Masks for oily skin – treatment and care home conditions


Choose masks for oily skin that does not give rest.
acne, enlarged pores and greasy shine? Believe: all these
problems are solvable. Here you will find helpful tips on how to choose
the best brand remedy for this type of epidermis and find the most
effective recipe homemade mask.


  • Action masks for oily skin
  • Preparation and use
  • List of brand masks for oily skin
  • Drying mask recipes

Rough texture, unhealthy color, shine, increased greasiness,
enlarged pores, comedones, cysts of the sebaceous glands, acne,
seborrhea – you have to face it all daily
owners of oily skin. It requires increased attention.
to yourself, a certain diet, proper care (home
and professional), competent selection of cosmetics. For treatment
sometimes you just need advice from several specialists
– dermatologist, cosmetologist, endocrinologist. Help somehow
allow her to improve her painful condition
Masks for oily skin of the face – branded and homemade.
They are a good addition to cream and other remedies.
designed specifically to control sebaceous subcutaneous

Home and brand masks for oily skin

Action masks for oily skin

To mask for oily, problem skin of the face worked in them
there must be ingredients with drying,
anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. Getting into the cells
they are included in various processes and put them in order when
regular use of such funds. Usually correct
The mask used is capable of:

  • rid of acne, acne, inflammations and various kinds
  • clean pores, remove black spots;
  • narrow too wide pores;
  • nourish the skin with all the necessary elements and vitamins, without
    which she can not look beautiful and fresh;
  • soften the rough texture of the epidermis, evenly align it
  • improve the complexion;
  • remove the unpleasant greasy shine, creating a feeling of dirt and
  • facilitate seborrhea.

With these problems are able to cope both store and
homemade masks against oily skin. However, the first have
advantage: they were developed for this type of epidermis in
laboratory conditions specialists with appropriate education.
They act almost instantly. Such agility you can not wait
from folk remedies – but they have their advantages: 100% natural
composition, and therefore – the risk of side effects is minimal. But all this
only possible if you are able to use these
wonder masks.

It is a fact. Dermatologists and cosmetologists refer
oily skin to problem types that require not only special
care, but in some cases even treatment.

How do masks on oily skin

Germ oil is suitable for all skin types.

Homemade and ready-made collagen masks for wrinkles that appear:

Preparation and use

Want to make a mask for oily skin with your own hands
faces at home? Our little instruction to you
will come in handy.

  1. Check any prepared mass for allergens.
    Do it on the sensitive skin of the wrist. However, such a test is not
    gives 100% guarantee.
  2. The texture of the mask for oily skin should be light and
  3. For its preparation select the freshest products. it
    concerns primarily milk, as well as eggs, fruit and
  4. It is possible and even necessary to include alcohol in such masks.
    liquids, mustard, turmeric, red pepper, as they possess
    excellent drying properties.
  5. It is desirable that the mask did not have any lumps – beat
    blend more thoroughly in a blender.
  6. Cosmetic and vegetable oils are not suitable for care.
    oily skin – if only in limited quantities.
  7. If you take milk, it should be minimal fat.
  8. Action time – from 10 minutes to an hour.
  9. The frequency of application – 2-3 times a week. Course – up to 15 masks.
    The interval between courses is at least a month.

If you do everything, according to these simple rules, you get
very effective masks for oily skin, despite the fact that
they are not prepared in scientific laboratories, but from improvised means.
But if you want to pamper yourself, beloved, with the novelties of modern
beauty industry, a small top 10 best brands will orient you to
this variety.

According to statistics. Usually oily skin
occurs in adolescents and at a young age. Usually to 30
For years, it becomes a combination. And only about 8% of people
remain its owners for life.

How to make a mask for oily skin at home

List of brand masks for oily skin

Go to any online cosmetics store and type in the search
on the site “mask for oily skin” – you will be asked
so many different options that all pages you and not
flip through. How to sort through all these foreign brands
names, obscure marks on packages? Really nothing
there is no difficult. Of course, no one specialist will tell you for sure
What is the best mask for oily skin, but
judging by the reviews, the leaders here are still there. And how in
premium class and in the mass market. View rating – and
select the most appropriate options.

  1. Masque Ideal Controle – Anti-Aging
    (anti-age) mask for oily and combination skin. Carita.
    France. $ 42.
  2. Absorbant Mask Oily Skin – Absorbent
    (cleansing) mask for oily skin. Sothys.
    France. $ 24.
  3. Astringent Mask – mask for oily skin. Holy Land.
    Israel. $ 22.6.
  4. Play Therapy Soft Clay Pack Pore And Sebum Care – Mask
    with clay for oily skin with dilated pores.
    Etude House. Korea. $ 17.8.
  5. Protective summer cream mask for oily skin
    faces. Premium. Russia. $ 17.4.
  6. Sulphide mud cream mask for oily and problem skin.
    Bark. Russia. $ 15.9.
  7. Sea Herbal Beauty Mask
    “Apple”, beauty mask with sea herbs for oily and
    combination skin. Christina. Israel. $ 9.3.
  8. Pomegranate cleansing mask for oily skin.
    Korres. Greece. $ 7.5.
  9. Modeling Mask / Refill – alginate mask for
    skin in enlarged pores. Charcoal. Korea. $ 6.5.
  10. Natural Deep Cleansing Face Mask
    for oily and combination skin. Planeta Organica. Russia.
    $ 2.9.

In fact, every self-respecting cosmetic concern
developed a whole line of products for the care of this type of skin. AT
Such complexes usually include cream, scrub, serum and mask.
By applying them together, you can achieve maximum effect. Besides
In addition, there are professional formulations that are commonly used.
craftsmen in the salons, but they are available today and simple
to the townsfolk. So you can freely purchase them and apply.
Although keep in mind that such a purchase will cost you a pretty penny. If a
do you need a budget option, and yes even preferably natural,
We offer you homemade masks for oily skin,
which can be prepared personally.

Helpful advice. If none, even the most
The best and most expensive brand masks do not help, go to
salon. For oily skin care there is a whole complex
program: peelings (glycolic, ultrasonic, ANA- and TCA-peelings,
dry ice, hardware methods (darsonvalization, phonophoresis,
disincrustation, chromotherapy), biorevitalization,

The best ready-made mask for oily skin

Drying Mask Recipes

The most difficult thing in this business is to choose a recipe.
Masks for oily skin. There are so many of them that the eyes run up.
I want to try and egg white with its unique
lifting effect, and aloe, which will relieve from rashes and
inflammation, and gelatin, pulling black points. Decide
what function should the mixture you have prepared
3-4 weeks will be the main way to care for your skin?
The only way you can quickly and competently pick up the desired mask.

  • Acne

If you need a mask for oily skin from
acne, look for fresh fruit and blue cosmetic clay.
She will cope with teenage eels and rashes during
pregnancy, and other inflammations. Tomato peel,
turn into mashed potatoes. Radish Grate. Mix them by 2
tablespoons and add as much blue clay. Dense layer
apply on skin for 15 minutes.

  • From wrinkles

Rarely who may need a mask for oily skin
against wrinkles, because with age the epidermis is usually
becomes overdried and deprived of moisture. And yet there are such
who even in 40 years suffers from unpleasant features of this type
skin. To prepare this anti-aging remedy you need to mix
2 tablespoons of sauerkraut juice, 1 tablespoon of mashed potatoes
sea ​​buckthorn berries, add a teaspoon of aloe juice or pulp. Before
spreading it all with a little olive oil,
to get the right consistency.

  • Rejuvenating

Another very effective anti-aging mask
for oily skin that is easy to prepare at home
conditions. You need to mix mashed potatoes of two fruits – banana and kiwi – in
equal proportions.

  • Cleansing

To remove dirt from pores and remove black spots
it is strongly recommended to use cleansing
Mask for oily skin. Mix 2 for cooking.
tablespoons of cucumber puree (without peel and seeds) with egg

  • Nutritional

In the cold season (winter and early spring) is useful
nourishing face mask for oily skin
saturation with its useful substances. To make it you need
mix 2 tablespoons of grated fresh carrot and sour cream with
low fat.

The recipe for homemade masks for oily skin

  • Whitening

Some might need a whitening mask.
for oily skin. She copes with pigmentation,
freckles, chloasma. In addition, she has one more
useful property for this type of epidermis – it narrows too
enlarged pores. Mix 2 tablespoons of concentrated
lemon juice, the same chopped parsley and 2 whipped
egg whites.

  • From clay

The mask has good drying and cleansing properties.
from clay for oily skin, and healing
Cosmetic powder is better to take a green or blue color.
Crush 2 cloves of garlic, mix them with 2 tablespoons of juice
aloe. In parallel, pour green clay (1 tablespoon) of small
the amount of skimmed milk to make a creamy
weight. After that, mix both the composition.

  • With honey

In winter, the mask with
honey for oily skin. Need to mix 2 tablespoons
flower honey melted on a steam bath with the same
the number of mashed soft persimmon.

  • With olive oil

The olive mask is varied in its variations
for oily skin. This type of vegetable oil softens
action of many aggressive components, very often used in
agents for this type of epidermis. They can breed mustard
powder, cinnamon, pepper vodka, alcohol solutions – all this in order
so as not to burn the skin.

  • With sour cream

The drying mask from sour cream for oily skin
Persons must contain acids. Therefore, in this recipe are mixed
low-fat sour cream and crushed sorrel greens in equal

  • With egg

May solve many problems homemade egg
Mask for oily skin. This ingredient is best combined.
with honey. Mix them in arbitrary proportions and use them
often as you see fit.

Such homemade masks are suitable for very oily.
skin of the face, which usually torments all adolescents, as well as those who
already for— There are no age limits for these funds. Maybe,
have to try different recipes before you find one
which will make your subcutaneous glands work as normal
and produce the greasy secret is normal. No time for homework
fussing with mixing ingredients, there is always the possibility
purchase an effective tool in the branded store. Despite
preservatives, perfumes, parabens and other synthetic ingredients,
they will bring the epidermis in good order in minutes. The choice is
just for you.

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