Masks for dry skin – moisturizing, rejuvenation and nutrition in one tool


If after each washing you feel skin tightness, if
it cracks and flakes due to weather factors, often
irritated, you need masks for dry skin for regular
care for this type of epidermis. About the features of their use, we
will tell you in this article.

Many women face the problem of being very dry,
sensitive, prone to peeling skin of the face. Someone she with
adolescence, someone discovers her signs only with
by age. She requires special care and money: she constantly
Moisturizing and control of the sebaceous glands are necessary.

Cream alone can often not cope with such tasks, and
scrubs and gommazhi in such situations are not recommended for active
application. Therefore, a cosmetic mask for dry skin
Persons, whether it is shop or home, – great
addition to the main line of care for this type of epidermis.

It for a long time (15-40 minutes) affects
it and with regular use puts in order. Really
whether it is as effective and how to choose a product in accordance with
your features?

Effective mask for dry skin

Why dry skin need masks

Despite promising advertising, even the nicest
moisturizer can not give dry skin lasting protection. is he
contacts her too little time, failing to penetrate
desired depth. The surface of the skin after it softens,
but only for a short time.

As soon as you go out into the street in a strong wind or frost, you will wash
hot water, make-up – immediately feel the return
dryness. The mask also has a longer action. She is
manages to transport the active substances in the thick of the dermis –
therefore, its effectiveness will be maintained much longer. Sensations
should be very pleasant because the driest skin in

  1. gets maximum hydration, as a result of which it leaves
    constant feeling of tightness;
  2. rejuvenates if the first age changes have already affected
    her: wrinkles are smoothed, the appearance of new ones is slowed down;
  3. gets healthy color because nutrients
    deliver oxygen to her in the required amount;
  4. does not suffer so much from aggressive weather conditions in the form of
    scorching heat, merciless ultraviolet, stinging frost,
    drying up even more wind.

This kind of effect masks for dry skin
will be noticeable and noticeable after the first procedure. And each time
with regular use of the chosen remedy, it will only
intensify. However, the main thing here is to stop in time, because
the epidermis may be overwhelmed by the same substances and
stop responding to them.

Therefore, it is important to take a break when it is required.
However, this is not the only nuance of using these
miraculous moisturizing masks.

On a note. If you want to strengthen the action
moisturizing mask for dry skin, pick up a cream for her and
Scrub the same series and use all these tools in a single

The main components of moisturizing face masks

We will teach you to use grapefruit for face to moisten,
whiten skin, smooth wrinkles.

Masks of tulips—

Application features

Many women prefer to make a mask for dry skin.
persons at home as it includes
only natural ingredients, well tolerated and not worth it
big money. But there are those who find it easier to purchase such a tool.
(ready, fragrant and airy consistency) in the store.
Beauticians and advertising claim that they are very effective and
provide results almost instantly.

Both branded and homemade masks for moisturizing dry skin require
special treatment, because this type of epidermis has a high
sensitivity and vulnerability. So take note
some useful tips.

  1. When choosing a brand mask for dry skin, look, there is
    whether it is in the ratings and what reviews are left by those who are already
    managed to take advantage of this miracle of modern cosmetic
  2. Carefully read the packaging. You should be interested in three
    things: shelf life; composition; intended use: moisturizing
    masks can be different – rejuvenating and nourishing, for
    sensitive and mature skin, against wrinkles and age spots;
  3. Check any mask if it does not contain allergens for
    your skin substances. This can be done by pre-applying
    small amount of compound on the wrist.
  4. If you are preparing a mask for dry skin at home, watch
    for it to be quite liquid. If after applying it
    there was a feeling of tightness, it is hardly your means.
  5. For making homemade masks, take the most natural and
    Fresh products: milk, kefir, cottage cheese, eggs, fruits and vegetables.
  6. Alcohol-containing liquids and such aggressive, annoying
    components like mustard, turmeric, red pepper,
    contraindicated for dry skin – if only
    combination with ultra-moisturizing products.
  7. To avoid lumps, beat the mixture in a blender.
  8. All kinds of oils are very good for homemade masks, so don’t
    disdain castor, burdock, olive.
  9. If you take dairy products, they should be as much as possible
    fatty to moisturize dry epidermis.
  10. The action time of moisturizing masks for dry skin – at least 15
  11. Frequency of application – twice a week. Course – 13-15 masks.
    The interval for rest is a month.

Do you want dry face skin transformed for the better under
exposure to a cosmetic mask? In this case, cook and
use it correctly. Remember: if you do it
irregularly, from time to time, you will not see tangible results.
Therefore, it is better to do everything right initially and enjoy
immaculate condition of the epidermis. If you prefer products
modern beauty industry, a small excursion into the world of moisturizing
industrial production masks will tell you how to make
right choice.

Be careful! After 30 years subcutaneous
the glands slow down fat production, so the epidermis becomes either
normal (if it was previously fat), or dry (if it was
normal). Therefore, many manufacturers make moisturizing masks
also anti-aging. If you are between 18 and 30 years old, such funds
to nothing. Everything has its time!

How to make a mask for dry skin

TOP best masks for dry skin

Even the most experienced professional is unlikely to tell you exactly
What is the best mask for dry skin.
Names of this kind of goods on the modern market – a huge
quantity. For the acquisition of some need considerable financial
funds, others are available to a wide range of consumers. However due to
individual features of the skin, the first may not work in full
force, while the latter will delight in their results. So the main thing
– not the price, but the formula of beauty and youth laid in them. TOP 10
the best brand masks to moisturize dry skin will help you

  1. Vitalise Moisturizing Optimizing Mask – Mask for Deep
    moisturizing. Holy Land. Israel. $ 57.
  2. Beauty mask – beauty mask for dry skin. Anna Lotan.
    Israel. $ 23.1.
  3. Deep moisturizing cream mask with amino acids and hyaluronic
    acid. New Line Professional. Russia. $ 16.5.
  4. Quenching Mineral Mask – moisturizing mineral mask. Vichy.
    France. $ 16.4.
  5. Honey Sleeping Pack Canola – mask for dry skin,
    prone to flaking. Holika Holika. Israel. $ 13.3.
  6. Biocellulose Mask – intensively moisturizing lifting mask
    (biocellulose). Janssen Cosmetics. Germany. $ 12.3.
  7. Moisturizing mask with hyaluronic acid and algae. Bark.
    $ 11.4.
  8. Sea Herbal Beauty Mask Vanilla – Vanilla Beauty Mask for
    dry skin. Christina. USA. $ 11.3.
  9. Moisturizing alginate mask with aloe vera extract. Velinia
    Russia. $ 2.5.
  10. Moisturizing + Freshness – an innovative fabric mask,
    super moisturizing and cleansing. Garnier (buy Garnier). France.
    $ 2.4.

Here are some masks for dry skin recommend
for regular use by specialists. Each of these formulas
developed by dermatologists in close tandem with cosmetologists in
laboratory conditions tested to obtain the desired
result, tested for a long time. So all
These funds have definitely gained the authority of quality, good
masks designed specifically for the dehydrated type of epidermis.

Helpful advice. Many brands already have
ready-made line of products for moisturizing dry skin, in which
includes masks too. So get them immediately bundled.
For example: Gratiae series in Premier (Israel), H2O Aquasphera in
Keenwell (Spain), Biobasica y Egia (Italy), Hydra Expert
Professional at Eveline (Poland), Hydrabio at Bioderma (France), Dry
skin from Janssen (Germany) and many other professional lines,
Used primarily in salons.

What is the best mask for dry skin

Homemade Mask Recipes

Homemade masks for dry skin are not only good for your
naturalness and budget. They can be quickly and easily
to adjust. The result was a thick consistency – milk bred
or decoction of herbs. Too liquid – added any fruit
mashed potatoes, bread or oatmeal. The skin did not fit with the first time
– changed it. Listen to your own feelings – and
the effectiveness of these unique tools will not take long.
Choose your saving recipe and enjoy the amazing
the result.

  • Moisturizing

Mix buckwheat honey (½ teaspoon), egg yolk (1 pc.),
lemon juice (not more than 10 drops), olive oil (tea
spoon), oatmeal (teaspoon). It turns out great
moisturizing mask for dry skin of the face, which
will give a pleasant feeling of comfort.

  • From wrinkles

Mix 20 grams of berry and cucumber puree, 10 ml of fat
sour cream. As berries, you can take strawberries, black currants,
sea ​​buckthorn Cucumber, before passing through a blender, clean from
peel and seed. Berry cucumber wrinkle masks
for dry skin in various variations will make the skin soft and
more elastic, as they have a pronounced lifting

  • Nutritional

Mix egg yolk, 3 tablespoons of buckwheat or linden
honey, a tablespoon of oatmeal, a teaspoon of lanolin
(wool wax), 2 tablespoons of grape seed oil.
The last component can be replaced with ordinary olive oil. Such
nourishing mask for dry skin will
good help in the winter, in the period of avitaminosis.

  • Rejuvenating

Mix 10 ml of castorca with 20 g of cottage cheese with high content
fat, you can add applesauce or strawberry puree. Such masks
for dry, withering skin smooth
wrinkles, have a lifting effect and remove the feeling

  • For sensitive skin

Homemade masks for dry sensitive skin
require more careful preparation so that after them not
there was irritation on the face. Mix 10 ml of honey and olive
butter, add beaten egg and kaolin powder on the tip of the knife
(white cosmetic clay).

  • Honey

Very good masks for dry skin with honey,
as they possess at the same time both nutritious, and moisturizing, and
rejuvenating effect. You can try this recipe. Mix 20
ml of linden honey with 10 ml of burdock oil, add a teaspoon
kefir and a slice of white bread without a crust.

  • Banana

Perfectly moisturizes banana mask for dry
facial skin. For its preparation does not need to mix anything. Simply
make a banana puree by grinding the fruit in a blender and apply
even layer on face for 15 minutes.

Any mask for dry skin at home will have
moisturizing effect – honey or oatmeal, nutritious or
rejuvenating, for sensitive or fading epidermis.
However, as the store. Softness, comfort, pleasant sensations –
That’s what you get from them as an extra bonus.
It is moisture that is so lacking in this type of epidermis, while all
the means described above normalize and control the hydrobalance in
cells, locking water molecules in the dermis. So magical effect
cosmetic masks transform dried and dehydrated skin into
any age.

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