Massage of the scalp

Massage is a very important procedure, it is necessary as well as
medications. But besides the therapeutic effect, he still
a pleasure, relaxation. Many people ignore massage
heads and make it only for headaches. But it is at the root
wrong. The benefits of massage movements are extremely high. Skill
making them makes a person literally glow with happiness,
health and the same will happen with hair. Training
proper massaging of the head and neck, as well as the application
miraculous facial procedures – the basis of the right
application to the face and skin of medicines.

Head massage Massaging into the scalp exfoliating compositions
and stimulants, applying shampoos for hair – this is also
massage Thanks to the ability to massage the head increases
the effectiveness of the action of drugs. Facial massaging
neck, hair improves blood supply to these areas, and also has
therapeutic effect on the nerves.

Another advantage of massage is that it stimulates
muscle work and the activity of the sebaceous glands in the scalp. Worth
notice, stimulation of the glands does not mean that they will start
excrete a very large amount of sebum. Not. Sebaceous glands
will work more efficiently, their work will get better. After
Massage the scalp will be much more elastic, disappear
tightness, hair will grow healthy and look better.

The basic rules of massage

The content of the article:

  • The basic rules of massage
  • Initial stage: warming up the facial muscles
  • The final stage: the simplest massage of the hairy part
  • Sloping board
  • The movements are performed smoothly, without jerks.
  • Massage is carried out with finger pads (not nails).
  • The skin is worked through the palms for better stimulation of the blood circulation.
    vessels in the scalp, face and neck.
  • During the massage, try not to twitch your neck.
  • First you need to hold your hand through your hair and focus
    all your positive energy at their crown.

Many people instantly calm down as soon as they
begin to massage the head. This can be explained by the fact that on the head
there are many active points and nerve endings, massaging
which can help a person to relax and calm down.
Massaging the head is a very gentle caress and people fall asleep during
the time of this procedure. Even a massage while washing your hair or
combing can be a lot of fun if you do it

Initial stage: warming up the facial muscles

Begin a session with simple exercises for the facial muscles, which
will help disperse stagnant blood.

  1. Kiss.

You should stretch your lips with a straw, count mentally to five.
Return to the original. Do it 10 times.

  1. Chewing.

Open mouth as wide as possible. Make energetic chew
movement, close jaw. Continue quietly and slowly chew,
counting in mind up to 12.

  1. A lion.

This exercise is useful for hair and face. First you should like
you can open your eyes wider, then your mouth. Stick out his tongue so he
stretched down to the chin. Count up to 15 and go back to
the original one.

  1. Libra.

Excellent massage reception for a person who originally
used to relieve pain in dysfunction syndrome
temporomandibular joint. It is necessary to attach fingertips
to the cheeks where the teeth are closed when talking or chewing.
Fingering like a piano, pressing deeply, but
so that it does not hurt.

  1. Rotation of the neck.

Perform slow circular movements of the head in one and the other
side 5 times.

  1. Overhang

Lie back on the bed, place your hands on the sides,
relax. Hang your head over the edge of the bed to enhance
blood circulation in the head and neck. It should breathe deeply and evenly
relaxing. In this position, you need to be a few minutes.

The final stage: the simplest massage of the hairy part

  • Massaging the forehead.

Hold the back of your head with your hand to fix the neck. Head
fold to palm. Right hand put on the forehead, placing a large
and index fingers along the brow line. Strong grab forehead
fingers and smoothly, without looking up, move the arm so that it
turned out to be 2 centimeters above the hairline. Repeat 5

  • Massage the scalp.

Firmly press your palms to your head above your ears. Circular motions
to work the skin from the sides. Then put one palm on top
part of the forehead, and the other in the middle of the head a little higher than the place
clamping with the neck.

  • Slip your fingers.

Press the fingertips to the sides of the head, hold them up,
to fingers met at the top. Repeat 5 times.

  • Circular study of the hairline.

Put the fingers of both hands in the middle of hair growth over the forehead.
It should be massaged with fingertips all over the hairline,
including the area behind the ears, the entire back of the neck, as well as the whiskey,
paying attention to areas with baldness.

  • Massage crown.

Put your fingertips on top of your head and massage gently.
in circular motions. Massage from the inside, moving out, forward
to the temples, along the sides in the opposite direction. Repeat step 5

  • Massage from ear to ear.

The left hand should be put on the forehead, the head should be relaxed.
The tips of the fingers of the right hand firmly press the skin over the left ear and
with soft, confident movements go from the right ear to the left all
skull baseline. You can massage is not too much doing
it is palm. Repeat 2 times.

  • Zigzags.

It is necessary to massage the head with fingertips, making
zigzag movement up and down. First you need a massage
hold from the crown to the neck, then back, zigzagging from the nape to
top of the head. Repeat twice.

  • Hair pulling.

Firmly but gently grab your thin fingertips
strands. Gently pull, mentally counting to three and release. Not in
In any case, do not sharply pull. Do this with all strands.

Video with another way to massage the head

Sloping board

Board for yogaIn addition to massage, you can increase blood flow to
head with an inclined board. By the way, and massage the hairy
heads will bring maximum benefit if it is held exactly on
sloping board. She appeared in India and was first called on
West board for yoga.

It can be purchased at any sports store or make
on their own. Lying on a sloping board with legs on its elevation
should be a couple of times a day no more than 10 minutes at a time. In such
position with the help of gravity can increase blood flow to
head, expand blood vessels, improve the nutrition of hair follicles.
If you have your own inversion table or inversion
boots that are recommended only for very strong and
pumped people, you can use them instead of the inclined
the boards.

If you have high blood pressure before the procedure should
consult with a doctor who is likely to advise
take advantage of the sloping board only. When rising from
boards should proceed with extreme caution otherwise a sudden
outflow of blood from the head can cause dizziness.

By performing a systematic head massage you can get
dual benefits: to improve the health and appearance of their hair, and
also relax as much as possible.

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