Mayonnaise hair masks: beautiful hair without extra costs

mayonnaise for hair masks photoToday is hugely popular
acquire hair masks from mayonnaise. As a rule, they are used
for the treatment of dry and damaged hair. For best results
It is recommended to make such masks at least once a week.

Why is mayonnaise good for hair?

It strengthens them, improves their structure, returns the natural
shine and makes hair more elastic. Mayonnaise is also used.
for hair growth. This simple recipe for beauty enjoyed our
great-grandmothers Mayonnaise for hair – reviews of which only
positive, can be used by both men and women.

How to make a mask

First of all, you need to remember that mayonnaise for
hair should be homely. Mayonnaise bought at the store
suitable because it includes, as you know,
far from the most natural and healthy ingredients. Will be just
great if during the making of mayonnaise you will
use olive oil. Do not overdo it with vinegar!

So, the first recipe (and the easiest):

You need only freshly made mayonnaise, which
will be used as a natural conditioner. To start
you need to wash your hair with shampoo for your hair type, then
you need to wrap the hair with a towel and slightly dry. When they
will become warm, but still not lose moisture, proceed to

Spread two tablespoons of hair throughout your hair.
homemade mayonnaise. He must cover them completely. Then need
wrap the hair with a bag (plastic) and a towel. it
necessary to keep warm and achieve maximum

After 20-30 minutes, rinse hair. It is advisable to dry them
in a natural way. You will be surely satisfied with the result:
hair will be shiny, soft, silky and obedient!

So, the second recipe:

Avocado for mayonnaise mask photoAnd now it’s time to tell
to you and about other ways to treat hair with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise mask
for hair will be even more useful if you are
mayonnaise, add some other ingredient. For example, avocado.
A mask of mayonnaise and avocado will help restore the balance needed
of vitamins.

To prepare such a mask, it is necessary to cut one in half
ripe avocado and mash one of its parts using
fork or mixer. Add mayonnaise and fine to the mass.
stir. Use this mask should be the same as in
previous recipe. Immediately after the first experiment you will notice
excellent result: hair will become softer and healthier.

The third useful recipe is a mask for hair from mayonnaise and
chicken eggs.

yolks for mayonnaise mask photoWith this mask you can
successfully cure brittle hair. Take a cup of homemade mayonnaise,
add three yolks to it, mix and proceed to
use. Apply to hair, especially damaged ends and
roots, massage the scalp, then wrap it with a towel.
After a while, wash your hair with cold water without
use shampoo.

The fourth recipe will help you get rid of dandruff.

It is best to do this mask at night, because it is necessary
maintain for quite some time. You will need a tablespoon
mayonnaise, one yolk, a teaspoon of honey, half a spoon
vegetable oil and two powdered garlic cloves. Mix
mass, apply it to your hair and rub into the scalp. Cover
hair pack and towel. In the morning, wash your hair with shampoo and
rinse them with calendula extract. By the way, neutralize the nasty
garlic smell can be added to the mask a couple of drops of aromatic

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