Masks for dry skin of hands

Well-groomed and beautiful hands – an integral part of female beauty.
But to save this piece of beauty, you need to follow
regularly for the state of the hands. Housework, which
provides for the use of household chemicals, adverse
weather conditions and some other factors have a negative
effect on the skin of the hands, causing dryness, flaking, thereby accelerating
its aging processes. In order to prevent or eliminate these
phenomena, you need to take care of your hands every day. Effective remedy
care products are masks for dry skin of hands, made from
natural ingredients at home.


  • Rules for making masks for hands
  • The most common masks for dry skin
  • Recommendations for the care of dry skin

Hand mask preparation rules

A guarantee of a successful result and lasting effect will be
conducting a whole course of procedures that should be performed 2 or 3
times in 7 days. To do this, take a special time.
(preferably one hour before bedtime) and adhere to the following

  • mask applied to clean and dried skin of the hands. Performance
    Massage before the procedure enhances the effect of the mask;
  • Cosmetic on hands hold about 20 minutes.
    Some types of masks, according to the recipe, leave on
    skin overnight. Wash off the mask with warm water without applying
  • when using masks that need to withstand the whole
    night, you must purchase special cotton gloves.
    In the morning, the mask is removed, and the hands are washed with warm water;
  • after any masks on dried cloth or towel
    apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream.

The most common masks for dry skin

Honey is the first aid in the fight against dry, irritated and
rough skin.

Honey-yolk mask will soften and soothe the skin of the hands. One egg
raw yolk mixed with a tablespoon of any vegetable
oil and liquid honey and add three to four drops of lemon. By mixture
cover the skin of the hands and put on cotton gloves.
The best result can be achieved if you leave the mask to
in the morning

Excessive dryness eliminates parsley mask.

It will take one teaspoon of parsley juice (you can
obtained with a juicer, or by skipping parsley through
grinder, and then squeeze the juice through cheesecloth), three fish capsules
fat (can be purchased at the pharmacy) and three teaspoons of fat
cottage cheese. Apply evenly on the skin of the hands. After 15-20 minutes
wash hands with warm water.

The rejuvenating effect will have a potato mask for hands.

To do this, peel and boil two tubers of potatoes,
cook mashed potatoes by adding three tablespoons of milk and twenty
grams of butter. Apply a warm mixture to your hands and keep 20
minutes This mask simply works wonders, making the skin smooth,
soft, velvety and tender.

With age, the skin of the hands becomes not only dry, but often
covered with pigment spots. Brighten up at home
conditions of their help mask of oatmeal and lemon.

For its preparation, oatmeal is ground in a coffee grinder.
Then two tablespoons of the resulting flour is poured into one tablespoon.
spoon of water at room temperature and add one teaspoon
lemon juice and one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Mask
spread over the skin of the hands and wear cotton gloves,
leave until the morning. In the morning, wash your hands with warm water and, after drying, apply
nutritious cream.

If the degree of dryness of the skin on the hands is so great
that small cracks, roughness and
redness, will help the mask from the crumb of white bread.

To do this, heat a hundred milliliters of milk and fill them with crumb
two slices of white bread. When the bread soaks up the milk, mash
it with a fork and put a lot on your hands. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then
remove the bread and milk mixture and wash your hands with warm water.
Complete the procedure by applying moisturizing or
nourishing cream.

To cope with very dry skin and prevent the appearance of
cracking at home will help yolk mask.

To cook it you will need one egg yolk and one
tablespoon of sunflower oil. Beating the yolk, gradually
enter the oil. The resulting homogeneous mass is applied, massaging, on
hands and rinse with warm water after 20 minutes. Wiping dry
hands, rub in them nourishing cream.

Recommendations for the care of dry skin

Along with specific cosmetic procedures that provide
skin nourishment, softening, moisturizing and restoring,
There are general guidelines for hand skin care that
especially prone to dryness and cracking.

  1. Cosmetic procedures at home should be carried out
  2. Dry skin requires comprehensive care – except for daily
    use of cosmetics should be balanced
  3. It is necessary to provide protection to skin of hands every day: in the morning and
    in the evening, as well as before going outside, apply a cream, put on
    rubber gloves when working with household chemicals after washing
    wipe your hands dry.

The implementation of these simple recommendations day after day will not help
only reduce to a large extent dry skin, but also
prevent this phenomenon and its consequences (peeling, pimples and
cracks) in the future.

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