden mask of turmeric for the skin around the eyes –
real salvation for those who have serious problems in
this part of the face. However, with her a lot of trouble, and the inability
use it often leads to negative reviews and
various side effects. So only in your power to escape
all this. As for recipes, there are not so many of them, but all
they have excellent anti-aging properties.

It is interesting. In India, turmeric for a long time
used as a dye for fabric and only then became
apply in cooking. Cosmetology has discovered this spice for its
products not so long ago.

Rules for the preparation and application of a golden mask of turmeric for the skin around the eyes

Golden Turmeric Mask Recipes

When looking for a prescription mask of turmeric for skin
around the eyes, be guided by the following points: specified in it
ingredients (so that they do not cause you allergies) and functionality
means (for what it is intended: rejuvenates, refreshes, treats

  • With soda

The most popular anti-aging mask around the eyes with
turmeric and soda promises to get rid of wrinkles and give
look beautiful shine. The golden shade of the eyelids will take care of
by this. To prepare you need to mix a teaspoon of powder
turmeric and 3 teaspoons of baking soda. Put in the center of the plate
a couple of cubes (depending on the volume) of cosmetic ice.
Wait until they melt. To mix everything. If the mask turned out
too liquid, add turmeric.

  • From wrinkles

Excellent proved the following mask from turmeric
wrinkles around the eyes: it is easy to prepare
and requires a minimum of ingredients. All you need is to mix 2
teaspoons turmeric powder with 3 tablespoons pineapple

  • From dark circles

The whitening and soft effect of this mask is suitable for even care.
for sensitive skin around the eyes. For her
cooking you need to thoroughly mix a teaspoon of powder
turmeric and a tablespoon of chickpea flour. Then add ½ tomato
medium sized and dilute all this mixture with a tablespoon
fresh citrus juice (grapefruit, orange, but
Lemon is better not to take).

Having tried a mask of turmeric around the eyes, be sure to share
their experiences with others so that they avoid any mistakes and
did everything right, achieving the desired effect. Indian saffron
with proper use will be able to protect you from impending
aging, which primarily attacks this particular area
faces. It is within your power to warn him and take care of the beauty and
shine your gaze in advance.

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