Masks for oily hair: making and using

Greasy hair properties

The content of the article:

  • Greasy hair properties
  • Rules for the use of masks
  • The best recipes masks against greasy hair
  • Recipes for hair masks with castor oil:
  • Medicine for fat strands – natural honey

Oily hair has to be washed every day. By the evening of the first
the day they have lost the brilliance, they become heavy, hair
loses volume and shape.

greasy hair

Reduce the sebaceous gland activity intensity
complicated. To combat the oily skin and hair need to be comprehensive. Worth
change the mode of the day and nutrition. Do not postpone visiting doctors:
sometimes the problem of oily hair is associated with internal diseases

But, unlike other types, oily hair is well perceived
various strengthening and restoring means. Gives
good results the use of special cosmetics. Some
masks can be made independently.

Rules for the use of masks

The following procedure for using masks is usually applied:

  • wash your hair with shampoo;
  • apply moisturizer to damp hair;
  • stand the recommended time;
  • wash off with plenty of water.

In some recipes, use before washing is recommended. After
the end of the exposure time should use shampoo.

Hair Mask

Strengthens the effect of home remedies to create a “greenhouse
effect “. You need plastic film and a towel. They need
Wrap your head after applying the product.

The frequency of use of therapeutic agents for fatty type
hair – 1 or 2 times in 7 days.

The best recipes masks against greasy hair

In the means to get rid of oily hair are used
various ingredients. One of the most effective supplements is oak bark.
Its tannins are used to destroy dandruff and
strengthen the hair follicles. Infusions useful for rinsing.
hair after washing.

We use oak bark in the following recipes: Oak bark

  1. Flour from wheat mixed with a decoction of the bark. Then for
    Acidification should pour in some lemon juice. The resulting mask
    the consistency will be similar to sour cream. Method of use –
    before washing.

  1. 4 tablespoons of dried nettle and as many dried flowers
    Calendula pour in hot water (glass) and warm for 30 minutes.
    Use the “water bath” – put the container with the mixture in
    larger dishes with boiling water. Impact time –
    half an hour.

Indelible means bread for hair

Pour sliced ​​rye bread over hot water. Capacity
should be enameled. Keep a day.

To use without washing off: to impose on the moistened locks,
dry and comb. Comb teeth should be rare for
prevent injury to curls.

Quince jelly

Used seeds. Seeds fall asleep in hot water (dining
spoon in a glass of water) and heat the way “water bath” until it
get a gelatinous mass.

It must be filtered. When a little cool, rub into the roots.
The exposure time is 50 minutes. For better results every day
should prepare a new composition and repeat a week.

Lime mask

After warming up (3 minutes) filled with hot lime water
color cooled solution must be filtered. Proportions: 8 tbsp. l limes on
glass of water.

Additionally pour eucalyptus tincture (50 g) and lemon
juice (tablespoon). Use: before washing with warming,
time 40 minutes.

Calendula products Calendula flowers

  1. Heat for 20 minutes a mixture of burdock root and hot water
    inflorescences calendula. For half a glass of liquid – 2 tablespoons
    dried herbs of every kind. Apply after cooling.

  2. Just as in the previous recipe, in a water bath, but for
    2-3 minutes, warm up the mixture of other dried plants: inflorescences
    calendula and coltsfoot leaves. It will take 3 tablespoons
    both for half a glass of water. After cooling, add the infusion
    lemon juice and eucalyptus tincture (by spoon). Time of action –
    30 min.

The restoring means “On the Meadow” Hypericum

The recipe uses plants that can be found on any
the meadow. It will take nettle, coltsfoot and St. John’s wort. To collect
chop until the grass is fresh.

In a mixture of herbs, add radish juice. Method of use: 20 minutes
before washing with warming. The procedure can be repeated while in the meadow
fresh herbs will grow.

Use of oils

Some owners of oily hair think that
oils will only make things worse. This is not quite true.

Light oils, such as castor oil, successfully cope with
problems of this type of hair.

Recipes for hair masks with castor oil: Castor oil

  1. 1 onion to clean and chop using a meat grinder or
    food processor. After that, squeeze the juice through cheesecloth. Resulting
    juice and castor oil are mixed in equal proportions. Then
    fragrant mixture should be smeared strands and create a “greenhouse
    effect “. Duration 40 min.

  2. Finely chop the parsley leaves. Put in a container. Mix with
    castor oil (use 1 tbsp. l.). Supplement the recipe with vodka (1
    hl.). Use half an hour before shampooing. Rub into the roots and
    to warm. It is recommended to undergo a monthly course 2 times a week.

Medicine for fat strands – natural honey Honey

Honey treat many diseases. The problem of excessive fat hair –
not an exception.


  1. On 1 fresh yolk – 1 tbsp. spoon of honey. Mix. Rub in
    the roots. For a better result, create a “greenhouse effect”. Keep
    from 1 to 2 hours. It is advisable to repeat periodically.

  2. Ingredients: a teaspoon of crushed aloe, the same
    ground lemon pulp, honey in the same quantity, finely
    chopped clove of garlic and yolk. Use before washing, strengthen
    action with the help of insulation. The time is 45 minutes.


Combine ingredients: vodka, lemon juice and boric alcohol
(respectively 50, 5 and 10 grams). Rub into the roots every day 1
a week

Milk with salt

Dissolve table salt in milk (1 tablespoon per cup
fluid). Rub, massaging. The exposure time is 15 min. each
day one week.

Kefir mask

A certain amount of kefir, without diluting anything
mixing, apply, rubbing, on the scalp. Give time to
exposure (about 20 min), then rinse.

Mustard mask Mustard

Make a paste of 3 tbsp. spoons of mustard powder. Warm water should
be so much to get a viscous mass. Brush with hair paste
from root to tip.

The exposure time of the mask is up to 10 minutes. Rinse prepared
water with the addition of herbal infusion. Apply once every 7 days.

Cherry Treat

Mature ripe cherry berries well. Apply to wet
hair before washing. The exposure time is an hour. Recommended
use 1 month a couple of times a week.

Green clay – the regulator of the sebaceous glands Cosmetic clay

Green clay contains many minerals and trace elements. Her
The composition helps regulate the function of the sebaceous glands. Hair
become soft, voluminous and shiny. Another useful
property of green clay: it prevents dandruff.

The method of preparation of the composition is very simple: dilute the clay with water.
The mixture should be like thick cream. Apply at full length
hair. The exposure time is 20 minutes.

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