Making a mask for colored hair in home conditions

Masks for colored hair at home allow
provide proper care for damaged paint from the curls. To
restore hair after dyeing, you need to provide care
following directions:

  1. Nutrition follicles to prevent loss
    hair and preservation of natural pigmentation.
  2. Moisturize curls and protect them from drying out due to sun
    rays or heat exposure.
  3. Ensuring the preservation of saturated color and shine of hair after

To achieve all this, masks made
houses. You only need to choose the appropriate option, which will be
match the type of hair. You also need to choose a mask and color
curls, because some of the tools have tinting


  • Fruit Mask
  • Mask with lemon and chamomile
  • Coffee mask

Fruit Mask

To make it you need the following: ½ banana, ¼ part
avocado, ¼ part of a glass of brandy, 1 tbsp. l honey, 1 tsp. oils

Now about the process of performing the mask for dry painted
hair. First you need to clean the banana, the required amount of pulp
grind with avocado in a blender. Honey must be melted and
mix with butter. Then add the resulting mixture to puree from
fruits. Again, beat everything in a blender. Finally add brandy
and mix well the whole mass.

This tool can be used before washing curls, and after.
But if you use it on a clean head of hair, the result will be more
noticeable. This tool can suit any type of curls. But
most of all – dry and normal hair, because it has
olive oil.

Those who have oily hair are recommended instead of olive oil
use grape seed oil. The mixture must be applied by
the entire length of the hair. She will be able to perform several functions.
at the same time: to nourish the skin, moisturize the curls, to prevent leaching
pigment, make hair shiny due to its large content
fruit acids. In terms of frequency, it should be applied when
want to. Keep on curls it should be no more than 30 minutes. Then
need to wash it off with warm water. It is important to remember that not
this mixture should be used in the first 7 days after

Mask with lemon and chamomile

To prepare such a mixture, you need to take the following
Ingredients: 1 tbsp. l Chamomile flowers, ½ part lemon, 1 tbsp. l
burdock oil, ½ cup of water.

Chamomile flowers should be placed in an enamel container, then
to fill with water. Keep in a water bath for about 20 minutes. Water not
should boil. When the decoction is ready, you need to squeeze the juice into it.
lemon. Finally, add burdock oil and carefully
to mix everything.

No need to worry that the restoring mask for painted
hair turned liquid. This is how it should be. Apply it with a brush
for coloring the entire length of the hair. After applying the mixture you need
provide hair insulation. For this purpose, you can use
towel or shower cap. Keep the mask for 1 hour. She is
may be suitable for use for all types of curls. With her they
acquire a healthy and noticeable shine, will grow well.

Coffee mask

Need to take the following components: 2 tbsp. l natural
ground coffee, ½ cup of water, 1 tbsp. l castor oil.

The manufacturing process is simple. First you need to pour coffee
boiling water and leave to infuse for 20 minutes. Then it is necessary
to filter. Now you need to add oil and mix.
The resulting mixture should be applied over the entire length of the brush for
staining curls.

It is necessary to distribute it necessarily evenly, because it
able to tint curls. After application is required to wear
polyethylene cap. It is recommended to keep it on the curls about
40 minutes. This tool can tint, helps to preserve
colors of hair. It is undesirable to use this tool.

If the hair is oily, it is recommended to reduce the amount

It is now known how a homemade hair mask is made.
conditions. The above recipes contain only
natural ingredients. Thanks to this, it can be excellent
restore hair, provide it with the necessary care. Then she
can have a beautiful and healthy look. Indeed during the coloring
Curls tolerate very high stress, chemical exposure.
Therefore, after such a procedure, it is imperative to help.
curls so that they can look healthy and please their
beauty There is no doubt that the above recipes can
to help.

After carrying out such simple healing procedures, your
curls can grow faster, become stronger and more healthy.
It is important to help your hair on time and it will be possible
observe a very quick improvement. We wish you health to your hair!

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