Masks for dry hair – the best products for their moisturizing and recovery


Looking for a mask for dry hair? A small rating of the best brand
products will help you navigate the variety of moisturizers
formulas of modern beauty industry. Detailed homemade recipes
help to prepare the mask with his own hands – from kefir, honey, eggs,
oils and even … mustard!

They resemble a crow’s nest because they are difficult to lay in
hairstyle They constantly electrify and cling to any matter.
– a chair in the car, jackets of passers-by, own scarf. They
Differ thinning, cuts and brittleness, quickly
damaged and need special care. It’s about dry
hair type.

Sometimes it’s enough home care
improve their condition. Often you have to turn to
specialists – trichologist to the hospital or a beautician to the salon. AND
necessarily owners of such curls should regularly do
moisturizing and restoring masks for dry

They can be purchased at a store or pharmacy (from branded
producers) or prepared personally at home
conditions for special recipes of the most ordinary food.

Moisturizing masks for dry hair

The functionality of masks for dry hair

Any mask for very dry hair, store
or home, performs a variety of functions in order to improve
condition of painful and problematic strands. Some of them
multifunctional. For example, oil can and restore, and
moisturize and nourish.

Others have a specific purpose: mustard must
only if you suffer from stunted growth
their curls. Therefore, when choosing a tool, pay attention to
what properties they possess. After these masks dry hair

  • get maximum hydration;
  • recover if they are damaged, fragile or
  • nourish with all sorts of vitamins and trace elements;
  • become softer and obedient;
  • acquire healthy shine and beautiful radiance;
  • less electrifying;
  • easier to fit into the hair.

So go seriously to the question of which masks
for dry hair will help exactly in your case. Final result
will largely depend on this. On their effectiveness also
affect how well you will be able to use them.

Good advice! Before making masks
of this kind, make sure that you have really dry
hair. Attach a dry tissue or tissue to the scalp,
press and hold for about 30 seconds. If on the surface
material will remain white scales and there will not be the slightest hint of
greasy, greasy spots – you really have a dry hair type.


Application features

From the ability to properly use the mask for dry hair will
depend on their effectiveness and end result. So try
adhere to the following rules.

  1. You need to look for fat masks for dry hair with
    heavy, thick consistency.
  2. The more their composition will be oils (Oil) and water (Aqua), the
    it is better.
  3. Test any mask if it is causing skin allergies.
  4. If you are preparing a home mask, remember a few uppercase.
    truths: if dairy products – the most fat; if the egg is
    only yolk, but not protein; if honey is floral.
  5. Cosmetic oils, honey, yogurt and kefir lightly
    heated in a water bath.
  6. No need to apply a mask on dry hair – pre them
    It is recommended to slightly moisten.
  7. Treat and scalp, and roots, and strands along the entire length, and
    the tips.
  8. Do the insulation of plastic hats and towels.
  9. The duration of the mask must be exactly
    conform to the recipe or instructions.

Try less experimenting with masks for dry
hair, as they have not only cosmetic, but also therapeutic
act. Any initiative can end only deterioration
condition curls. It remains to make a choice – you will use
branded tool or cook homemade.

On a note. Choosing and cooking
homemade hair masks, keep in mind that the eggs in their composition
may leave behind a not quite pleasant smell. It can
eliminate by adding a few drops to the rinse water
essential oil.

The best brand moisturizing and restoring masks

Top Brand Masks Rankings

It’s hard to say which is the most effective mask for dry hair, –
After all, today almost all cosmetic concerns
let out the whole lines of moistening means. Small
rating will help to navigate this

    1. Buriti Nut Intensive Repair Mask – a mask for intensive
      restoration of dry and damaged hair. Chinese brand Taya.
      $ 62.4.
    2. Hydra Rescue Repair — a moisturizing professional mask for
      dry hair. The American company Revlon Professional. $ 44.2.
  1. Deep Nourish Mask – intensive moisturizing and nourishing mask
    for dry hair. Italian company KAARAL. $ 13.6.
  2. Maize Hair Mask – corn mask for dry and normal
    hair. Israeli brand Christina. $ 13.2.
  3. Mineral – a mask for dry split ends of damaged hair.
    Israeli company Spa Pharma. $ 11.3.
  4. Kode Kone Hair Treatment Ten In One – Professional
    indelible spray mask for dry and damaged hair. Spanish
    firm Periche Professional. $ 9.
  5. Sea buckthorn – a mask for dry damaged hair. Russian
    Natura Siberica brand. $ 6.2.
  6. Triple recovery – firming mask for dry,
    dry hair. French company Garnier Fructis. $ 5.7
    (company garnier).
  7. Revitalizing cedar mask for recovery and nutrition
    dry and weak hair. Russian concern Grandmother Agafya.
    $ 2.5.
  8. Bread mask for dry dyed hair. Russian brand DNC.
    $ 1.4.

Perhaps this TOP is the best mask for dry hair,
which is perfect for you. If chemical scares you
formulas in the composition of brand means, you can do the preparation
home masks that will be 100% natural.

Keep in mind. Professional and pharmacy
masks for dry hair are much more effective than normal

How to use masks for dry hair

TOP home recipes

Natural composition, safety in use, minimum of side
effects, decent results – this is what will please you with masks for
dry hair at home.

  • For dry tips

Yogurt mask for dry ends of hair
moisturize and restore them. Drinking yoghurt without dyes and additives
warm slightly to 30. Add a raw egg to it,
Beat thoroughly and dip the tips in this mixture for 20-30 minutes.

  • For dry damaged hair

The restoring mask for dry and
damaged hair is recommended for anyone
the problem of fragility and cuts is not solved. It can also be done
after chemical waving and dyeing. Mix 50 grams of banana puree (without
lumps) with 30 ml of burdock oil and raw yolk.

  • For dry brittle hair

From colorless henna at home can get
effective mask for dry and brittle hair. For her
cooking need to dissolve 2 tablespoons of Iranian powder
colorless henna water to make a cream. Add to it by 1
a tablespoon of liquid flower honey, brandy, olive oil and
raw yolk. After thorough kneading, apply on head to
half an hour.

  • For dry colored hair

After any types of staining (highlighting, bronding,
coloring, balayazha) just need a mask for dry and
dyed hair that after such procedures
intensively lose moisture. Just for the night once a week apply on
full length strands of kefir without additional ingredients.

  • For thin dry hair

Firming and restoring mask for
thin and dry hair will turn out on the basis of oils and
the eggs. For example, you can beat burdock oil and yolks. Time
actions – half an hour.

  • Moisturizing

For complete care, you just need a universal
moisturizing mask for dry hair which
split ends will heal, and brittle strands will restore, and thin
will strengthen, and painted nourishes with all necessary. She can
cook at home according to the following recipe. Mix ½
glasses of natural yogurt without dyes and additives, dining
a spoonful of aloe juice, raw egg yolk and 20 ml of coconut oil,
slightly heated in a water bath.

  • Nutritional

In the cold period of time will help nourishing.
mask for dry hair. Mix and reheat in a water bath in one
Capacity of 30 ml of castor oil and 15 ml of burdock oil. Bring to warm
condition, add raw yolk.

  • For growth

Maybe someone will need a mask for growth
dry hair that usually grows rather slowly, whereas
every woman wants to have long and chic curls. To dilute
30 grams of beer yeast 50 ml of water. Beat with raw yolk. Leave
for an hour to ferment the mixture. Before applying, pour in 3 drops
rosemary essential oil.

  • With butter

The best moisturizing is a mask with oil
for dry hair, and with absolutely any. It may be
castor, burdock, sea buckthorn, olive or almond. Can
mix them all in equal quantities and enjoy the effects of this
regenerating and nutritional remedies. Hold time – from 20
minutes to 2 hours.

  • With egg

Nourishing and moisturizing mask for dry hair with
The egg also has healing properties. Beat up
1 raw egg with 50 ml of cognac. Add 15 ml of conditioner.
Spread the mixture over the entire length of the hair with a comb. Leave
for half an hour.

  • With olive oil

Perfect mask for dry hair with olive
oil, as it has excellent moisturizing
properties. Preheat it and apply it to the strands in its purest form.
the entire length. If desired, you can add a raw egg or kefir

  • With honey

Nourishing mask for dry hair with honey
make them soft and silky, give shine and healthy glow,
which they lacked. Heat ordinary water (or decoction
chamomile) in a water bath in a volume of 100 ml, add 50 ml there
flower honey. Wait for it to melt and apply on head
half an hour.

  • With gelatin

Gelatinous may be a good help
mask for dry hair. A tablespoon of gelatin is diluted 3
tablespoons of milk. Leave to swell for 20 minutes.
Heats up in a water bath. It is cooled. A tablespoon is added.
honey and 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil. Action time – 40

  • With mustard

How effective is the mustard mask for dry
Hair – a very controversial issue, as the powder of this hot seasoning
possesses drying properties and is strictly prohibited for
use in the framework of care for damaged curls. If only
water mustard diluted add enough
olive oil that will soften aggressive action
the main substance of the mask. Be extremely careful with this.
means that it does not burn the already weakened strands.

  • Burdock oil

Good get a homemade mask for dry hair with
burdock oil, which will restore them, make it soft and
obedient. Mix burdock oil with castor oil in a ratio of 2 to 1,
add raw yolks, apply for half an hour.

  • With kefir

Kefir mask will be very useful for
dry hair that has regenerating and softening
properties. Heat the dairy product in a water bath in the amount of
100 ml, add 50 ml of olive oil to it, before applying to
Beat the head into the mixture raw egg. Keep 50-60 minutes.

Homemade masks for dry hair
diverse in their functionality (nourishing, moisturizing,
regenerating, for growth), purpose (for brittle,
damaged, split, thin strands), composition (mustard and
gelatin, oil and egg, kefir and honey).

Such a rich assortment provides a wide field for selection.
necessary funds. However, getting lost in it is also very easy.
So do not be discouraged if you have to go through a few
recipes before you find the one and most effective
a mask that will carefully care for dry curls and
will put them in order.

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