Masks for all hair types

Masks have a different impact force. More powerful
means that can bring the desired result from the first procedure,
recommended to use no more than several times in 30 days.

Homemade hair masks

For regular use women use prophylactic
masks and creams designed to keep curls in good condition.
Such mixtures are usually applied to the hair 2-3 times a week. And not
be sure to spend money on the purchase of expensive products,
for effective and inexpensive means can be prepared
on your own!

Universal masks

Hair care – activities whose main task –
enrich hair with nutrients, increase blood flow, which
stimulates growth, strengthens the roots, makes the hair shiny,
beautiful, smooth. Some drugs provide a therapeutic effect.
and are used as a therapy for diseases such as
baldness or seborrhea. They are effective in case of severe damage.
hair structures, dandruff and other problems.

Universal masks – products suitable for all types of hair,
they not only nourish them, but also make them shiny, silky,
provide high-quality care for both curls and skin

Nettle and forest geranium mask

  • In order to make the tool, you will need a dry mixture.
    nettle and geranium. Nettle
  • Three spoons of plants are mixed with 125 ml of hot water, give
    infuse or use for brewing a water bath.
  • Estimated time – half an hour. Next, the mixture is cooled naturally.
    by up to an acceptable temperature.
  • The composition is applied to the hair, distributing in the area of ​​the roots.
    This tool should be kept for half an hour and
    wash off.

Nettle is a plant widely used in cosmetology.
The herb is rich in plenty of vitamins, ascorbic acid,
different acids and mineral salts. Renders pronounced
therapeutic effect on the hair, nourishing it, strengthening, acting on
hair structure

Tatarnik and hop

  • To create this mask, you will need dry grass
    hop. Hop
  • Plants are brewed by boiling water or a water bath.
    Need 125 ml of water.
  • Next, the resulting composition should be cooled to an acceptable
    temperature, apply on curls, carefully processing them from the roots to
    tips, not forgetting the roots and skin of the head, endure
    about 25 minutes and rinse.

This tool is recommended for use by owners
dark hair.

Collecting herbs

  • To prepare the composition will need the following herbs: nettle,
    hops, chamomile, birch.
  • Plants are added to 125 ml of water; boiling water can be used.
    or use the water bath.
  • After cooling broth it is necessary to add whipped
    chicken egg and a little lemon juice.
  • The resulting paste is applied to the hair and kept on
    over a period of 25-35 minutes, wearing a warming hat on his head.

Herbal mask helps strengthen and nourish hair, makes
their obedient.

Herbal & Oil Mask Castor oil

  • For a great result you need: nettle,
    St. John’s wort, birch leaves, chamomile flowers, clover – each grass
    one pinch.
  • 125 ml of burdock oil are added to the mixture and the composition is hidden in
    dark place, having previously closed the container. Time for preparing
    infusion – 14 days.
  • Next, the composition is filtered, slightly heated and applied to the curls
    over the entire length.
  • Withstand the mask on average 60-90 minutes and wash off using

Collecting herbs with oil

  • Nettle (1h. L.), Chamomile flowers (1h. L.), Birch leaves (1h.
    l.), pansies (1 h. l.) mixed, dripping a few drops
  • 125 ml of burdock oil are added to the composition and heated
    through the water bath for half an hour.
  • Next, add 10 ml of lemon juice and yolk to the broth. For these
    goals it is better to use homemade eggs, not purchased
  • Mix means and apply on curls, put on your head
    warming cap and mask for 60-90
  • Wash your hair off using shampoo.

Mask with oils and herbs Herbs Powder

  • To obtain the composition will need 1 tsp. such herbs: flowers
    chamomile, comfrey, calendula.
  • Having learned herbal collection pour 25 ml of water, insist or
    brew in a water bath (20 minutes).
  • The broth should be cooled, add 7-9 drops of different
    essential oils. The best effect will provide oils of lavender, rosemary,
  • The composition is mixed. To apply lightly moisturize hair
  • The mask is kept for one and a half hours, while
    warming the head with a film and a towel.

Oil mask

For the mask will need only essential oils.

Excellent effect will provide jojoba oil (25 drops), tea
tree (20 drops), almond oil (1 tbsp. l.).

The resulting mixture is slightly heated and applied to the light.
moisturized hair, stand for at least one hour and wash off
in the traditional way using shampoo.

To get the desired result, it is better to use the tool.
at least 2 times in 7 days.

The miraculous possibilities of essential oils are not
a secret. They exude a pleasant aroma, provide healing
Effect. People knew about their possibilities in ancient times. So in
Egypt oils were added to the cream and ointment, as well as to other

Oils and vitamins Vitamin A

  • To create funds mix 1 tbsp. l burdock,
    castor oil, vitamins E, A in liquid form.
  • Also add dimeksidin and all components carefully
  • The drug is applied to the curls, insulate the head with a towel and
    incubated for several hours.
  • This procedure is recommended for women with severely damaged
    head of hair.
  • Carry out several times in 30 days.

Nourishing mask of various oils

To create the funds will need: 1 tbsp. l castor,
almond and olive oils.

The ingredients are mixed, brought to homogeneity and rubbed into the skin
covers and roots, not forgetting to warm the head with a towel or
polyethylene cap.

Mask stand 120 minutes. The event is repeated at least
once a month.

Essential oils lavender oil

It will take a few tablespoons of vinegar, preferably
use apple and burdock oil in the same

Add a couple of drops of lavender, thyme, sage to the mixture.

The composition of the slug is heated, then applied to the curls, warmed head
film and aged for several hours.

Rinse the head with water and vinegar or
citric acid.

Burdock oil and calendula

To create a mask you need to take a small spoonful of tincture.
calendula, a couple of tablespoons of burdock oil.

After that, one egg yolk is hammered into the mixture – everything is mixed,
using a whisk or fork.

The procedure will bring the desired effect with regular use – not
less than 2 times in 6-8 days.

Mask based on eggs, oils and lemon

Whipped yolk, peach oil (1 tbsp. L), lemon juice (1 tsp.)
mix well, and the resulting composition is distributed throughout

Mask hold on the hair for a quarter of an hour and wash
hair in the usual way.

The procedure recommended to perform regularly, with the frequency –
2-3 times during the week.

Honey, scarlet and castor oil honey

On one spoon of honey and aloe mix, add as much
castor oil.

The tool is applied to the hair and incubated for 35-45 minutes.

Next, wash the head in the usual way, and repeat the procedure
several times in 6-8 days.

Rum-based nourishing mask

Castor oil (1 tbsp.) And rum in the same volume are mixed and
distributed over the entire length of the hair, the composition does not wash off about 60
minutes Mask should be done 2 times in 6-8 days.

Nourishing mask with oils and banana

In order to make a healing mixture, you will need one banana,
which is ground in a grater, added to the mixture in 1 tbsp. l honey
peach oil, all mixed in a homogeneous composition.

Banana mask is distributed over the entire length of the hair, the head
wrapped in a towel or insulated with a cape.

Gruel wash turn half an hour after application. Event
recommended to repeat 6-8 times a month.

Banana – a delicacy that leaves no one indifferent
children, no adults. Moreover, it is not only delicious, but also
useful. Exotic fruit contains a significant amount
vitamins, carotene, potassium, fiber and other essential for
organism nutrients.

Gelatin based mask Gelatin

1 tbsp. l gelatin combine with the same amount of familiar
shampoo, add the yolk of the 1st chicken egg, all mixed.

The resulting suspension is applied to the hair, stand a quarter
hours and wash your hair without using shampoo.

The procedure is recommended to repeat throughout the month, with
at intervals of 3-4 days.

Gelatinous gruel is an excellent means to smooth
hair, make their structure smooth.

Gelatin with butter

For the mask you need gelatin (25 grams) and 125 ml of water, in
which it is thoroughly dissolved, after obtaining a homogeneous
the composition of it add a small spoonful of vinegar, preferably
use apple, a couple drops of jasmine and sage oils.

The composition is stirred, heated to room temperature and
applied to the zone of roots, tips and the entire length of the curls.

The tool should take a quarter of an hour, and then rinse
water with apple / table vinegar and lemon

Mask is best done regularly – once a week. Remedy with
gelatin and oil helps to smooth hair.

Oatmeal mask

It will take half a cup of oatmeal, which is ground into flour.

Add three large spoons of honey, cucumber juice, lemon juice – all
ingredients combine.

Gruel is applied to the hair and washed off after half an hour.

The mask will bring the desired result with frequent use, and
precisely – 8 times / month.

Chocolate mask

To obtain the desired effect, cocoa (powder) is required, and
also the same amount of honey.

Components connect, add egg (it is desirable to use
only yolk).

All connect and apply on the scalp.

The mask is applied every two days for thirty days.

Honey and onions Bow for hair

It is necessary to squeeze out a couple of tablespoons of juice from the onion head,
combine it with the same amount of honey.

Mix components and add a small spoonful of juice.

The composition is applied to the scalp, rubbed into the roots and spread over

The head should be covered with a warm cloth or plastic and sustain.
mask for an hour.

The tool is recommended to use 8-9 times in 30 days.

Creamy wheat mask

It will take a few tablespoons of cream, 1 tsp, wheat
(it is desirable to use germinated grains).

Two lemon juice are also added to the ingredients.
small spoons.

The mixture is distributed over the hair and insulate the head. Flush her
need half an hour later.

The mask should not be applied once a week.

Garlic Cosmetic clay

Need a few cloves of garlic. They are crushed and rubbed into
scalp, put a hat on and wrap a head in a warm
handkerchief / towel.

This tool should be left on the hair for 15 minutes, and after
wash off using shampoo.

This vegetable mixture is effective for hair growth, as well as

Lemon with garlic

It is necessary to squeeze out 2 tablespoons of garlic cloves. l juice and put together
it with lemon juice.

Some green clay can be added to the composition.

Such gruel is distributed in curls, not forgetting the roots and

It is necessary to withstand the mask for 35-45 minutes and wash off. Procedure
recommended to be held for a month, making every week
1-2 masks.

Bearberry mask

It will take half a cup of oatmeal, about 1 tbsp. l water and the same
freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Components must be mixed to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
The resulting paste is applied to the scalp, lightly massaging it.

Mask withstand 45 minutes, while warming the head. Means
effective if you use it several times a week for
30 days.

Lemon Kefir Mask Kefir

You need 2-3 lemons. Peel grind to a state of gruel,
adding 1 tbsp. l kefir and yolk.

The mixture is stirred and spread on the hair, insulate the head and
wash off after 35-45 minutes.

The tool is recommended to use twice in 7 days on
throughout the month.


Three tablespoons of seaweed mixed with water and egg

The gruel is distributed over the pre-moistened curls and
warm the head with a scarf and film.

The mask is washed off after 35 minutes, using slightly warm water and
habitual shampoo

Yeast and Kefir Mask

Five tablespoons of yeast are mixed with a small amount of kefir,
preferably non-greasy.

The result should be a paste that is applied to the head and

The mask should be used several hours before washing.

Beet Mask Beet

  • Beets are peeled and crushed by means of small
  • In the root add a spoonful of yogurt, egg yolk.
  • All components are mixed and applied, evenly distributing
    over the entire length.
  • The head should be wrapped in a plastic cap and
  • Means washed off the head, holding it for 1.5
  • It is better to use slightly acidified for rinsing.

Beetroot – a vegetable containing a large amount of vitamins,
folic and organic acids, sugars, fats and other beneficial
substances. People root is widely used to treat
hypertension, weight loss, hair treatment for

Beet-carrot mask

  • You will need beets and carrots of small size.
  • Vegetables are peeled and crushed with a grater.
  • The resulting slurry is applied to pre-moistened with water.
  • To get a good effect, you can warm your head with warm
    handkerchief / towel.
  • Mask stand for about an hour and wash off.
  • For rinsing is better to use water with the addition of lemon

Carrot mask

A small carrot is peeled and ground on a grater. AT
gruel add chicken egg and juice of half a lemon.

Carrot-lemon puree is applied to the curls, the head is warmed.

Means maintain about 50 minutes caress water,
acidified with lemon or vinegar.

Mask with pumpkin Pumpkin

Pumpkin is divided into pieces, pulp crushed on a grater or
grinder. Gruel is applied to wet curls and wrap the head
a towel.

Wash off the vegetable mask after 45 minutes. The procedure is carried out
regularly, trying not to miss a single session – up to 8
times / month

Pumpkin with egg

Slices of pumpkin should be opened to readiness and knead in
mashed potatoes.

It should add one egg, a spoonful of honey.

The ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous composition is obtained.
which is applied to wet hair.

It is desirable to warm the head with a plastic cap and
hold the mask for about 60 minutes.

Rinse water is acidified with citric acid / vinegar.

Henna Mask henna

If you do not want to change the shade of hair, then the mask is better.
use colorless option.

Fill the bag with warm water.

Stir the ingredients and wait for 20 minutes.

Next, add a little burdock oil to the composition, several
Camellia of vitamins A and E. Mass is applied to the hair and washed off after
four o’clock.

To obtain a pronounced therapeutic effect means
use regularly – up to 8 times / month.

Nettle and henna

  • You will need a bag of colorless henna (if you do not want to change the color
    hair), as well as half a cup of chopped nettle (you can
    use dried).
  • The ingredients are filled with water and brought to readiness by
    water bath. On average, the process takes 30 minutes.
  • The resulting mass should be cooled to acceptable temperatures and
    add one yolk.
  • After thorough mixing, the paste is applied to the roots, skin
    covers and full length.
  • Head can be wrapped in a towel.
  • Wash off the mask in two hours, and follow the procedure
    several times in 7 days.
  • The tool makes the hair softer, smoother and

The composition of henna are resinous and fatty substances,
acids, a lot of various vitamins that promote healing
lanes. The plant is used as a coloring agent that
possible due to the content of pigments.

Peach mask

For the procedure you will need 10 ml of peach oil, in which
add chicken yolk, juice from a quarter of a lemon, as well as 5 ml
apple cider vinegar.

The composition is distributed into curls, wrapped his head in a towel and
soak about half an hour. Mask should be used regularly –
at least every 7 days.

Cognac mask Cognac

It is necessary to stir grape seed oil (1 tbsp. L) and
as much cognac.

Into the mixture is added an egg, vitamins A and E several

Mass is distributed through the hair, the head is warmed warm
a handkerchief.

To sustain means it is necessary within an hour and to rinse
head with warm water acidified with citric acid.

This cosmetic procedure should not be performed every three months.
days for several months.


A small root vegetable is ground in a meat grinder or grater.
The resulting vegetable gruel is applied to the scalp, gently
rubbing massage movements.

The head is covered with a warm scarf and a plastic cap.

The mask is washed off after 55-65 minutes and is used regularly on
throughout the month several times in 7 days.

Lemon on alcohol

It will take 40% alcohol, juice from a quarter of a lemon – the components
mix and start applying to the head.

To do this, use cotton wool or cotton discs. The mixture is kept
about half an hour, and the field is washed off.

The tool is designed to stimulate hair growth, the procedure
should be repeated several times in 7 days.

Mask to soften curls

10 ml of water, 15 ml of alcohol or cologne, a teaspoon of lemon juice
and 5 drops of glycerin are combined and mixed.

The resulting solution is applied to the roots, skin and hair.
This mask is not necessary to wear for a long time – her
wash off after 3-5 minutes.

For hair volume

You need half a glass of light beer, the same amount of champagne and
egg. The components are mixed and applied to slightly moist.
hair, stand a quarter of an hour.

The product is rinsed from the head with regular shampoo and
caress with the help of water, with the addition of a small amount
citric acid.

Clay mask Clay for hair

For the mask you will need a spoon of blue clay, butter,
mustard, lemon juice in the same quantity, as well as one chicken

The components are mixed and the resulting mass is applied to the roots and all
length curls. They put a hat on their head and keep it in place.
about two hours. Mask should be applied regularly.

Clay – a popular product in the field of cosmetology. She is
includes a large number of useful substances, for example,
mineral salts, has cleansing and disinfecting properties.
Moreover, the clay in a positive way affects the skin,
normalizes blood flow and metabolic processes in it.

Clay Mask №2

Blue clay in the amount of two spoons mixed with kefir –
You should get a thick puree consistency.

The mass is transferred to a container with a lid and left to stand.
for 60 minutes. After the mixture is applied to the roots and the entire length of the hair.
It is desirable to warm the head with a special cap and scarf.

Clay Mask №3

For the preparation of tools will need some white clay,
which is combined with 50-100 ml of water.

The resulting mass is complemented by two drops of tea tree oil.
and applied to the hair, including the roots.

This paste should be left for a quarter of an hour, and after
rinse with slightly warmed water, adding to the bathing procedure

White clay mask is a great way to strengthen hair,
it can also get rid of dandruff.

Clay-lemon mask

The recipe involves the use of two tablespoons of white clay, which
combine with a small amount of water to form a consistency
thick sour cream.

Lemon juice is added to the mass – about a teaspoon. Mixture
spread on the hair and leave for 30-40 minutes.

Means shows excellent results, making curls elastic,
smooth and obedient. The mask is effective against dandruff and
increased hair breakage.

Mask of clay and vinegar Vinegar

It will take a little white clay (the amount is calculated on the basis of
from the length of the hair), which is mixed with water – should be
mixture, similar to thick sour cream.

Add apple or table vinegar to the mass in the amount of one
a teaspoon and put the mixture on the hair.

To get the best effect, it is better to warm the head,
for example, a polyethylene cap.

The mask is worn for half an hour, and then washed off slightly warmed.

Mud Mask

A few spoons of mud mixed with water – should
get a pasty mass, which is applied along the entire length
curls and incubated for about 25-35 minutes.

Nourishing mask

As ingredients, use: 1 tsp. honey
sour cream / mayonnaise, castor oil and pre-ground
garlic (a couple of cloves).

Stir the composition and rub into the roots with a neat massage.

The procedure should be performed with a frequency of 2 times per 8 days.

Smoothing Mask

The ingredients used are honey (2 tbsp. L.), lemon juice and
Onions in the same quantity, as well as one egg and 125 ml of kefir.

The resulting composition is distributed throughout the head wrapped her
film. Mask washed with hair no earlier than 90 minutes.
The tool is recommended to apply up to eight times per month.

Vitamin mask Vitamins

For the procedure will need: a spoonful of carrot juice,
aloe and lemon.

Next, add 1 tbsp. l skate and burdock oil. Composition
spread on the roots and hair, not forgetting the entire length. Head
You can wrap a warm scarf.

Mask stand about 30-40 minutes, and then washed.

The procedure will bring effect with regular use – preferably
Do not skip such treatment sessions and perform them several times in
a week

For healthy and beautiful hair are useful masks, cooked on
the base of fruit juices, for example, apple, cherry, lemon.

The structure includes fruit acids with exfoliating
properties in a positive way affect the skin,
roots and hair that become shiny, docile and

Japanese mask

For cooking means you need honey, lemon juice, and
Sake – all ingredients about 20 ml.

They are connected, distributed through the hair, paying attention to the roots and
the entire length.

The tool is recommended to stand for 20-35 minutes, and
After rinse off with slightly warm water.

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