Mask from potatoes for dry and oily skin faces

A woman always wants to be beautiful. Potato mask for face
cooked at home will help you look your best
100%. The main ingredient for it is potatoes. it
affordable and very nutritious for any type of vegetable. With
Proper combination of ingredients is possible to achieve such
results that in the cabin will cost you dearly, and
benefit from them no less. About the best of them will be discussed

Masks from potatoes for dry skin

A face mask against wrinkles is an excellent means of rejuvenation. For
her cooking you need a couple of boiled potatoes and a pair
chestnuts. Potatoes tolkusku tolkushkoy and mash, and chestnuts
mince. Mask cook in a ratio of 1: 1,
seasoning with one tablespoon of olive oil or any
other to your taste. Remove cosmetics from face and process
lotion Apply a potato mask to the surface of the face and leave
for a few minutes. For washing use warm and slightly
salted water. After which you can apply nutrient
product designed for your skin type.

potato mask for face

Versatile, suitable for any type of skin starch in
the composition of such masks makes the skin smooth, silky and radiant, it
also has a gentle whitening effect.

In order to moisturize dry skin of the face, you can
to prepare a tool based on potatoes with the addition of fresh juice from
fruits and vegetables. To do this in equal proportions, take
vegetable puree and mix it with the same part of any fresh to your
taste. The consistency should not be elastic and soft, except
In addition, she will stick well on her face. Apply the agent
It should be on the face for at least 15 minutes, then rinse
alternately contrasting shower. Perfect for dry skin types
an option would be such a procedure for four times a month.
A potato mask is 100% good for you.

Dry skin of the face definitely needs softening and
additional nutrition. This role perfectly copes with the usual
dark beer. Enhance the effect by adding mashed potatoes
egg yolk, one tablespoon of home-made milk and a little
amount of olive or sea buckthorn oil. In conclusion, in
The resulting mixture, enter a bit of dark warm beer. Ready
Apply the mask to your face for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse
mask from the face of the remnants of beer. The effect will be noticeable.
instantly. Repeat it for a week at least 2 times and already
in a month, significant improvements and smoothing will be noticeable
shallow wrinkles.

Masks from potatoes for oily skin

If for the dry type of person they use mainly boiled
mashed potatoes or grated, then for oily skin
raw potato will be an excellent tool.

The benefits of it are much more, because it saves
maximum amount of nutrients that nourish,
moisturize, rejuvenate and remove oily shine from the surface

The benefits of dark beer for dry skin type mentioned above. BUT
But light beer is perfect for fatty. To prepare
nourishing, cleansing mask for oily skin, must be rubbed
grated potatoes and add to it a beaten egg white, tea
a spoonful of lemon juice (for the effect of drying) and a pinch of salt.
Mix well and add warm light beer as much
so that the consistency is not too thin and can hold onto
face. Apply the mixture onto the face for at least 20 minutes.
Then wash it off the face with the remnants of warm light beer. Mask from
raw potatoes are great things for fatty, prone to
the formation of acne dermis.

potato face mask

Oily skin is very prone to the formation of acne and
acne. To cope with this ailment, use
medical drug – aspirin. It perfectly disinfects oily
the skin of the face, removing from the surface not only shine, but also microbes,
capable of causing acne. Cook the vegetable puree and add to it.
2-3 crushed aspirin tablets, mix well. Homogeneous
dilute the mixture with a small amount of sour milk (yogurt,
serum) and apply on face for at least 20-25 minutes. After
Rinse off with warm water and moisten with a suitable cream. Do
This mask can be a day later and after 2 weeks you will notice
significant improvement in her condition.

Oily skin needs mandatory softening, so
please her mask of boiled potatoes with the addition of one
tablespoon of homemade sour cream and a few drops of peroxide
hydrogen. Lemon juice will only enhance the effect and help the skin.
look more smooth and silky. In just a few
procedures you will notice a significant improvement in her condition.

Masks of fresh and boiled potatoes, cooked at home
conditions are a great alternative to costly products from
salon, besides using natural ingredients.
You can make it very easy and simple, while spending
minimum amount of time and getting maximum effect from
this procedure. Mask of potatoes can be used for any women
age At the same time, you can start using masks from raw
potatoes since 15 years.

If your skin is a combination, an excellent remedy will be
a combination of several types of potatoes (raw and boiled).
Potato face mask never hurts you.

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