Masks for gray hair

Every person sooner or later faces the problem of graying
hair. The first gray hair appears already in 30 years (sometimes earlier), and with
subsequent years, the number of gray hair increases.

Gray hair can visually add significant age
which is quite unpleasant for many more young people. Fortunately in
Nowadays, enough ways have been invented to combat the early
hair aging.

Causes of gray hair?

The content of the article:

  • Causes of gray hair?
  • Useful properties of masks to combat gray hair
  • Contraindications to the use of masks for gray hair
  • Popular Purchased Brands
  • How to get rid of gray hair at home?
  • Mask Recipes for Gray Hair
  • Rules for applying masks from gray hair
  • Other folk remedies for gray hair
  • Procedures against gray hair
  • Drugs against gray hair
  • Pharmaceutical vitamins
  • Conclusion
  • Amazing blue hair mask against gray hair

Gray-haired woman

There are several main reasons why changes
hair pigmentation and they fade. These include:

  • Heredity. One of the main reasons
    early graying hair; with high probability a person will
    the same age as his closest relatives (parents,
    grandmothers, grandfathers).
  • Psychological problems, stressful situations.
    People prone to long-term depressive conditions
    chronic fatigue and prolonged stress, also
    most prone to the early appearance of gray hair.
  • The presence of some chronic diseases –
    colds, sinusitis, as well as problems with the thyroid gland.
  • Smoking. Harmful substances that enter
    the smoker’s body, along with the smoke, reduces the cut
    oxygen, resulting in starvation of cells, including
    melanocytes responsible for hair pigmentation.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals, meager

Useful properties of masks to combat gray hair

girl dyes her hair Masks for gray hair are designed to
stimulate melanin production. In addition to pigmentation, he does
hair shining, healthy, as well as strengthens the structure and color
hair. Therefore, in addition to combating gray hair, it is useful to make masks
due to many beneficial effects, for example:

  • Combating hair loss and baldness. Masks
    nourish hair with essential trace elements; hair
    strengthened and become less fragile;
  • Natural volume of hair. When applying a mask
    massage of the scalp and stimulation of blood flow, exchange
    substances improve, as a result, the hair becomes more healthy
    and lush.
  • Elimination of dandruff, normalization of sweat
    glands. Natural components in the composition of the masks are removed.
    excess fat on the scalp, have an antibacterial effect,
    so that one of the main causes of dandruff (pathogenic
    flora) is eliminated.

In addition, the overall health of the hair and their external

Contraindications to the use of masks for gray hair

Despite the wide range of beneficial properties and natural
composition, masks for gray hair still have several

Contraindications to the use of masks for gray hair

  • Allergic reactions. Before applying any
    masks should be tested for reaction, because its composition can go
    strong allergens such as honey, eggs, coffee, etc.
  • Scalp damage, skin diseases.
    Even if the mask is completely composed of natural ingredients, not
    it is necessary to apply it to damaged areas, the reaction may be
    highly unpredictable.

Also, if there are any serious systemic diseases,
prior consultation with a specialist is required.

Popular Purchased Brands

The cosmetic industry is replete with diversity
all kinds of care and treatment of gray hair. Will consider
most popular.

Veda vedica

Veda Vedica Oil mask, created on the basis of a variety of healing
Indian herbs perfectly heals thin and damaged
hair, nourishes them with essential nutrients and gives
life shine and strength. The main ingredient – amla – is great.
eliminates the problem of hair loss, prevents early gray hair,
accelerates hair growth. It is also an effective oil to fight dandruff,
itching of the scalp and scaling.

Application: apply to clean, dry hair by
full length, wrap the hair in plastic or wear a hat for
shower, hold for 20 minutes; after shampooing.


Amla The drug in powder form, derived from the fruit of amla
(Indian gooseberry); perfectly nourishes hair, prevents
their loss and appearance of gray hair. Vitamin C contained in amla,
eliminates fragility, strengthens and stimulates hair growth. With
regular use of hair becomes fluffy, soft,
shiny and healthy.

Application: mix powder with
balm / conditioner for hair, apply to clean wet
hair, rinse off after 5 minutes.


Reparex The rich composition of the drug (G-reductase, rosemary and
ricinoleic acid, vitamin B5, silver nitrate, sea salt)
restores the natural biological processes in the hair,
responsible for pigmentation. Penetrating into the bulb of gray hair,
active components perform the function of missing enzymes
necessary for dyeing pigments.

Hair becomes healthy and strong, color is restored
in a natural way.

Method of application: apply the drug to the roots
hair, lightly massaging the scalp; wash off after 4 minutes.


Zeitun Easy washable hair oil with curry and bigaraj,
saturates hair with proteins, calcium, vitamins of group B and A.
Silver enrichment prolongs the natural beauty of the hair and
slows the aging process. Oil helps to resume the process
pigmentation of hair, makes hair fluffy and dense.

How to use: apply to clean dry
hair – apply little on the hair roots, gently massage the skin
heads distributed over the entire length. Wrap hair in a towel
leave for an hour (you can for the whole night).

How to get rid of gray hair at home?

Get rid of gray hair at home by using
staining, self-made masks and infusions, and even
massage Massage treatments

gray hair a woman To effectively combat gray hair
need to know the right massage techniques. There are three
The main types of the procedure are:

  1. The hair is divided into small strands, each strand separately
    wound on a finger and fixed in this position for 2-3 minutes.
    This technique will allow the hair to return the natural color and
  2. Finger massage the scalp from
    the back of the neck to the neck (to the hairline); to repeat
    movement from the frontal part. Massage before washing hair.
  3. Massage of nails – it is believed that the growth and shade of hair directly
    depends on the nail plate. Fingers bend in a semicircle and rub
    nails about each other in different directions. Do the procedure three times a day
    for 5-6 minutes.

For maximum effectiveness, massage treatments should
combine with any other ways of dealing with gray hair.

Mask Recipes for Gray Hair

Masks cooked at home are enough
effective to eliminate gray hair and strengthen hair. Exists
many recipes from simple enough
ingredients available to everyone.

With castor oil

mask for gray hair with castor oil

  • Castor oil – 3 tbsp.
  • Lemon juice – 1 tsp.
  • Honey – 1 tsp.

Castor oil is slightly heated in a water bath, mix with
honey and lemon juice. Prepared means applied to the skin
head massaging movements, then evenly distribute along
the entire length of the hair; cover the head with permanent paper and wrap
a terry towel. Keep for 20-25 minutes, then rinse with warm water
with shampoo.

With nettle

mask for gray hair with nettles

  • Nettle juice – 50 g (for making juice, you can chop
    fresh leaves, or pour dry water and leave for a couple of hours)
  • Honey – 1 tbsp.

Ingredients mix thoroughly and rub into the scalp;
wrap the head first with polyethylene, then with a towel. Keep
mask for 2-3 hours, then rinse with warm water.

With oak bark

  • Oak bark – 3 tsp
  • Plantain leaves – 2 tsp.
  • Dandelion leaves – 2 tsp.
  • Olive oil – 2 tbsp.

Mix the bark and leaves, pour a little boiling water,
insist 20 minutes. Grind the resulting mixture to a state of gruel,
add olive oil. Apply the mask to clean damp hair.
(roots), wrap the head with a towel, wash off after 2 hours.

With red pepper

mask for gray hair with red pepper

  • Dry red pepper – 6 pods
  • Vodka – 0.5 liters.

Pepper pour vodka and put in a dark place; insist on
for 3 weeks. Means to rub into the roots for an hour before washing

With onions and garlic

mask for gray hair with onions and garlic

  • Juice of onions and garlic in a ratio of 1: 1
  • Yolk – 1 pc.

Mix the onion and garlic juice, rub into the scalp;
top to put the yolk. Hold for 20 minutes, then rinse off fragrant

Honey Mask

Honey Mask

  • Sunflower oil – 2 tbsp.
  • Cinnamon powder – 1 tbsp.
  • Honey – 1 tbsp.

Mix sunflower oil with cinnamon and warm in a water bath 10
minutes then add honey, mix and put on the roots and all
hair length Wash off after 1.5 hours.

With black tea

mask for gray hair with black tea

  • Salt iodized – 1 tbsp.
  • Strongly brewed black tea – 250 ml.

Salt dissolve in a warm brew and apply to the hair roots
massage movements.

From colorless henna

mask for gray hair from colorless henna

We remove gray hair composition based on colorless henna. For her
cooking will require henna and flax seeds, which is poured
yogurt After that, the composition is applied to the roots, approximately
three hours, three o’clock. Wash off the mask under running water.

Dimexid Mask

mask for gray hair with dimexid

  • Linseed, burdock oil – 5 drops
  • Dimexide – 5 drops
  • Glycerin – 1 tsp

Mix essential oils, slightly warm in a water bath;
add the rest of the ingredients, mix well. Put on
hair for 40 minutes, rinse with warm water and shampoo.

With coffee

mask for gray hair with coffee

  • Hot water – 1 tbsp.
  • Ground coffee – 1 tsp
  • Castor oil – 0.5 tsp.
  • Yolk – 2 pcs.
  • Cognac – 2 tbsp.

Mix coffee with water, leave for 5 minutes, then add the rest.
components and mix thoroughly until smooth. Mask
apply on hair, hold for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Curd mask

Curd mask mask for gray hair

  • Cottage cheese – 100 g
  • Ground black pepper – 3 g.

Add pepper to cottage cheese and spread evenly through the hair,
keep at least 1 hour, rinse with warm water.

From dog rose

mask for gray hair from wild rose

  • Rose hips ground – 5 tbsp.
  • Water – 1 l.

Pour dogrose water, boil for 15 minutes, drain.
Rinse hair after washing 3-4 times a week.

Rules for applying masks from gray hair

For successful application and effect of home masks, you need
follow a few simple rules:

  1. The prepared mask should be of a uniform consistency;
  2. Apply the mask should be on dry hair, massage movements;
    for uniform distribution over the entire length is necessary
    use a comb or comb;
  3. After applying the mask hair must be wrapped in a warm
    terry towel;
  4. It is necessary to use masks 2-3 times a week;
  5. Before using the mask, it is advisable to test for
    allergic reaction.

Absolute contraindication for the use of any masks for
hair are sores on the scalp, psoriasis, eczema and other
skin diseases.

Other folk remedies for gray hair

folk remedies for gray hair In addition to masks, quite popular and
other popular recipes – decoctions, tinctures, henna and basma.


Tincture for hair

Infusion of burdock and dill: chopped burdock roots are poured
water, put on the fire and boil until partial boiling water
(about half); then dill seeds are added and
insist 3 hours.

The resulting tincture is rubbed into the head, 2-3 times a week in
during 2 months. Rosehip infusion: rosehips are poured
boiling water and insist for half an hour; then infusion is necessary
boil for 5 minutes, cool and strain. Rub the scalp
every 3-4 days.


Broths for hair

Nettle decoction: pour minced nettle with water and boil
within 15 minutes; then cool, strain and rub into the skin
heads. Repeat the procedure daily for 1 month.

Henna and Basma

The most popular tools for painting gray hair, especially in
combined with each other. To achieve the desired effect, keep
the mixture must be at least 5 hours.

Recommended ratios of henna and basma for coloring gray hair in
various shades:

  • Chestnut shades – 1: 1
  • Brown, chocolate – 1: 2
  • Blonde (for blond hair) – 3: 1
  • Auburn (for blond hair), Bronze (for dark hair) –
    2: 1

When painting separately it is worth remembering that for the darkest
colors basm after henna hold a little longer – henna for about 1 hour, basm
30-120 minutes.

Procedures against gray hair

Procedures against gray hair Salon treatments for gray hair
aimed at their active nutrition, prolonging the life of melanocytes and
color preservation most popular:

  • Mesotherapy – injection method of administration
    therapeutic drugs under the scalp. The drugs include
    a large number of trace elements, nicotinic acid, vitamins
    group B, melanin substitutes. A course of 10 treatments, one each
    a week
  • Laser therapy – laser beam gently
    affects the scalp and hair structure, activating growth
    melanocytes and restoring the cell membrane; follicles are saturated
    oxygenation, improves blood circulation, the aging process of melanocytes
    slows down.
  • Darsonvalization – effects on the scalp with
    using high-frequency pulses, thereby activating
    blood flow and metabolic processes in cells.
  • Ultrasound – the use of ultrasound improves
    natural pigmentation of hair, improves immune and
    metabolic processes in cells, increases vascular tone, stimulates
    hair follicles.

Some procedures have a number of contraindications, therefore
prior consultation with a specialist is required.

Drugs against gray hair

Preparations against gray hair Most popular and effective
drugs against gray hair are:

  • Magnesium sulfate (25% solution for injection) – one of the main
    Causes of gray hair are problems with cardiovascular
    system, especially high blood pressure, as a result
    whose vessels, including nourishing hair follicles,
    spasms. Melanocytes die due to insufficient
    nutrition, as a result of hair discolored. Magnesia possesses
    vasodilator effect that improves the intake of nutrient
  • Antisilverin – a drug that acts on the production of melanin.
    To achieve the effect, you must use at least 20
  • Stopsedin – increases melanin synthesis, improves metabolism
  • Gretsian 2000 – lotion that affects already gray hair, but not
    on hair follicles.
  • Dimexide – has excellent antioxidant protection, is used
    both singly and as part of masks.

Pharmaceutical vitamins

Pharmaceutical vitamins against gray hair Equally effective and important
aspect in the fight with gray hair – taking multivitamins. Most
Popular complexes:

  • Selmevit Intensive – Vitamin and Mineral
    complex. Each component of the drug is a fighter against gray hair. AT
    composition you will find ascorbic and folic acid, riboflavin,
    tocopherol and retinol, vitamin B12 and B1, zinc, magnesium, selenium and many
    other useful ingredients. After a course of medicinal treatment
    means patients note such changes: passes chronic
    fatigue, the skin becomes elastic, and the curls are silky and
    shiny. One package of the drug will cost 380 rubles, but its
    enough for 2 months of therapy.
  • Selmevit – multivitamins and minerals for each
    day. The composition resembles the drug Selmetiv Intensive. Cost –
    about 300 rubles.
  • Pentovit | – complex of vitamins of group B.
    Used to strengthen the overall condition of the body, in
    complex therapy of diseases of the nervous system. After taking
    drug patients note rapid growth and strengthening of hair.
    Multivitamins will be useful for early gray hair, if the cause of it
    onset associated with vitamin deficiency. The product is available in tablets
    taken 3 times a day. One pack is enough for 3-4 weeks.
    The cost of the drug is 136 rubles.
  • Paba Vitamins from Now Foods – contains
    little-known water-soluble vitamin B10 or para-aminobenzoic
    acid. This ingredient is synthesized by intestinal microflora and
    plays an important role for the body. Para-aminobenzoic acid
    stimulates metabolic processes, normalizes the work of the thyroid
    gland, necessary in the synthesis of folic acid, prevents
    the formation of blood clots, and also enhances the effect of the B vitamins
    and ascorbic acid. At 10 maintains the natural shade of hair,
    prevents the appearance of gray hair at an early age. Cost of
    drug packaging ranges from 380 to 900 rubles per 100 capsules.
  • Melan Plus – American
    vitamin-mineral complex against gray hair. His action
    aimed at improving blood circulation, restores intake
    melanin in the hair follicles. The composition includes vitamins,
    minerals, medicinal extracts that are able to return the old
    shade of hair and slow down the aging of the body. Manufacturer
    claims that the drug is effective to use, even when gray hair
    covers most of the hair. Tangible results worth
    expect after 3-4 months of therapy. Multivitamins are worth – 2800

The effect of taking vitamins will be observed after
few months – newly grown hair will be healthy,
radiant and filled with color.


Modern cosmetic and pharmacological industry
offer a tremendous amount of ways to fight unwanted
gray hair Each method is selected individually depending on
preferences, but they are all quite effective.

Amazing blue hair mask against gray hair

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