Matte manicure – a hit of modern nail art

Manicure is not the last thing in creating a female image.
Today matt manicure is considered to be trendy. Nail cover
a matt varnish or top creates a velvet-like effect on
nails This design nails, suitable for different styles: from
casual to evening romantic look. Lucky with a matte texture
can be easily found in many stores, but the price
The quality of the product is quite high. But this or any
other reasons for the lack of such varnish in your arsenal will not interfere
you to be in trend. There are many simple ways
perform a matte manicure at home.

matoviy manikiur


  • Nail preparation – the basis of a successful manicure
  • Features create a matte manicure
  • How to make a matte manicure glossy varnish
  • Secrets of the perfect matte manicure

Nail preparation – the basis of a successful manicure

When self-performing manicure, we must remember that the varnish
will lie evenly on the nails, and longer decorate them if
before decorating do a cleaning or hygienic manicure.
A simple, familiar procedure is to remove from the nail
earlier coating plates (if any) and
degreasing it with a special removal fluid

! Handle moisturizer is not necessary, it can
affect the uniformity of the nail cover.

matoviy manikiur1

It should be noted that any manicure, even the most original,
It looks untidy if women’s hands are untidy. Matte manicure –
especially since it always attracts attention to the hands. Here is
why nails need to be cleaned from cuticles and burrs carefully
file, giving them the desired, but most importantly, the same form.

Features create a matte manicure

The standard way to create a matte manicure is simple – purchase
varnish with a matte effect of the shade you like and put it on
pre-peeled and filed nails. Application technology
This varnish is simple and almost no different from the well-known.
The only difference is that the coating after drying gets
velvety dullness.

Modern manufacturers offer a huge palette of colors,
which are suitable for creating both monophonic manicure and
creative options. Matte black lacquer looks great
colors in combination with decorating elements.

matoviy manikiur2

When using matte varnish, it is important to consider its main
feature – it takes a little longer to dry
than to cover with a glossy effect. Even if visually
the surface seems to be completely dry, do not rush to start
home affairs. It is better to wait for the extra 15 minutes, then
manicure did not have to redo it.

It is considered that the color of nail polish should be in color
lipstick. However, many women of fashion pick up lacquer to match the clothes.
It is impossible to purchase absolutely all shades of matte varnish, but
matt can be made to cover any other color with a glossy
effect. For this purpose, use matte fixative. One
A bottle of such wonderful tools will allow you to create a variety of
color solutions.

Matte top can be made at home. For this
you will need potato starch to be mixed in equal
proportions with a usual transparent fixer. The resulting mixture
neatly applied to a shiny varnish. And after a few minutes
the coating will turn from glossy to matte.

How to make a matte manicure glossy varnish

Lack of finished matte varnish or matte top – not at all
problem. Make a matte manicure at home is very simple.
You just need to select any glossy finish available and
boil a saucepan with water. So, a detailed description of how
make a matte manicure without a matte finish.

  1. Put on the fire a small dish with water and boil
  2. Paint your nails with any varnish selected from your home
  3. Without waiting for complete drying, bring your hands to the bowl of water
    and hold the nails for 10-15 seconds over the steam. The glitter will fade and polish
    will be matte.
  4. Wait until the coating is completely dry. It will go away
    a little more time than drying paint without extra

matoviy manikiur3

Thus, the coating will acquire a noticeable matte effect!
It is worth noting that one hundred percent velvety texture (as with
using the finished varnish) you will not achieve, but the result is all
equally pleasantly surprised.

Nail design with a matte finish looks unbroken and very
original Preference is better to give the classic colors:
red, black, plum, burgundy and blue. For more
universal beige color will suit romantic mood and style
or gentle pastel shades.

Secrets of the perfect matte manicure

  • Light colors in this version of the manicure does not look very special.
    expressively, so you should choose more saturated colors:
    blue, gray, blue-gray, gray-purple, ashen, fuchsia,
    black, emerald.
  • The presence of matt varnish or mother-of-pearl in a matt varnish
    spoil the gorgeous look of the nails, making the nails “dirty”, so
    it is better to prefer plain colors.
  • Matte manicure looks better on the oval nails. On
    square nails it looks somewhat rude.
  • To achieve the same result (when creating a matte
    manicure at home) varnish does not need to be applied immediately to all
    5-10 nails. Cover first 2-3 nails, create, hold over
    steam, matte effect, only then proceed to design
    following nails.
  • A solid matte manicure may seem to some too.
    restrained, then “restraint” can be diluted with glossy
    accents. So, for example, having covered a nail edge with a transparent varnish or
    colored enamel, get a matte french. You can also arrange in
    chaotic point order or draw any drawing. Gloss on
    The velvet background will be spectacular. It is better to use either
    the same color or clear lacquer.
  • Do not use for moisturizing hands before creating a manicure.
    fat cream. This can “suffer” the effect of velvet.
  • One of the advantages of matte varnish is its property.
    To hide accidentally formed scratches on the manicure. But in return
    Varnish gives the slightest defects and irregularities of the nail plate. Here is
    Why is it important to thoroughly polish before coating?
  • On the nails matte varnish lasts longer. It is because of its
    strength, it eats up more in the nail plate. To
    after removal of the coating natural nails are not stained with pigment
    varnish (in particular dark shades), be sure to use the basic
    coating before applying colored lacquer.

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