Means against body hair growth

Hair on the human body is quite normal. Moreover,
their presence is vital for the body. They provide the skin
protection from negative environmental factors. However their
excessive amounts on certain parts of the female body
contrary to the concept of “flawless beauty.” Therefore, today, as
however, many centuries ago, women tirelessly struggle with the problem
excess hair, experiencing various methods and preparations.
And the main thing in solving this problem is not so much the issue.
“how to remove hair”, how much “how to slow down hair growth”. Reply
on this question will help the tools and recipes described in the article.


  • Depilatory creams: advantages and disadvantages
  • Recipes of traditional medicine
  • Ant oil against hair growth

Depilatory creams: advantages and disadvantages

One of the common ways to combat unwanted
hair on the body are creams for depilation. They are not only
thin and destroy hair shafts located on
skin surfaces, but also affect the hair
an onion, weakening it. Thus, the natural growth process
new hair slows down.

Cream (gel, mousse or powder) against hair growth contains in
mandatory active ingredient such as thioglycolate
calcium or potassium. It adversely affects the structure of the follicle,
warping it and shortening its life span. As a result
hair growth rate is significantly reduced.

The procedure of depilation, as a rule, does not take much time and
can be performed at home. The product is applied to the skin and
after a certain time is removed with a special spatula
together with hairs. The remains of the cream are removed using normal
water. This way of getting rid of unwanted hair is not annoying.
the epidermis, causing painful sensations (unlike wax
epilating or shaving).

The disadvantages of this method include: ingrowth of hair into the skin,
specific smell means and temporary effect (after 14 days
hair grows back). The cream, as noted above, removes itself
hair, not a bulb. The follicle is only slightly deformed and
weakened but not leaving the hair funnel, so the result
lasts no more than two weeks.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Prevent new unwanted body hair
or you can slow down their growth with natural products,
inhibiting the production of the hair follicle.

Excellent hair growth inhibitor
turmeric. The powder is poured with warm water, stirred to obtain
creamy consistency. Covering a mixture of problem areas of the skin,
they are covered with polyethylene or food wrap for 30 minutes.

Interferes with the rapid growth of hair white grape juice. Them
several times a day should be processed where
“vegetation” is undesirable.

Delay the appearance of hair after depilation or hair removal will help
alcohol lotion. To do this, 5 ml of ammonia, 35 ml
ethyl alcohol, 1.5 ml of iodine and 5 ml of castorca are mixed and
The resulting mixture is smeared twice a day on problem areas.

In the fight against excess hair root juice effectively acts
hyacinth, they wipe the skin once a day. Plant root
rubbed on a fine grater, gruel is placed in cheesecloth and squeezed
the juice.

Walnut hair growth slows down in various forms: skin after
depilation or shaving grease the juice of an immature fetus, lotion,
prepared from the ash of a nutshell and water or tincture of
walnut partitions, which insist on alcohol for two
weeks in a dark place.

Every time after the hair removal procedure, the treated
areas are wiped with lemon wedges or lemon syrup is prepared
juice and sugar, which is applied to the skin and washed off after 20-30

Hemlock tincture is one of the most effective drugs,
preventing excessive hair growth, which is used after
mechanical epilation. Use means once a day on
over a long time.

Dope tincture slows hair growth. Pour 5 tablespoons
water (0.5 l), boil for 15 minutes. After use
store in the cold.

Among the recipes of folk remedies against the growth of unwanted bands
emit also:

  • a mixture of papain (0.2 g), bromelain (0.3 g), which is thickened
    guar gum (0.3 g) and add 3 drops of peppermint oil
  • nettle oil, for the preparation of which 100g of leaves
    nettle poured with vegetable oil and insist 20
  • ash poppy;
  • rivanol solution (1/1000);
  • A mixture of hydrogen peroxide (6%) with liquid soap (1/1) and 10 drops

Ant oil against hair growth

Ant oil has been used for centuries.
women of the East as a means to remove unwanted hairs.
Currently exotic product is presented on European
markets and seduces buyers affordable price, efficiency and
natural composition.

The oil does not remove the hairs themselves, its action is aimed at
destruction of the hair follicle, which contributes to thinning and
severe bleaching of hair. As a result, their growth
pauses and subsequent hair removal procedures become
easier and less painful.

This cosmetic product perfectly moisturizes the skin and eliminates
irritation that allows the use of formic oil for
treatment of delicate body parts (face, bikini area).

The product is rubbed into the area where the hair has been removed. Course
procedures ranging from 5 days to one month during
half a year.

Women of all ages strive to have a gentle, beautiful and smooth –
flawless skin. An important step in achieving perfection is
body care that means getting rid of excess hair on
face, arms, legs, armpits and bikini area. Excess
hair always looks unattractive, and their absence
indicates good care, emphasizes femininity.

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