Male dreadlocks: 5 reasons to be cooler

A few years ago, it was believed that a well-mannered young
a person should wear only a classic hairstyle. Moreover
who could afford dreadlocks didn’t understand
believing that he is simply not caring for himself. Today is similar
look changed.

Dreadlocks for men


A change of generations has made its own adjustments to the fashion, giving
hairdressers are endless possibilities for ideas and their
incarnations. Male dreadlocks ceased to be

  • 1 Dreadlocks and their features
  • 2 Who is suitable?
  • 3 Types of dreadlocks for men
  • 4 How to make dreadlocks at home?
  • 5 How to care for dreadlocks?
  • 6 How to remove dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks and their features

The name comes from the English word “dreadlocks”, that
in translation means “terrible curls.” Pretty
Popular hairstyle is a tangled strands of hair.
A special feature is that it requires absolutely no
care (even washing).

Her appearance is attributed to a lot of stories and
legends So, it is believed that a similar hair condition was
the first people who did not pay attention to personal hygiene and not
used crests.

But be that as it may, the African men wore dreadlocks first.
And only much later they migrated to Europe. Today such
hairstyles in most cases are supporters of various
subcultures. Although you can often meet young
a man who just wants to stand out among his

Unusual curls


Who is suitable?

This hairstyle is not suitable for owners of thin and weak
hair. This is because the creation of curls, –
quite traumatic process for strands that will negatively affect
on their condition.

With regards to appearance, dreadlocks look best with oval
and round face type. And also stylists recommend to take into account growth.
This hairstyle looks better on high

Short male dreadlocks sometimes look even elegant, they are loved
pop stars and football.


Types of dreadlocks for men

There are several types of similar hairstyles.
To curls bring the expected effect, you need to correctly
pick the type of strands.

Varieties of dreadlocks:

  1. Natural. Formed from your own hair.
    Wear it for about a year with regular corrections.
    You can only lash if they were worn for a short time.
    But most often the chevel is simply cut. Hairstyle of your own hair
  2. Industrial (industrial) – formed
    also from their own hair, but the frame is made of thin wire.
    Outwardly they look quite unusual and interesting, but
    wear, and even more so to sleep, extremely uncomfortable. Variety of dreadlocks
  3. Single ended. Made from artificial hair
    and have one end. Look more neat and aesthetically pleasing than
    natural dreadlocks. They can also be made different
    colors. Artificial hair
  4. Double ended. Very similar to previous ones, but
    have two ends, because of which a large volume is achieved. And first,
    and second, you can wear up to 3 months. Dreadlocks with two ends
  5. Jah. Manufactured in factories. They have
    very smooth and shiny surface. They can also be
    multi-colored. Factory Dreadlocks

How to make dreadlocks at home?

There are several options for weaving dreadlocks.
Of course, now hardly anyone will resort to the methods of Jamaican
Rastafayev, in which such curls formed naturally
by. Simply put, the head is not washed and not combed. Today guys
with dreadlocks – quite civilized and fashionable

The easiest way to get such a hairstyle –
make a start It is created mainly in the salons.
The hair is divided into strands, each of which is combed.
down up. The remaining ends are woven with a hook.

This video shows the easiest way to make.

At home, they can weave
by hands.

Tip! One of the methods for creating dreadlocks is chafing.
wool. But it is worth considering that if curls are made by this
way, then dissolve them will not work out, you can only
cut off.

The process of creating dreadlocks:

  1. Wash and dry hair. It is advisable not to use
    air conditioning and masks. For weaving curls necessarily
    must be completely dry.
  2. Split hair into strands. Each one will become a dreadlock, therefore
    with the thickness you need to decide in advance. You should also do strands
    same volume. To make dreadlocks look better and more natural.
    You can try to make different partings.
  3. When combing the strand should be kept parallel to the floor. Start off
    combing hair must be against their growth (that is, from the tips to
    heads). This should be done until the strand becomes
    tight and solid, while combing, another
    hand curl should curl. For this process
    It is necessary to choose a comb with frequent teeth.
  4. Do the same with the rest of the hair. The main thing,
    don’t hurry, otherwise dreadlocks will turn out
    sloppy and will look sloppy.
  5. When the mats are formed, they need to be fixed. Better this
    make two rubber bands. The first must be tied at the end, and the second – at
    grounds. So dreadlocks will hold shape.
  6. If desired, the entire length can be applied wax.
    He will help to lay his hair.

How to care for dreadlocks?

Stylish hairstyle

Most often, this hairstyle is done by those who want to look
stylish, but at the same time minimize hair care. Believed
that such curls need only periodically
to adjust.

But for those who still consider hygienic procedures indispensable
daily attribute, you must adhere to some
the rules.

Tips for caring for dreadlocks:

  1. You need to wash your hair with only natural
  2. Be sure to wash your scalp well and stay up,
    until the curls are dry.
  3. Make moisturizing masks based on oils. So the hair will not
    weak and brittle and will not fall out.
  4. Regularly adjust the curls. Very often separate
    the hairs will be knocked out and will have to fill them back.
    You can use tweezers or crochet.
  5. It will be necessary to twist the grandfathers with their hands so that they look
  6. Remove the gum when the hairstyle is already fixed (after about 3

Important! Periodically it is necessary to twist regrown
the roots. Usually, after some time, the hair itself will begin
curl up. No need to pinch too hard near the roots –
This can cause hair loss.

How to remove dreadlocks?

Removing Dreads

There are two ways to get rid of such curls:
cut off or stitch. With the first option, everything is simple and
understandably. So let’s find out how to unravel them.

This process is quite long.

Starting from the tip, gently start combing the dreadlocks. For this
the usual crochet hook is ideal (at worst –
fork). If the mats are too dense, you can wet them
hot water, and after already unravel. Some masters
use different oils, conditioners and masks to make
hair is softer and simplify the process.

Tip! Unraveling yourself is not so painful, because
you yourself feel the best way to do it. But turning to
master, be prepared for painful sensations. Although good
a specialist with extensive experience will be able to keep you more
part of the hair.

This video explains what you need to consider before making
dreadlocks, while wearing dreadlocks, as well as when you will them
take off.

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