Masks against hair breaking – beauty and health your hairstyle

how to deal with brittle hairHair fragility is one of the key
problems that almost every person faces
woman. Most of us paid attention to very dry and
brittle hair, and the problem often arose completely
suddenly. Almost perfect hair suddenly loses shine
hair becomes dull, break, and then completely begin
fall out. What to do if you suddenly have such a problem
how is hair breaking?

The first thing that comes to mind is to change the shampoo for more
expensive and “quality” – against brittle hair. But not worth it
to rush to solve a problem in this way
find out why hair breaking happens.

What causes breakage?

  1. Hair, as well as nails, is a “mirror”, which
    reflects the general condition of the body. Naturally, trouble and
    poor condition of the body as a whole and can cause such a problem
    like breaking hair. There are also congenital problems that can
    cause brittle hair, so to speak, naturally problematic hair.
    But this is extremely rare, not more than in 3% of cases.
  2. Lack of vitamins, minerals, nutrients,
    amino acids, which is why hair breaking appears. The reasons for this are
    improper and unbalanced nutrition. Eat more vegetables
    fruits, discard fried, very salty and other harmful
    food. After all, the slagging of the gastrointestinal tract and
    poor intestinal microflora – these are the main causes of deterioration
    skin condition, hair and general well-being. Another number of diseases
    can cause a violation of the integrity of the hair – helminthiasis, giardiasis
    and even caries.
  3. Lack of drinking clean water. You hardly thought about
    that breaking hair and drinking drinking water directly
    interconnected. Many of us drink not very good water either and
    do drink only juices, tea and other drinks. Pure water
    you need at least 2 liters per day, otherwise the problem of dry hair is not
    to avoid.
  4. Hair breaks for other reasons – unfavorable
    the environment, weather phenomena – rain, wind, hard frost, and
    also bright sun. Hair must be protected from the sun.
    radiation, in winter, wear a hat, and hide hair under
  5. Bad habits, especially smoking and alcohol. They are not only
    violate the beneficial composition of intestinal microflora, but also negatively
    affect the condition of the skin (its color changes, it becomes
    dry), and the hair is dried, becomes thin and, as a result,
    hair breaking occurs. Dry hair treatment is not an easy process,
    special attention should be paid to the rejection of harmful
  6. Frequent staining, perm and other treatments with
    using chemicals. Perhaps this reason
    prevails when you have to say that breaking appears
    hair, since after such procedures hair in most cases
    break down and grow dull.
  7. Hair breaking is a result of improper daily care.
    hair, lack of treatment and ignoring masks.

Proper hair care organization includes several
simple rules:

  1. Shampooing should be done at optimum temperature.
    water. It should not be too hot or too cold.
    Shampooing should be fun and comfortable.
    Hair breaking often starts from too hot
  2. It should be taken very carefully and to the choice of shampoo.
    Prefer transparent shampoos with the least amount
    chemical additives, hair breakage will decrease, and maybe
    stop altogether.
  3. A good remedy in dealing with such a problem as brittle hair,
    – Burr oil. It is necessary to carry out the procedure 2 times a week.
    hair treatments. Rub the oil for 20-30 minutes, then wash
    hair shampoo
  4. Do not comb wet hair – it damages them and may
    lead to brittleness and loss. Drying hair naturally
    By, you will also reduce the heat damage.
    hair dryer. Too hot styling daily is not recommended –
    hair breaking is often the result of their constant
  5. Pay special attention to the choice of comb. If you suffer from
    dry and brittle hair, pay attention to the material from which
    the comb is made. Synthetic materials will not bring any
    use, therefore, we prefer comb from natural
    materials (wood with natural bristles). Tooth tips
    must be processed with small balls, such do not scratch and do not
    irritate the scalp.

Hair breaking can be a result of electrification, especially in
winter time, ebony combs will help to avoid it. At the same
time give up plastic and metal – they cause breakage
hair, quickly polluted, which will adversely affect the condition
hairstyles Silicone combs – ideal for very thin and
weak hair: it has antistatic properties and is easy
combing dry brittle hair.

Recipes masks that can be prepared at home

Hair treatment is a long and not always grateful process.
Requires an integrated approach and compliance with all conditions that we
already considered above. A good remedy is a homemade mask.
against brittle hair. It is necessary to make masks courses (while breaking
hair will not stop) – a one-time procedure will not bring

masks on the basis of oils against brittle hairMask of three oils:
olive, castor, burdock. Mix 2 tablespoons
spoons of each of them with one tablespoon of shampoo. We put on
hair and combing. After 5 minutes, we wrap the head with a film and
leave for 30-40 minutes.

After the time my hair is warm water. Such a composition
masks will favorably affect their general condition, hair breaking

Milk-fig mask (2 figs, milk 20 ml).
Figs must first be peeled and chopped. Milk to warm
and pour them chopped figs. We put on a slow fire and boil
15-20 minutes. It should be a homogeneous mass.
Cool the mask to a comfortable temperature, then rub it into
hair roots. We wrap in a towel and hold for 30-40 minutes.

A yeast mask will help if it breaks and falls.
hair. Dilute 1 tablespoon of yeast with herbs decoction (this
may be chamomile, St. John’s wort, calendula), to the resulting mass
add whipped egg yolk. Mass left for 1.5 hours to
the yeast went up. Next, add 1 tablespoon of burdock oil
and 2-3 drops of grapefruit essential oil. The resulting mask is applied
not only on the roots, but along the entire length of the hair.

Mask with aloe. According to reviews – one of the most effective
if chasing hair breaks. Make it necessary from a fresh leaf.
Aloe, which is pre-crushed in a blender. Add honey and
castor oil (one tablespoon), brandy and yolk (according to
one teaspoon) and whisk it all together. Apply mask on hair
for one hour. To achieve the best effect, the treatment course is dry.
hair with such a mask – 6 weeks. Use once a week.

Anti-fragility masks with red wine

1 option masks. Raw egg yolk 1 mix with dining
spoon red wine. Apply the mixture on the hair and keep 15-20

2 option masks. Finely three onions (50 gr.), Add to
him 1h. l almond oil and 1 hl fresh cucumber juice, all this
mix with 3 tbsp. spoons of red wine. Rub the mixture into the skin
heads and distribute over the entire length, especially at the tips. Mask
hold for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Onion smell
will help eliminate lemon juice. Treatment to carry out a course – 2 months with
frequency of application 1 time in 4 days.

A good treatment for brittle hair are masks from
sour cream and sour milk, which also need to be rubbed into
hair roots. We recommend rinsing hair with medicinal herbs –
chamomile, lime blossom, mint infusion, hair breaking can
to decrease.

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