Making a hair mask with coffee

Beautiful and healthy curls – the dream of every woman. Mask for
hair with coffee is a universal and miracle cure,
which will always stay on top. In order to impart
to their tresses, vitality, incredible brilliance, increase their growth and
remove split ends, the fair sex often
resort to different salon procedures or spend a lot of money on
cosmetics which as a result do not give any
effect. But getting upset about it is early! After all, the most
active beauty hair masks every beauty can cook
independently at home using a product that
there is in the kitchen of each housewife – coffee.


  • Useful properties of coffee for hair
  • How to make coffee for masks
  • Coffee Mask Application Tips
  • Recipes coffee masks for hair

Useful properties of coffee for hair

Natural ground coffee is an incredible source.
A large number of useful components for hair.
Coffee beans are rich in:

kofe dlya volos

  • antioxidants that make strands elastic and resilient,
    produce collagen and slow down skin aging;
  • polyphenols that strengthen hair roots and prevent them
    dropping out;
  • calcium, able to restore split ends and remove
    head microtrauma;
  • potassium, which well moisturizes dry curls and supports them
  • vitamins B1, B2 – they stop any hair loss
  • phosphorus – it makes the strands soft and elastic;
  • niacin, which prevents the occurrence of early gray hair;
  • iron, capable of enhancing hair growth by 1-2 cm per month;
  • magnesium – it nourishes the hair follicles with oxygen, which
    necessary for the general good condition of all curls.

How to make coffee for masks

To make a coffee mask for hair
effective and the result was not long in coming;
correctly prepare its main component – coffee.

For complete confidence in the purity and quality of the used
product is best to buy coffee beans and yourself
grind them at home in a coffee grinder. Coarse grinding is not suitable, it should
be medium or small.

To prepare the mask, you can also use coffee grounds.
But this can only be done if the coffee was
cooked without added sugar or milk.

The mask with coffee and coffee grounds is suitable for all types and for almost
all hair colors. Women who lighten their curls do not
It is recommended to use cosmetics, which include
enters this fragrant product. Light strands under the influence
coffee masks can darken and take on a reddish tint.

Coffee Mask Application Tips

The indications for using a coffee mask are dry and
damaged curls, split ends, hair loss, except
addition, their slow growth.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to this drink,

Before you apply a mask on the hair, it is worth checking the skin
your head for allergic reactions. For this you need a small
the amount of the mixture put for the earlobe and wait 15
minutes, and after the expiration of the specified time – wash off the mask with warm
water and evaluate the result. If the skin does not appear red,
itching and rash, then you can safely apply a miracle cure
on the entire scalp.

Since this product affects the hair from the roots themselves
to the tips, it is best applied on the strands along their entire length.
First you need to rub the coffee mask into the scalp of the lungs.
massaging the arms, and then using a brush to distribute
the remaining mixture in all curls.

To enhance the effect of the miracle mask, you need to cover your head with cellophane
and a towel. Keep a mask of coffee on the head no more than 10-15

The mixture is easily washed off using regular shampoo. Besides,
It will be useful to rinse the strands with a decoction of nettle. It will strengthen them and
will give a natural glow.

After the done procedures, you need to give hair the opportunity
dry yourself. When curls dries well, they should
comb your comb to get rid of the remaining grains of coffee
since it is not always possible to wash such a mask from the head completely.
The owners of thick and long

The course of treatment with a coffee mask is 10 procedures with
once a week.

Recipes coffee masks for hair

Recipes cosmetics for hair that do on
basis of coffee, there is a lot. Every woman chooses herself
the one that suits her best.

Coffee + olive oil. The simplest coffee mask is made with
using coffee grounds and olive oil. For her cooking
mix 100 ml of warm olive oil and 2 tbsp. spoons of coffee.
Hold no more than half an hour. This mixture moisturizes the hair, nourishes
their useful vitamins, protects the tips from the section and
repairs damage.

Coffee + honey. In order to make a coffee mask with honey,
take 2 tbsp. spoons of brewed and cooled coffee, add 1 tbsp.
a spoonful of honey, 100 ml of warm milk and 1 egg yolk. All mixed
put on hair and cover with cellophane with a towel. Waiting 30

Coffee + cognac. Especially fragrant and effective is
coffee blend with cognac. It includes 1 teaspoon coffee
thick, 2 egg yolks, 1 tsp of castor oil and 2 tbsp. spoons
cognac. This composition should be applied to the hair no more than
10 minutes.

Coffee + onions. A very good effect on the health of hair bow. therefore
the mask of coffee, which includes this product, will be doubly
useful and valid. For its preparation mix 2 tbsp. spoons
coffee with 1 tbsp. spoon onion juice, add 1 tbsp. spoon burdock
oil and honey. Hold for half an hour on the head, and then washed off with water
lemon juice. Such a mask will not only strengthen the tired strands, but also
will add to them incredible gloss and softness. Besides she
promotes hair growth.

The coffee mask is an amazing and curative hair care product.
which you can easily do yourself at home.
The main thing is regularity, and the result will not take long.

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