Masks for normal hair type. Some simple recipes!

Vitamin nourishing mask

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  • Vitamin nourishing mask
  • Masks for curls in normal condition
  • White clay for hair


  1. In equal parts combine the juices of lemon, carrot, aloe, brandy.
    and burdock oil.

  2. Well-mixed composition is applied to the hair, close
    polyethylene and wrap.

  3. After half an hour, wash off.

  4. The frequency of use – weekly up to 2 times.

  5. Duration of application is about 30 days.

Tip! For the scalp and hair very useful
able to bring the mixture with the addition of natural juices.
The fruit acids they contain are famous for their effect.
peeling tissue, which has a significant positive
action on the state of blood vessels and connective tissue. This leads
to a significant improvement in the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Masks for curls in normal condition

Care of this type of hair, in principle, is not
difficulties. Enough to keep your hair clean and regular.
apply formulations that have a general firming and
nutritional effect.

Preparations using radish and forest products

Radish It is necessary to make a mush from a small amount
fresh berries – it can be lingonberry, raspberry, strawberry or other
gifts of the forest, based on your preferences or skin condition

The resulting puree combine with 2 tablespoons of radish juice
and an egg. The mixture is kept on the curls for half an hour.

Care with the use of alcohol-egg composition


  • Combine 100 ml of vodka, 50 ml of water, 2 yolks and a teaspoon
  • The mixture is used for the entire head of hair before washing.
  • The frequency of use – weekly up to 2 times.

Means with kombucha and honey


  • Combine half a cup of tea fungus and honey (3 tablespoons
  • A slightly heated mixture is applied to the hair after washing.
  • After half an hour wash off.
  • This mask is recommended for strengthening curls.

Chamomile, Kombucha and Honey


  • In equal proportions combine chamomile and tea tinctures
    mushroom honey
  • A slightly heated composition is left on a wet head
    half an hour.
  • The mask is used to strengthen and slightly lighten.

Composition of laurel root and olive oil


  1. Crushed bay root bark is combined with olive oil in
    proportions 1: 4.

  2. Slightly heated means rubbed into the skin, close
    polyethylene and warmed.

  3. After 1-1.5 hours, remove with water with a small addition
    lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

  4. Apply on the continuation of the month a week 2 times.

  5. The tool gives hair elasticity and strength, keeps them
    natural beauty.

Vitamin mask


  • Connect in equal shares (a tablespoon) nettle,
    inflorescences of linden and chamomile.
  • Flooded with a glass of boiling water is placed on the water for half an hour.
    a bathhouse.
  • The decoction should stand at a temperature of about 20 ° C, after which
    it is squeezed through gauze.
  • After adding vitamins E, B12, B1, A in liquid form and 4
    pieces of rye bread mix well.
  • The product is applied to wet hair that is covered.
    polyethylene and insulated.
  • The mask is removed after an hour with running water.


Combined 3 spoons of arnica tincture, 2 spoons of burdock oil and 2
yolk smear on curls, wrap polyethylene and insulate.

Half an hour later, the mask is washed off. Frequency of use
– twice a week.

Nutritional composition

Mix 2 mashed garlic cloves, honey tea and a canteen
spoon of mayonnaise, 2 yolks.

The composition is wrapped with polyethylene and insulated, left in
for half an hour on the curls

Mask is used weekly up to 2 times.

Pink Clay for Healthy Hair

Pink clay is diluted with water to a semi-liquid state.

The tool is applied to all curls for 20 minutes.

It has a leveling effect.

White clay for hair

On the basis of white clay they prepare a lot of various means for
care for hair and maintain its health.

Clay for hair

Remedy with honey and sour cream

3 tablespoons diluted to semi-liquid white
clay combined with taken in a teaspoon of honey and sour cream.
Carefully stirred composition is kept on the whole head of hair up to 20

Rose oil care

A little pink oil is dripped into the white clay diluted with water.
A well-mixed remedy is kept for 15-20 minutes on the curls,
then wash off.

Ingredients with olive oil

With diluted water to semi-liquid white clay
combine olive oil. The ratio of components is 2: 1. Means
hold up to 20 minutes.

Mask with aloe

In 2 tablespoons diluted with water to a semi-liquid state
white clay pour in one such spoonful of aloe juice. Mixed
the composition is kept on the hair for 15-20 minutes.

Dry hair care

This type of hair needs extremely careful handling.
and the use of gentle cosmetics. Strengthen dry curls
promotes the use of mixtures based on animal and vegetable

Almond based

A little almond oil is slightly warmed and rubbed. Mask
cover with polyethylene and wrap with a towel. The composition is applied for
1-2 hours before washing.

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