Marble highlighting – pros and cons, photo to and after what it is, how much it holds and to whom it goes

Hairdressers do not cease to amaze us
their inventions. A novelty in the hair dye segment has become
marble highlighting – what kind of technique is it, whom will it fit and how much
holding on? Read in our material.

Marble highlighting: what is it?

The content of the article:

  • Marble highlighting: what is it?
  • To whom goes marble highlighting
  • How to make marble highlighting: a description of the technique
  • Do I need to wash my hair before marble highlighting?
  • How much is marble highlighting in a beauty salon
  • Photos before and after
  • How to make marble highlighting at home itself
    to myself
  • Marble highlights hair care

“Marble” effect is achieved through the use of two

  • basic – they tinted hair around
    volume and length;
  • additional – they are painted separate

Marble highlighting

Feature highlighting is achieved through the use of
unique technique. It helps to create interesting
the glow of the strands and the effect of curls faded to the sun.

Two algorithms are most commonly used:

  • zigzag scheme – hair is divided into two parts
    zigzag parting, followed by highlighting. With
    Parting and styling staining will look every time
    in a new way;
  • darning scheme – select one wide flat
    strand, parts of which are painted separately.

Reference! The mending can be coarse and fine.
Small creates a more uniform uniform shade, large
allows you to focus on individual strands.

To whom goes marble highlighting

Deciding on such staining is:

  • owners of long and medium hair;
  • brown-haired and dark blond;
  • owners of thin hair, deprived
  • everyone who wants to make the image more fresh and updated;
  • everyone who does not have the ability and desire to paint often


Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

How to make marble highlighting: a description of the technique

When performing the highlight of “marbled” master must
focus on the original hair color.

On dark hair

Dark saturated hair color may be a suitable background for
marble highlighting. But with the creation of light strands can
there are difficulties. To get a very light shade,
individual bundles will have to discolor, and then painted in the desired
tone. dark hair

On light brown hair

Light brown hair is the most fertile “canvas” for any highlighting.
Both dark and light shades fit well on them.
If the hair is natural and not previously painted, master
can perform highlight “marbled” in one stage. For
This selects 2 shades close to the original and hair
processed in the selected technique. At the same time the master alternates colors
making sure the upper zone is the lightest. Brown hair

Important! The difference between primary and secondary
shades should not differ by more than 3 tones. Otherwise
staining will look unnatural.

On blonde hair

Marble highlighting assumes the predominance of a dark shade.
over light. Therefore, on blond hair there is a sense
use different versions of light brown – from natural to
mother of pearl. That the effect of “marble” was noticeable, and more
dark strands dominated over light, it is recommended
dyeing method. blonde hair

Do I need to wash my hair before marble highlighting?

The clear answer is “no” – wash your hair before any
staining procedure is not worth it. Fat secret that
produced by the skin, performs an important protective
function. It covers hairs and scalp with thin oily
by layer. Thus, the strands and epidermis are less exposed.
aggressive chemicals and do not require long
recovery. washing head

How much is marble highlighting in a beauty salon

In the beauty salon for the complex staining procedures to which
applies marble highlighting, asking for 3 thousand
rubles. And this is a price list for medium hairstyles.
If the hair is long and thick, the client should count
5-7 thousand rubles.

How much time is done

Dyeing time will depend directly on:

  • original shade of hair;
  • thickness and length of hair;
  • highlighting techniques;
  • the number of colors involved.

hair highlights

If highlighting is carried out in one stage (strands are tinted in
slightly light or slightly dark), the procedure does not take
more than 2-2.5 hours. Phased staining when needed
create a background tint and brighten it will take much
more time – from 3 hours.

How much is holding up

The effect on the curls will last as long as
provided by the composition of the dye. Ammonia-free paint wash off
fast – partial washing out of color is observed after a month
after the procedure. Almost no persistent ammonia
washed off – on the hair will only noticeably grow
the roots. hair

How often can you make marble highlighting

Marble highlighting refers to those types of staining that
do not require frequent updates. The owner of “marble”
hairstyles will have to tint the roots about 8-10 times
weeks. Much will depend on the natural growth rate
hair and base shade. The lower the contrast between “theirs” and
melirovannymi hair, the less it will be possible to update the color.

Reference! On average, hair grows at a rate of 0.35
mm per day. Thus, over the month, the length of the hairstyle is increased by
1-1.5 cm per month.

Beautiful shades and colors

Looks impressively highlight “marbled” on the background of natural
dark shades – chestnut, dark blond, coffee and
chocolate Sometimes it is allowed to use shades of copper, cherry
and ruby. From light shades the most relevant will be ashen,
golden pearl, pearl and amber.

Photos before and after

The following are interesting options for dyeing hair
different lengths.

Marble highlighting for short hair

Short haircuts are not recommended for marble
highlighting. On such hair the effect will not be noticeable, and
all the efforts of the master will be in vain.

On medium hair

Interesting staining “marbled” will look at the cascade
and graded haircuts. These hairstyles are considered the most
moving, so shades will be fun to play in the sun and
glare. For medium hair

Long hair

Such curls are ideal for any technique.
highlighting. They allow to realize the flow of color and
use multiple shades at once.

For long hair

How to make marble highlighting at home itself
to myself

To perform marble highlighting at home is difficult, but
nothing is impossible. First you need to decide on
staining technique and purchase drugs.

Step-by-step instruction

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Color the entire hair volume with the selected pigment.
  2. Without washing off the main tone, apply to selected strands.
    bleaching powder or brightener.
  3. As staining wrap each strand with foil, observing
    features of the selected technology.
  4. After 30 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo and

at home

Required tools

From the tools and accessories will need:

  • Bowls for paint dilution and clarifier;
  • several brushes – for the main and additional tones;
  • foil;
  • hairbrush;
  • hairpins or clips.

What tools are used

Home highlighting can be done with any means –
professional and mass market series. To create pitch
either a non-ammonia paint (washable) or resistant
indelible dye. To lighten the strands you need
purchase a special bleaching powder or
clarifier. Hair Mask

Marble highlights hair care

Wash your head after highlighting is recommended means.
for colored hair. It is recommended to use drugs
with oils and moisturizing ingredients since staining
dries the strands. Every second shampoo should be completed.
masks with restoring and strengthening properties. Read more
about care for melirovanny hair

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