Masks for hair density and shine at home conditions

Masks for hair density are among the most popular on
present day. Thick and healthy curls look very
beautiful and well maintained, giving its owner a special charm.
The current environmental situation, frequent stress, the wrong
food and weather conditions often cause deterioration

Curls become dull and lifeless, often observed
loss and breakage of hair.

Special masks will help to cope with such troubles.
thick hair. And to get proper care for your head
It is not necessary to contact expensive salons. Easy to do
Mask for hair density at home. Pros of home remedies
also in that you can independently select
natural and healthy ingredients in the composition.

Tips for using tools for thick hair

Homemade masks for hair density strengthen hair follicles,
which contributes to the appearance of shine, density and volume of hair. For
to maximize the effect, you must follow some
very simple tips:

  1. For a better effect on the hair roots mask before applying
    It is best to warm to body temperature using a water bath. AT
    the various components of the mask reach their maximum heat
  2. In order to coat the hair evenly, you should
    first put a mask on the hair roots, rub a few minutes
    composition into the scalp and then spread over the remaining
  3. In order to achieve the best effect after applying the mask is
    shake your head with cellophane or wear a special hat, and on top
    wrap in a towel. These manipulations promote deep
    penetration of beneficial components of the mask in the hair structure.
  4. If the recipe mask does not include any specific
    components, hair composition is best to keep at least
    half an hour, after which you need to wash off with warm water.

Apply means against thin hair is best not more often than
twice a week for a month, after which you need to give your
hair some rest to restore their natural exchange

Recipes compositions for thickness and volume of hair

Means to improve the appearance of the hair there is a very
many, most popular recipes include enough
common ingredients. Oil masks come first
to strengthen the hair. In order to make such a universal
means, you need 2 tbsp. l castor oil and as much
burdock, as well as fresh juice of half a lemon. All components
need to mix well and then apply to the scalp, the entire length
curls and leave like that for an hour and a half, after which you need to wash off
plenty of heated water.

Very good for strengthening and nourishing hair mask
based on chicken eggs. It needs 1 fresh egg and vitamins.
A and E (sold in ampoules at any pharmacy). Data components
should be whipped until smooth and can be applied immediately to
a head of hair. Keep this mask should be no longer than 40 minutes.

The masks for the thickness of the hair from kiwi proved to be very effective.
This fruit has many beneficial trace elements that
will have a beneficial effect on hair. Several fruits should
peel, carefully knead and mix with a few spoons
ordinary flour (you can take starch). Should get enough
thick mixture that should be carefully rubbed into the hair roots, and
then spread over the entire length. Do not keep such a tool
longer than 20 min

A wonderful composition that not only gives hair volume and
shine, but also contributes to their early growth – based on mustard.
For its preparation will need 2 tbsp. l mustard powder and 1 hour
l regular sugar. They need to mix and dilute with warm water.
This mask should be applied immediately to the scalp, the ends of the same curls
It is best to treat the usual vegetable oil.

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