Manicure for the New 2019

Manicure for the New Year

Nails are a kind of canvas, where you can paint everything,
what the soul desires. It must be remembered that, in turn, a manicure without
taste can ruin the whole image that you created. Also
carefully and carefully select a manicure.

New Year’s manicure is an important component of a festive look.
women. Stunning dress, gorgeous hair, flawless
Makeup complement perfectly executed manicure. Picking up a beautiful
New Year’s manicure, you will have the opportunity to attract attention
a strong half of humanity – men.

Men like well-groomed long nails.

Fashionable manicure for the new year 2019 pick thoughtfully,
consider different details of your image: hair color, make-up,
outfit, shoes, accessories.

The perfect manicure is when the cuticle and marigold are given in
order, and hands are well-groomed and soft. Men like neatly
trimmed marigolds, painted in delicate pastel colors. it
causes them positive experiences, in contrast to the huge
nail extensions with flashy pattern.

Fashionable manicure for the new year 2019: options

In 2019, the manicure should be different natural and
naturalness. No need to make out a garden on their nails. Also not
make too sharp, long and especially square shapes,
which will look extremely inappropriate.

Beautiful, harmonious and simple manicure for the New Year can be
made in the form of a bow that looks very attractive and

2019 will be a very popular manicure with a variety of prints.
On the New Year, you can draw a reindeer or Snow Maiden.

No less popular trend in 2019 will be the trend
color-blocking. It consists of a combination of several blocks.
various shades. As a rule, bold and bright are combined
contrasting shades. Apply this trend in manicure and will
the most fashionable on New Year’s Eve!

If you can not decide on the choice of
New Year’s manicure, then try to do several at once
options. Thus, each of your nails will have its own
Exquisite fashionable and beautiful New Year’s manicure. In that
case attention to you is guaranteed!

don’t forget your hands. Even the most beautiful and sophisticated manicure
would look ridiculous on uncleaned hands. Take care of
this in advance. If your skin is dry, lubricate it with moisturizers.
creams. If there are other disadvantages, then refer to
beautician! Good holidays and good mood!

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