Masks for swelling under the eyes in the ranking of the best branded tools and home express recipes

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If you have problems with the removal of fluid from the body, you
necessarily need masks for swelling under the eyes to look
remained radiant and expressive. List of reasons to eliminate
provoking factor. Rating best brand tools.
Instructions for use. Homemade recipes.


  • Causes of swelling under the eyes
  • Rating of brand masks for edema
  • How to make a home anti-edema mask
  • Recipes for eye masks against edema

A large amount of liquid drunk in the evening; eaten at night
watermelon or a jar of salted tomatoes; insomnia or poor sleep;
nervous condition, hysteria on the eve and a sea of ​​tears – the result
all this becomes visible in the morning. Red eyes with irritated
mucous, and under them – bags, dark circles and scary,
bluish-red, puffy puffy. This is an accumulation of excess fluid.
in the tissues that the body during the night could not withdraw. Skin in this
areas of the face are the most unprotected – so our whole becomes visible
Lifestyle. Someone all these troubles are literally for
half an hour. Some just need tea bags or
cosmetic ice to problem areas – and a radiant look
is returning. If the situation is not corrected so quickly, your
the only salvation can be a mask of edema under
eyes – home or brand. But even she does not help,
if not eliminate the root cause of this cosmetic flaw.

When you need a mask for swelling under the eyes

Causes of swelling under the eyes

The mask is indeed a lifesaver in
situations where the body regularly responds to certain
irritants by accumulation of fluid in the tissues. But if you do not
you will understand why this is happening, you will always
suffer from this scourge because any cosmetics
first of all they mask the problem, but in no way treat it. So
that try to find out the causes of edema under
eyes and eliminate them.


Inability to remove excess fluid from the body – most often
a consequence of various health problems. Puffiness under the eyes can
to be a disturbing symptom of a disruption following internal
organs and systems:

  • metabolism;
  • the liver;
  • kidneys that do not perform their functions fully and with difficulty
    remove fluid from the body (swelling does not affect the rest
    parts of the face and are localized exclusively in the eye area);
  • hearts (swelling with dyspnea);
  • vascular system and blood circulation (in addition to edema, complexion
    becomes bluish, very unhealthy);
  • thyroid gland;
  • endocrine system.

Certain diseases are also often causes.
appearance of swelling under the eyes:

  • avitaminosis: lack of vitamins, especially – from group B;
  • allergy (swelling is accompanied by a rash on the skin, hindered
    breathing, frequent sneezing) on ​​insect bites, dust, cosmetics,
    animal hair, plant pollen, drugs;
  • hypertension;
  • infections: conjunctivitis, sinusitis, mumps, inflammation of the eyes,
    dental abscess, barley;
  • lymphatic edema as a post-inflammatory syndrome;
  • obesity;
  • tumor processes of any origin in the maxillofacial
  • damage to nerve fibers;
  • facial injuries.

If you want to get rid of swelling under the eyes, in parallel with
applying a mask you will need to undergo a medical examination
to identify diseases, and then be treated with a full course.


However, most often the swelling under the eyes is formed due to the image
life, which has to lead many modern women. If a
Do not try to change anything in your daily routine and diet,
no, even the most expensive and effective cosmetic masks for you
will not help. The provoking factors can be:

  • pregnancy, of course, a way of life you will not name, but it
    the condition often leads to severe swelling under the eyes
  • bad habits (a large number of cigarettes and alcohol);
  • nutrition: wrong, unbalanced (diet, malnutrition,
    greasy and spicy food, snacks “on the run”, consuming at night
  • drinking regime: wrong, insufficient;
  • crying and tears;
  • weather: hot;
  • sleep: poor, intermittent, insufficient;
  • fatigue.

Heal, change your lifestyle, if you so important
look beautiful and good. Without removing the reasons cosmetic
the means will only be a passing salvation for a while. well and
we go directly to information on how to clean
puffiness under the eyes at home with
all kinds of masks. And let’s start with the easiest option – branded
jars and tubes, which can be purchased in finished form in any
the store.

Keep in mind. If you will not pay
attention to the swelling around the eyes for too long, you run the main
disease. In the future, this may not only lead to
hospitalization, but also to bed rest with the appointment of droppers and
all kinds of injections. Is it necessary to run your health before
such a condition?

Causes of swelling, bags over the eyes

We get rid of crows feet at home.

Helping red eyes to get a healthy look:

Rating of brand masks for edema

Brand masks for swelling under the eyes
developed according to the newest formulas on which they have been working for years
scientists in the laboratory. They tone the skin, improve
blood circulation and lymph flow, relieve the symptoms of lack of sleep on the face and
eliminate swelling. Their main advantage is guaranteed
result, and very fast. And with regular use about
such a misfortune can be completely forgotten.

  1. Eye zone transforming Mask – cream mask that transforms the skin
    around eyes. Swiss Line. Switzerland. $ 144.
  2. Masque Yeux – anti-edema cream mask for
    century. Gernetic international. France. $ 89.
  3. Eye firming Mask – a mask for circles and swelling under the eyes.
    Histomer. Italy. $ 41.
  4. Masque Contour Des Yeux – mask for the contour around the eyes. Genji.
    Switzerland. $ 37.
  5. Patch Yeux – decongestant mask patch for
    eye. Payot. France. $ 27.
  6. Smoothing and Relaxing Patches for Tired Eyes – Smoothing
    and a relaxing mask patch for tired skin around the eyes. Klorane.
    France. $ 16.
  7. Shark Fat – Placental Mask for Skin
    around eyes. Dizao. China. $ 14.
  8. Breeze – gel mask for swelling under the eyes.
    Gezatone. France. $ 7
  9. Masque contour des Yeux – gel mask for removing puffiness and
    brightening dark circles under the eyes. Kosmoteros. France. $ 3.
  10. Anti-stress fabric mask for swelling and dark
    circles under the eyes. MeyTan. China. $ 1.

However, detrimental masks from famous brands have their own
roughness in the application, which you should know in advance.
Firstly, for this you will have to regularly post a certain amount.
of money. Secondly, they cannot be used every morning: most
manufacturers recommend doing it no more than 3 times a week, and then
it’s too much. Third, often thin and sensitive skin.
Century reacts to industrial allergies. So we think
also over how to get rid of edema under
eyes with homemade masks.

Increase literacy. Lately for
patches have become very popular among
which a lot of decongestants. This is a cosmetic
resembling a plaster. It is pasted on a separate (problem)
face area. This is the perfect replacement for familiar masks.

Brand decongestants for the face

How to make a home anti-edema mask

Many women prefer homemade masks for swelling under
eyes shop. They do not need to spend a lot of money
they are always fresh, made from natural products, which means –
maximum efficient and safe. What you need to know about them
application so that they have the desired effect?

  • How to cook?

Oils, honey and kefir are heated to 35 ° C in the microwave or on
water bath. The remaining ingredients should be room
temperature There should be no lumps in the mass, therefore for
mixing components is better to use a blender.

  • Consistency

Masks against edema should not be too liquid, otherwise they
may leak into the eye and irritate the mucous membranes. In the end, you still
and get red eyes. And with the regularity of such an error can
develop conjunctivitis. So we made too thin a mask –
add solid ingredients to it so that it does not spread and
was thick enough.

If, according to the recipe, a solution is used against edema,
it is better to soak 2-3-ply gauze, squeeze and attach to

  • Allergy Test

Check each mask for allergens. For this
moisten the prepared wrist mixture and see how
will respond to this skin. Unfortunately, this test does not give
guaranteed result. There is always a risk that after 3-4
anti-edematous procedures will appear peeling, dryness, redness –
clear signs of allergies. So be very careful and

  • Where to put?

If the swelling is localized only under the eyes, then the mask should be
impose only on this plot. If they suffer from such a disease.
and the upper eyelids, then put on them our saving means.

  • How to apply?

A small amount of the mask “drive” with finger pads into the skin
around the eyes: in the upper eyelid – from the inner corner of the eye to
external, on the bottom – in the opposite direction.

  • How much to keep?

The duration of the anti-withdrawal means is not more than 15 minutes. there is
express masks, which is enough for 5 minutes.

  • How to shoot?

To remove the remnants of the mask from the face, wash with plain water,
warm milk or decoction of medicinal herbs.

  • When to do?

Home masks for swelling under the eyes should be done in the morning,
after washing.

  • How often do?

Many suffer from swelling daily. However, the lack of masks
against this scourge is that they cannot be done so often. With
no allergies – perhaps every other day, but even then
recommended. The best option – 1-2 times a week.

Here’s how to remove puffiness under the eyes with
homemade masks, prepared according to popular recipes. Their minus is
that sometimes they are not as effective as the same branded
facilities. Some after the first application dissolve
intercellular fluid, others need it for this time. So in
searching for your ideal means will have to go through more than one

Helpful advice. Most women are used to
remove the mask from the face with cotton pads. However cosmetologists
warn that microfiber wool is clogged in the pores and
contribute to the aging process of the skin. So everything is better to do
by hands.

Masks for puffiness under the eyes of home cooking

Recipes for eye masks against edema

It is difficult to tell what home masks against edema.
under your eyes will help exactly in your case. Did not work
one recipe – be sure to use another. The main thing is not
get upset, don’t give up and keep looking for exactly your own
the perfect medium that will bring back your glamor and

  • Express mask

Good helps express mask for edema under
eyes, but here it is important that all the ingredients
in the morning at hand. Mix 15 ml of aloe juice, 20 ml of cucumber juice, 5
ml of almond oil. Slowly pour into the resulting liquid.
potato starch, stirring the mixture constantly until it is
thickens to the desired consistency.

  • With parsley

30 g chopped parsley pour a teaspoon cool
brewed large leaf green tea. Squeeze green mass
attach to swelling.

  • With melissa

Moisten slices of white bread in melissa juice – attach to
problem place.

  • Cucumber Mask

The fastest express mask for edema is attach cucumber
drives to the problem area for 5 minutes. But if there is a little more
time, you can get a much greater effect from this green
vegetable. Turn it into gruel, cover it with milk, press it.

  • Honey Mask

30 g cucumber puree mixed with 10 ml of liquid flower

  • Potato mask

Mix 50 grams of raw grated potatoes with 20 grams of wheat flour and
20 ml of milk.

  • Protein mask

Mix the whipped protein with 20 grams of wheat flour and 5 ml of honey.

  • Multicomponent mask

Mix 100 grams of apricot pulp, 50 ml of chamomile decoction, 1
egg. For the density, you can add potato starch.

Brand or home, on plant or on animals
components, expensive or cheap, a mask for removing edema
under the eyes is simply necessary for those who suffer from
improper removal of fluid from the body. To identify
the root causes of this phenomenon and the course of treatment usually goes away enough
a lot of time, then you always want to look good. So that
without cosmetics is not enough. The main thing is to learn how to apply it.

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